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Timing out when trying to upload anything.
For about the past week I have been unable to upload skins to LFSW, I recently tried to update a mod and received the same error, but the mod uploaded anyway. Now I'm trying to update a second mod and I can't seem to get it through, same error page in all situations.

Please see attached.
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There is an issue with long uploads through Cloudflare that is not simple to fix. A possible solution is to reduce the size of the upload and there is an editor option for that.

You can read about here:
At this time I currently can't even upload a skin to the LFSW database.

It's a bit frustrating especially considering I paid for the extra mod and skin upload slots.

I have 2 brand new mods ready for review and I can't upload either of them, because of the limit on unpublished mods blocking me until I "fix" this unpublished mod that I can't seem to upload a revision for.
Well, we are a bit stuck at the moment as it's no longer possible to switch off Cloudflare. Constant attacks that bring down the website entirely must be avoided. This is the modern world, some people love to break things and we have to be protected.

Victor doesn't want to work much on LFS at the moment and I really have not a clue how to convert to a new upload system that can avoid the Cloudflare upload time limit. I've spent the first half of this year mostly working on the website, learning how to maintain a large system created by someone else. Development on LFS.exe itself ground to a halt due to the current situation.

Luckily Victor is still there to deal with urgent things I can't deal with. But sorry to say he didn't seem interested when I asked him about ways to get around the Cloudflare upload timeout issue.

I guess I could try to press him on it. But quite honestly I try to avoid bugging him if possible. I'm just starting to have a bit of time to develop LFS. When I looked into it, the special upload thing was way beyond my website capabilities.
Quote from Scawen :Well, we are a bit stuck at the moment as it's no longer possible to switch off Cloudflare.

I'm no expert in this area but it sounds bad. Especially given the recent negative news about Cloudflare, Im wondering if it a safe system? I'm also curious if this only affects the site, or if the masterserver is also protected by Cloudflare? Although given the events of a week ago, apparently not.