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Bad Apple in LFS -- Some April 1st (Class) Foolery
Read readme.txt pls.

What program can do:

If you got trouble reading readme.txt:

Quote :

- cleaned-up the nasty source a bit,
- new frame synchronisation mechanism -- invalidated -r param by a lot,
- bandwith saver - now program will only send update request to buttons which text actually changed,
- added -t and -s optional params -- equivalents of ffmpeg preinput -ss option and postinput -t, one skips forward the selected video, the other sets duration of playback.
- added versioning -- 0.1.0 didn't displayed it because I haven't expected to work on it further. But yet, the temptation was too strong...

-- this is experimental colour version, which is abandoned due to unsufficient results vs. resources required to improve upon it. It's actually downstream from 0.2.0 version btw.

Okay, will just dump readme here too:
Quote :

Incomplete source code included, but it's messy and all, cuz it's just a Aprill Fools project.

LFS InSim video player...

Requires ffmpeg to function properly, and optiononaly ffplay, both findable on official site, as of time of writing:

Usage: bad_apple.exe [OPTIONS] --password <PASSWORD> --video <VIDEO_PATH>

-a, --insim-address <INSIM_ADDRESS>
Address to InSim protocol TCP IPv4 port


-p, --password <PASSWORD>
Password to lfs instance

-r, --rate <RATE>
Video playback rate.

This value now works so quirky, you just have to test your case.

[default: 30]

-f, --ffmpeg <FFMPEG_PATH>
Path to ffmpeg

[default: ffmpeg]

--ffplay <FFPLAY_PATH>
Path to ffplay.

If given, there's a chance sound will play along.

-v, --video <VIDEO_PATH>
Path to video.

Later on supplied to ffmpeg.

-s <S>
Skip forward video. FFmpeg time syntax.

The equivlaent of pre-input -ss ffmpeg param.

-t <T>
Duration of playback. FFmpeg time syntax.

The equivlaent of post-inputs -t ffmpeg param.

Determines display outlook.

More specificly, how the grayscaled picture pixels will translate to button text.

From lowest luminace to highest.

[default: ^0_ ^3_ ^6_ ^7_]

--delay <microseconds>
Optional delay between program start and playback start.

Applicable if you're afraid that you won't ALT+TAB fast enought to see show right as it starts.

-h, --help
Print help (see a summary with '-h')

-V, --version
Print version

Yeah, overdone joke.
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Nice, I wanted to try Bad Apple in LFS using modded "vehicles" with lights for pixels, but then realized you could only control the local car's lights with this, so the only way I can hope to do something half-decent would be to have 40 people running some "pixels" in sync.
Never thought about using InSim buttons, this looks quite good! Maybe using filled rectangles instead of underscores would make it better?
Yeah, finding 40 people to run your code would be challanging of sort. Some square characters would require me to enter some diffrent page encoding on each horizontal line, which I kind of tried to avoid. You can always custom them, however, I found the gaps between pixel dots to be better, maybe cuz it's easier to fill in said gaps for our brain.
Over weekend freetime, something was tempting me to return to this joke. Experimented with adding render based on colour, but the results aren't as good and it's something I'll abandon. (well, overall, the program will be rather abandoned). The ~grayscale version worked good bcuz of the clever quantisation mechanic based on frame avarges, which I won't recreate with colours, bcuz that would be too much resource costly to make given what this program genesis. Also even with current implementation it requires loottt of tuning, which you can do manually by editing the source code, I myself haven't tuned it that well. You can see the results with the updated video section on top of this post!