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Question: User name is already online
Hi Yall i hope your'e having a wonderful morning, afternoon, evening,

i was having a blast playing this wonderful game on online servers (nubbins AU demo) on my pc from 2004 and it crashed out of the blue. I was all fine but when i rebooted and re opened the game to play again it said "User Name is already online. i was so confused so i asked my friend to log into his account to see if i was still idle on the server and yet i am. ther server has a bunch of bots so i they cant kick my account off the server.

Sorry but I'm not sure how to kick myself.

Apparently that is no longer the case. I mean, you don't appear to be online now.

Maybe the server had been running for 49.7 days and got hit by the known bug at that point, but has now been restarted?
Quote from Scawen :the server had been running for 49.7 days and got hit by the known bug

Allthough not related to original topic,I wonder if there is any way to find out how long my server is running and if I need to restart it soon to avoid this bug. Server log unfortunatelly shows a very limited amount of lines.
It is possible, but not easy, for me to find out.

I think you should be able to just stop the host and restart it one minute later, but let me know if that would cause a problem.
Hi Scawen, could this be done more simply, by not having anything to do with the actual server time?

For example, an estimate for server run time - "elapsed time since last restart", is displayed in the hosting panel on Like some sort of local timer that counts seconds since the last time when the server start button has been pressed. That way we can periodically check and restart our servers manually if required before 49.7 day mark.
Quote from rane_nbg :"elapsed time since last restart"

This. And I don't think it's needed to show time more detailed than days.
Because setting up calendar app to 49 days or even some alarm clock are impossible things to do. The reason why it requires start after those 49 days is adressed anyway and can be included in some small hotfixes patch if waiting for next upcoming patch will prolong. So better give them time to develop that glitch fixing patch rather than focusing on bypasses of said glitch.

Althought, yeah, server instance running time seems like obvious feature that should be avibile to use. Afterall, it does track the time since start already, so why not shovel it into userspace too.
The bug is already fixed so I don't think it's worth me spending time trying to figure out how to display it on the hosting pages.

Best thing is for me to finish the updates and we can release version F, problem will be solved.
Well, I did have a look and I've added the time the host was started to the hosting pages.

Where you see the green text "RUNNING" you can hover over it and it says when the host was started.