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Thrustmaster TLCM Pedals not working
My Thrustmaster TLCM pedals are not working and being detected as an registers as a controller under the name "Sim pedals" but still does not work in game. Can someone help me?
These pedals have their own usb game cotroller, so if you plug them directly into a PC, you should see a separate controller in LFS. If you were to plug them into the TM wheelbase then everything is detected as one controller. You can give it a try, although I don't recommend as you will only have 10bit pedals. To utilize full 12bit res of your pedals, you have to plug them in PC. Especialy now that LFS supports high res controllers (patch E9 and above), this is a no brainer.

The trick for getting them to work is not to select any controller as a primary one. You just have to bind all axis to your LFS controls. You may need to locate TM controller profiles in LFS folder and delete them first.

Thrustmaster TLCM Pedals not working
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