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New LFS command to set pitstop completed for a player
I would like to suggest something that I think it would be very interesting for all league/championship organisers.

Implement a new LFS command similar to the "setlaps" but in this case to set mandatory pit stop completed yes/no for a player

Something like:
/setpitstopcompleted <license> <yes/no>

Some use cases:
  • After a timeout, it would make possible to restore if the player did the mandatory pitstop. Currently we can restore the laps but there is no command to set pitstop as completed.
  • Create complex pitstop rules with insim, and mark the pitstop done or not (require change all tyres, require change compound, insim would reset completed pitstop to no if required) which also would be visible in F12 for the driver.
  • Require multiple pitstops (also controlled via insim, reseting completed to no until conditions met)
I hope to see this soon as I think it would add a lot of possibilities.
I'm trying to release 0.7F in a short time with all the updates and it should be incompatible to make sure everyone gets on the new version.

Your request really would set "number of stops" that player has done. I don't see a difficulty adding a packet to set this, in an incompatible version.

I can't see any other thing that is similar, that I should code at the same time. We can set number of laps and a penalty, so I guess the number of pit stops done is the one missing thing.
I'm trying to think some improvements about commands:
  • Being able to set the number of pitstops done by a player. (that’s my original suggestion)
  • LFS should allow to specify a number of required pitstops, instead of current yes/no values for mustpit.
    So it would be yes(1)/no(0)/<number>. But perhaps that's much work.
  • Add extra optional parameter to /track <track> <layoutName> to avoid loading the track with a random layout and then having to run /axload guessing when the track finished loading the track with the random layout. But again this might be quite some work..
I think just with the first bullet it would be enough for race organisers, second would benefit the whole community, as servers without special insim could have races with multiple pitstops required and last bullet would be just a convenience thing for server admins.

In anyway, thanks for considering all this Smile