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#51 - SamH
Sorry, I got buried in stuff and completely forgot to come back. I didn't mean to abandon the topic.
Quote from Aleksandr_124rus :I see that you are still looking for your position. And it is right to consider different arguments to get closer to your true position. But as I see it, your position that life has intrinsic value is much stronger than the question of when it begins. If you are not sure about this question, why not be reassured and take the very beginning? After all, we're talking about the most important value we can have.

I predict that I will always be in search of my position, and I will never find it. And if ever I think I have found it, something will come along again to challenge it.

Some equations cannot be simplified down to a binary true/false, right:wrong. Science is not even as simple as true vs false, because it is we, humans, who perform it. Science is just as much about certainty vs uncertainty. This is the inescapable reality; that nothing can truly be fully resolved.

Heck, we even base distinct new theoretical science on the "laws of gravity", even while scientists are *absolutely* divided on whether to derive their work on fundamentally differing (modified) Newtonian or Einsteinian theories and principles of gravity.

Quote from BlueFlame :This is what I find crazy.

Quote from Aleksandr_124rus :Totally agree with your comment.

As do I.

For me absolutism, as a counter to nuance, is eminently deficient. But nowhere in this debate is this absolutism more exposed for the absurdity that it is, than the pro-abortion "abort every baby, twice if you can!" advocacy that is popular in some strains of societies today. As you both imply, this is the embodiment of anti-humanism. It's cult-like and it is indicative of a sickness.