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cattercity layout at SO4X
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cattercity layout at SO4X
Hello! This is the first time I've ever uploaded a layout to anywhere!

CatterCity (which is the best name I could come up with in 5 seconds) is a nice little layout I created in South City containing long swooping turns, along with some tight corners and of course jumps! (Don't take the jumps too fast or too slow, it won't turn out good lol.) I'm pretty proud of this layout and would love it if you'd give it a shot. Also, there are signs marking which way each corner turns, because sometimes its sorta confusing.

I couldn't get Xbox Game Bar to work so I couldn't record a lap and post it on YouTube, so instead I just included a .spr file of a lap in a Miata. Also, there's two .lyt files, one with checkpoints for racing and one without them for just messing about.

I'm still sort of new to creating layouts, so I hope this is good. Also, this was all made in the built-in layout editor in LFS, but you could probably tell that Smile

(EDIT, sinanju in the comments made a much improved version of the track, so if you'd like to play that, he attached it to his comment.)
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RACE ON CATTERCITY.spr - 86.1 KB - 11 views
SO4X_cattercity WITH CHECKPOINT.lyt - 740 B - 16 views
SO4X_cattercity.lyt - 620 B - 13 views
Hi. Hope you don't mind some constructive criticism.

You've put quite a number of objects on the road - specifically the start lights and arrow markers.

Things that can cause injuries in real life shouldn't be on a track. I'd put the lights behind the armco barrier, or something else, if available.

The marker boards, which in real life are usually made from polystyrene usually wouldn't matter too much, but there's enough 'street furniture' round a track that you can put signs up on lamp posts, street signs, traffic lights, fences, buildings, etc, to keep them out of the way - and usually in better places to see them. You can even make your own poles if needed.

There's a section, just after the start, where there are overhead direction markers that are pointing in wrong direction to where you want drivers to go, so these should be covered to stop any confusion.

Can't say I'm a fan of the very sharp corners you've used, nor the barriers with hard edges just sticking out into the track, as per the barriers for your chicane. Better to round corners into arcs and/or put tyres on outside of barriers.

Finish line. I much prefer when there's an actual finish line of some sort that you can actually see. The line you place to tell LFS where finish is, is invisible, so I tend to use straight coloured chalk lines on ground and/or an overhead banner, which is simple to make with just a pole either side of the road, with a cement wall joining them together.

Tip: If you want to make objects intersect to give better placement, lift and drop objects, and LFS will allow them to 'join'. I use this a lot when I want to make an arc of tyres that look like a solid wall.

I've amended one of your layouts to show what I mean with the points I've raised - see attached.

As far as making layouts, I've only ever done it by hand/eye using the LFS in-game editor, so the more you use it, the easier it gets - evem when using maximum amount of objects.

Feel free to ignore this post if you want Cool
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SO4X_Cattercity (checkpoint1).lyt - 2 KB - 17 views
Wow, yeah your version is a lot better than what I made.
My original version was just something I cobbled together for the hell of it, but this actually feels like a real race track. This is only the third or fourth layout I've ever made, so I'm still adjusting to the LFS layout editor. Thanks for the criticism, I'll take it into consideration. Also, the tight corners are much better in your version.

Thanks man. I'm totally just gonna race around your version now lol.

cattercity layout at SO4X
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