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Master Race car

Looking for a team? MRc is hiring!

Who are we?

As one of LFS’s largest and most active teams, we pride ourselves as a platform for drivers to develop as well as creating a fun and close-knit community that is always on hand to have a chat or help out where necessary. Master Race car (MRc) was founded all the way back in 2009 and from there we continuously aim to grow our influence across the whole LFS community with our fun and active demo servers, weekly FBM Saturday league races and our more competitive regulated leagues like the BF1 league, RX Championship and E-Challenge. We also conduct license giveaways as a way to give back to our active community.

To further continue our objectives of being that development platform, we are opening our applications to join our long list of accomplished MRc members. Our current list of members come from 27 different nationalities and we have always maintained a fun and family-like atmosphere amongst us. As part of our team culture, we are always happy to help out in any possible, where it be through driving advice, setup tricks or even casual chats!

How to apply?

Feel free to send in your applications here:

Details of the application form are listed there. From there, we will evaluate your application and should come with a decision in no longer than 5 days. Once your application is complete, we will accept you into the team as a trainee (with some server privileges). Trainee period will last 1-2 weeks depending on your on server performance before accepting you as a full member. Remember that we are not necessarily looking for speed, but just an overall impression of how you want to develop as a driver or contribute back to the team.

If you have any questions, feel free to pm me or ask any of our MRc members within the our discord channel:

Look forward to seeing you all on track!
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Master Race car
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