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Zoomed mini map = radar ?
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Zoomed mini map = radar ?
A feature much requested when Lazy disappeared was the radar (I didn't read everything but I imagine that already asked several times here).
For me, it already exists in LFS even if it is not exploitable (except Detect&Monitor where I created 3 types of "insim" radars as I could with the "basic" features of the insim buttons): the mini map!

Can we imagine 2 modes for the mini-map :
- the current one = zoomed out, whole circuit
- a zoomed mode (of a 10 or 20 m area - configurable) which corresponds to a radar ! The 2 other conditions (than the zoom) are : centered on the current player + rotation to have the front of the car up.
+1 Smile
And with counting of difference of tempos (by option) this tempo remembers Pessoal no LFSWorld of the circuit at the time on the track (for example in qualifying) and difference of tempo between who is in front of me and who is behind me.
As it happens with applications Smile this would give a great help
Yep that would be great!

Zoomed mini map = radar ?
(3 posts, started )