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ButtKicker HaptiConnect Software
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ButtKicker HaptiConnect Software
Has anyone gotten the new buttkicker HaptiConnect software working with LFS?

I have not tried it myself yet...
But from what I understand it allows more control over the buttkicker device, or even multiple, so your not just using the sound output anymore. Thus quiet road bumps and vibrations can be felt, etc... Maybe future LFS could make use of it...
#2 - gu3st
I have it installed and I guess it works for AC (in the rare times I use AC). I use iRacing's native LFE as it is entirely derived from physics rather than telemetry like the ButtKicker one is.

HaptiConnect isn't something required to use ButtKicker, it's just a first party centralized app for sim integration => effects generated from telemetry => bass effects being output to the correct device.

LFS could implement its own bass effects and allow you to output it to a 2nd audio device (like iRacing does) and you still don't need HaptiConnect or SimHub to generate those effects.

ButtKicker HaptiConnect Software
(2 posts, started )