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Is ingame G-meter incorrect?
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Is ingame G-meter incorrect?
Hello all.
I found a strange thing. Ingame G-meter shows pisitive longitudinal acceletion when body-speed reduced Looking
You can see it on this video between 11 and 13 seconds

It looks strange.
This video shows difference between rotation of acceleration vector by heading and velocity angle.

Left GG: heading
cos_h = Math.Cos(LFS.OSMain.Heading);
sin_h = Math.Sin(LFS.OSMain.Heading);
gg_x_h = x * cos_h + y * sin_h;
gg_y_h = -x * sin_h + y * cos_h;
Right GG: velocity vector
vel_vec = Math.Atan2(-LFS.OSMain.Vel.X, LFS.OSMain.Vel.Y);
cos = Math.Cos(vel_vec);
sin = Math.Sin(vel_vec);
gg_x = x * cos + y * sin;
gg_y = -x * sin + y * cos;

So. is it bug or feature?
*Drives FZ5*
*Demo licensed*

Dead banana
The acceleration meter only gives you values based on the car's heading. It doesn't take into account your velocity vector.

At 0:08 in the first video:

velocity vector: 12 degrees right of car's heading
longitudinal acceleration: 0.20 g
lateral acceleration: 1.25 g
total acceleration: 1.27 g
acceleration vector: 80.9 degrees left of car's heading
acceleration vector: 92.9 degrees left of velocity vector

So the acceleration relative to the velocity vector does have a rearward component, that's why you're slowing down, despite the g meter showing a forward acceleration.
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S1 track and S2 car on demo license, hmmm

Is ingame G-meter incorrect?
(4 posts, started )