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Help newbie noob xD
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Help newbie noob xD
Hello everyone. I am completely green in the LFS game, I haven't even used a PC for several years, so I need help with everything from downloading the demo version I already have, to setting the Thrustmaster T300 steering wheel game, to setting up the car in the game (I'm only interested in drift) , downloading mods, buying licenses, and anything else I need to know and be able to do. I come from Poland and it would be great if there was someone who speaks Polish, but I count on everyone's help.

#Drifting only
You do not need to buy any license. It already says "S3 licensed" under your name, S3 is the full game.

On LFS main screen there is an "unlock" button, just click it and enter your name and GAMEpassword.

Downloading mods is easy and automatic but you need to have unlocked S3. There is a " "MODS" button in the garage/car select screen, it it pretty self-explaining.

A popular drift car is the XRT. There are plenty of setups for it here: (set filter to "Drift")

The manual is a good read:

Or just try things out, it is not as difficult as you might think.

Help newbie noob xD
(2 posts, started )