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V8 Supercars
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V8 Supercars
Hi Guys

Im a newbie to LFS, so please forgive my ignorance.
I beleive there is a V8 Supercar series, but other model cars are used as no V8 Supercars exist in the game. They are then skinned to resemble current V8 Series cars.

Is it possible to import new cars into the game, eg 3D models ? So then we could have an authentic V8 Supercar series.

Any ideas guys ?
Not possible. No mods to car shapes are allowed at all.

Naturally for authentic V8 supercar you'd need a lot more than just the model. A lot more
What you are looking for is Live for Speed Events Australia (LFSEA) they use the cars available on LFS but put Aussie v8 supercar skins on them. They also try and model the racing around the same format as the real deal. They have a section in the league section here I don't think they have a lot of racing left this year, and they are unsure as to next years racing. Most of the guys on LFSEA can be found either here or here Come and check us out, we don't bite (well some of them do, but not hard).
Thanks guys, looking forward to racing ( after a bit more practice ).
I beleive they use the FXR model car to represent both Holden and Ford ?

I've had a play with a skin for a car ...

Is it possible to have your own design / team ?
In LFSEA they use the teams as per V8 supercars, which includes the skins. If you race in AAL or MNR you can use whatever skin you like, and even make up your own team. The only issue here is that the cars are always changing, only LFSEA use the same car over and over again. More info for all of the leagues can be found at their respective websites/forums. looking forward to seeing you on the track, practice or not.
Do you guys have a server where you hang out at ? Not just for races but for practice ?

Edited: I found the LFSEA server ... no one in there but. 1 or 2 check the Ozbee forums for access.
Ive just been over to the ozbee forum but there seems to be a problem with the registration process at the moment. Coming up with errors.

Chickenman, are you an Admin or Moderator at ozbee ?
There has been some problems with registration over at OzBee for some unknown reason.
Yes Chook is an admin and mod (I think) at the forums. Also a monday night racing admin too

*insert headless chook joke here*
I have the forum mechanic on the job, PM me through here if you want more info until they are back up and running. If you want to join a series then register through the Aussie Monday Night Racing League section on this web site and I will handrolic it accross to the ozbee site.
Let me run something by you ...

As a newbe looking for Australia LFS information, it all seems a bit scattered and a bit difficult for your average joe to decypher.

As an e-learning and information specialist/web developer, I can see a need for a one stop information portal where leagues, teams etc can post in one independant, central location.

Ideas for the portal would be:

Chat Room
Information feeds from other motorsport sources (articles)
Data feeds from LFS databases
Skin design tutorials
Driving tutorials
Combined membership buying power ( computer parts and accessories )
Combined membership buying power ( automotive )
Calendar ( sends out reminders )

Lots of other possibilities by using a Content Management System
What do you think?
Mate that looks great, I would love to have all the different Auusie leagues under one roof, but Arse already does that. I only really play with MNR stuff, so don't visit many other destinations?
Yup, ARSE do it, but its not dedicated to LFS, and the forum is poorly laid out. eg Its not broken down into sections.

All the sites of this kind are limited by the fact that they are based on forum software, which is limited in how it can handle information. Its just not designed that way. A forum is a forum, and when people try to make into something its not ... it falls down in its usability.

Anyway, i might move forward with it and see how it goes.
look forward to it, and welcome to the MNR forum, I have just approved your app
Thanks dude ...

yes, I see my forum as more of a newbies starting point. Once people get more serious I expect they will branch off into the different leagues.

i've put in a links page, with links to all the relevant forums.
This aptitudex bans people from MNR server for nothing, vote ban, by him and all his little cronies.
The part of the forum you are on is not MNR's, if you have an issue with our servers please pm me the details and I will look into it.
MNR now have their own section in Leagues & Events, you will find it under "Aussie Monday Night Racing League".
The AustralAsian League section is only for AAL racing stuff.
The Live For Speed Events Australia section is for the V8 supercar stuff.

Thanks Chook
The main issue is the people with high ping using the server ... eg these overseas guys. It lags the server quite badly. Often gaming servers set a ping limit that wont allow people on with high pings. Is this possible ???

The Idea of LFSEA and MNR servers is to allow for smooth gameplay for Australian / NZ players. This is not possible with foreigners using the servers.

Another problem we have been having is foreigners in F1 cars ruining our races. You get our usual group running FXR's then some smart person wants to be a hero and drive an F1. When asked politely to change, they the proceed to tell us to F#@K off. And they wonder why the majority are happy to Kick/Ban them.

V8 Supercars
(19 posts, started )