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Important Information
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#1 - t1ger
Important Information
The qualifying server is now up and running again. There are some important changes for you to be aware of.
  1. The InSim application should now have less reasons to fall over. Split LFS packets should now be dealt with properly.
  2. You will get a message notification when you complete a lap telling you if the laptime was accepted by the system. If you hide messages (using the "-" key), these will not be displayed.
  3. Qualifying will now end Thursday 29th May 2008 at 18:00 GMT. This gives us more time to arrange and publish the grids and will be adopted for the rest of the season. Please spread this information around to your teammates to ensure everyone is aware.
The message has been added to allow you to see if the InSim Qualifying Application is running or not. If you do not see these messages, there is a problem and you should stop qualifying and inform us. I can not tell you when the app has stopped running because that would require the app being connected to the server and at the time it fails, it won't be!

Sadly, I can not test fix 1 because the times it occurs are very few and far between. Please notify me of any problems either by email (see contacts page) or on this thread.
Good work Tim - you're worth every penny we pay you.
#3 - t1ger
Thanks JR, I'll take that as a compliment! :P

Also, everone note the main counter on the site is now counting down to Thursday 29-May-2008 18:00, which is the new end of Qualifying time.


Important Information
(3 posts, started )