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Team standings
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Team standings

Sorry to start another points-thread, but we've been breaking our heads trying to find out how the team standings are calculated.
The info-block on the website says:

Quote :
How did we count team standings?

Team standings are the points scored in every event by 3 best racers in a team. Racers that haven't subscribed to season or haven't raced in any event (have 0 points) are dropped. Also, teams with less than 3 racers (active on season) are dropped.

So I started calculating the points with the italic part in the quote in one hand, and the - very nice - new feature on the website ("Team results") in the other.

Here's what I came up with for my team:

Driver Result Pool Points

Event 1
1ST » C .Krognes 4th 1 116
1ST » H. Piiriste 8th 1 112
1ST » P. Mäekivi 9th 2 101,5

Event 2
1ST » H. Piiriste 2nd 1 118
1ST » M.Lehnert 8th 1 112
1ST » C.Roescher 1st 2 110

Total: 669,5

So then I head over to the "Team standings" on the website, and I see:
Quote :
4 1ST » Racing 8 600.5 -12.5

So my question is: where and how am I wrong?
I can't answer to your question, not because I don't want to but because the points table you are referring to doesn't exist anymore - accidentally I was creating a new way to count and represent the team standings at the same time you posted here.

By the old way points were summed for whole season, now calculations take place event by event - which should be more accurate to view the real level of each team. As said in the site, the points you see in the table are the average points of racers per event. We could also do this with total points, but that would give an advantage to those teams with a lot of members. Also, you must have 2 or more racers to form a team - teams with only 1 (active/on season) member are not included to this table.

Lot's of work put to this, I hope it:

a) works
b) satisfy You
c) improves OLFSL

That's all, stay on the road people - and don't forget tuneups. You can't practice too much..
So how are team points going to be worked out this season?
hello? anyone home?

Team standings
(4 posts, started )