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FE5R UF1 Tuner
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FE5R UF1 Tuner
Sunday May 27

OLFSL 1 by 500servers

Qual : 18:00 GMT
Race: 18:30 GMT

35 Laps

This race is open to all and is relaxed rules racing designed to better prepare the membership for Event 8, car resets are allowed BUT please be careful and display respect for your fellow racers.

First come, First served...server will go password protected once full.

Thanks Ant! - I've not done one single lap of this combo yet!!
Oh, what a tuner. Me happy Qualified into 11th and finished 6th.

If I remember correctly (it was a long and eventful race and I'm currently bit sleepy :tilt, I was knocked to my side in early laps and had to let everyone pass me. No biggie, since I made a pretty decent recovery (plus no damage from the sideswipe) gaining nice positions. Had a really entertaining fight, tried to smoke the guy/gal infront into mistakes (cleanly of course) and finally managed to squeeze past. Unfortunately the next fellow miscalculated t1 and ended up hitting my roof. "Some" damage to suspension. Decided not to pit, since the car didn't feel too bad. In fact I drove much better times with damaged car than what I've managed to do in previous sessions today. So, the rest 10-15 laps were just high 24's without a threat from behind and very small changes to gain places.

Don't know if these tune-ups require these reports, but decided to write mine, since a) me happy :boing:, b) this was my first full race after 14 weeks, and c) I propably manage to participate into the remaining events.

Thanks and cya.
Reports are valuable especially for those poor b**tards who were sitting in Sauna while the race was on

FE5R UF1 Tuner
(4 posts, started )