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Timestamp for chat messages in deb.log
I don't know if it was requested before, but what about time stamps for every chat message in the deb.log file (if logging of chat messages is enabled in cfg.txt).

I think this would be helpful for error analysis and much more.
Cause if I have an New gutes timed out message, it would be helpful to know when it happend etc...

And by the way, I think it's just interesting too.

So, Scawen, what about adding such a time stamp...
I can imagine that this might be easy to do...
Im all for it!
#4 - ORION
I suggested that already like 100 times in the last 3 years lol
i cant really say yay or nay, cuz i have no idea whats up with that
Quote from ORION :I suggested that already like 100 times in the last 3 years lol

so, this is another reason for scawen to do so
hopefully he (or one of the other devs) see this postings!

please add this "feature" to the next official patch..would be coOL!

and another thing with that deb.log!

if the server is shut down (/exit) maybe backing up this file would also be helpful!
now, my hosting tool do this for me, but why not letting lfs do that?
and if the server crashes (not exiting with /exit but with the X button or the task manager) maybe the file can be back uped before starting lfs (so if the file was backuped after exiting the file should be deleted or cleared)