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CL24.5 : RAC@KY2 - 10/04/2017
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CL24.5 : RAC@KY2 - 10/04/2017
Round 5 :: April 10th, 2017

Track: Kyoto Ring National [KY2]
Cars: RAC

Qualifying Mode: 15 minute race fuel
Race: 52 laps


During qualifying all drivers will be able to complete as many laps as they wish. The difference to a normal timed qualifying session is that all drivers are only allowed to leave the pit lane once and must do so with the setup and fuel load they intend to start the race with. When leaving or entering the pit lane, you must pay attention to the yellow pit exit and white pit entry blendlines respectively! The beginning and end points of these lines have been marked with two cones each. Please also make sure that you don't interfere with any other drivers' qualifying laps, however, this does not mean that when you're a slower driver, and you're on a lap yourself, that faster cars coming from behind have the right of way. It's in every driver's own responsibility to leave a large enough gap to the cars in front of him.

Should a driver receive a penalty during qualifying, receiving a DT for speeding in pit lane for example, he must serve that penalty as soon as possible! Penalties which aren't served will lead to the drive in question being moved to the back of the grid!

When the session time has expired, all drivers are asked to drive back to the pit lane and park their car there. No driver will be allowed to keep circulating to further practice laps.


Just like in the first ever CL event in the year 1831, there will be a laglap before the actual start of the race. As always, please act with caution during the first few corners and laps. Overly optimistic or poorly executed maneuvers aren't acceptable.

Additional Information

Everyone is asked to respect the rules on chatting. During all sessions, chat is always automatically closed unless the race administrator opens it.
Habs gestern nicht zum Rennen geschafft. (RAC / Kyoto) Shrug
Wollte eben nachträglich abmelden aber die CL Seite ist gerade seehr träge. Also nun hier Tilt
Provisional top 10s after round 5.

CL24.5 : RAC@KY2 - 10/04/2017
(4 posts, started )