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The Ultimate Cockpit List
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I have two that were not mentioned (i believe): - Obutto oZone Gaming Chair (the NEW model) - $289 + S/H (US) - Nothing for less than $1,500 (US) can even compare! It comes with everything except the peripherals (G25, monitor, etc.) It is mainly a chassis, but it is the best for personal use (imo). - Virtual Concepts RS1 Xtreme M3 - $9,000.00 - $29,000.00 (US) - This is very unique. I have spent hours on it and nothing compares. It includes everything!

Let me know what you guys think.
that is insane!!!
vibrating Seat
if you have the g25, dont go for either, make your own to suit your own needs wheather it be 3 moniters, or more then just racing, like fighting or war. also they both have the shifter by the wheel which is crap imo
4DOF motion-sim - motion-sim 4DOF - 18500 EUR - all included - Other info (i.e. cannot fit 3 pedals, no LCD mount, etc)
Quote from TAYLOR-MANIA :

The Hyperflight (with addons) costs about £650 including delivery. That's what i was quoted, but that's an approximate price for a release date of April-May.

I'm either gonna buy that or the Obutto, i think it'll be the latter.

I was looking at the HyperDrive as well, but that Obutto looks good too.

Let me know if you get it and how it is!
I have a review of the Obutto's first impression somewhere on the forums... I'll do a search and edit the post for you.

EDIT: My First Impression Review Here
Great thanks dude, I think I'm getting one

How much would you say it weighs in the box?
Quote from TAYLOR-MANIA :Ok, having re-read my previous post now i see that I should have made it clearer i was talking about the Obutto, as you did mention the Hyperdrive as well. But anyway i'll just say that apart from the Hypderflight having armrests, i'd say the Obutto trumps it in every other way, and costs less.

As for the weight of the Obutto, from the website itself:
"shipping weight: 52kg actual weight"

No worries dude I meant the Obutto. Wow ok that is heavy. Not quite sure how and where to get it delivered - Fanatec, Thrustmaster, Clubsport, obutto, cockpits, wheels, pedals, seats, accessories and more. Check price.
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The Ultimate Cockpit List
(67 posts, started )