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Torsdagsrace S38 Race 4 2015-02-12 UF1 @ Fern Bay Gold
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Torsdagsrace S38 Race 4 2015-02-12 UF1 @ Fern Bay Gold

Pls read the rules below carefully, and make sure you understand the meaning of them!

Admins will be on the servers to answer all the questions
Feel free to place questions in this forum as well!

Track: Fern Bay Gold (FE3)
Car(s): UF1
Qual: 20 min (no telepit)
Laps: 24
Wind: No wind
Pitstop: No Forced Pitstop
Server(s): Torsdagsrace A (+ Torsdagsrace B if more than 32 attenders)

TR Top: UF1

WR UF1: 1:50.22 (kart-36)


19:30 - 20:30 CET: Warm up
20.30 - 20:50 CET: Qualification
21:00 CET: Race start
Estimated race length 45 min


Much more fun to train together!
Tuesday 10/2 20:00-22:00 CET
Drop in, no password set.


Garage is CLOSED during Q.
- ALL setup changes, tyrechanges and refueling during qualification MUST be made on the pitsquare in the pitlane. You are NOT allowed to go into the garage and change your setup.

- If your car becomes undrivable you MUST go into spectate mode (shift-S) or into garage (shift-P). Your qualification session is then over, you are NOT allowed to rejoin (shift-J) a qualification session.

Violators that rejoin the Q will have to start the race from the garage on server B (if B are in use)

Qualification is held on servers, A and B.
A-server: Aimed for average and more skilled drivers.
B-server: Aimed for average and less skilled drivers.
B-server: Also aimed for drivers never driven TR before and late arrivals that has to midjoin the Q.

Drivers that fail to follow this conduct of honour and misplace themselves on the wrong Q-server might be taken out of the qualification by TR Admins

General Q behaviour.
- ALL drivers MUST check the "minimap" for upcoming drivers driving there hotlap.
- If you are on outlap/inlap you MUST let drivers on hotlap stay on their racing line and let hotlap driver pass in a safe way.
- Its recommended to let faster drivers pass if you have "lost" your hotlap, otherwise normal racing rules applies if both drivers are on a hotlap.
Qualification protest are treated the same way as race protests.


NO mandatory pit.
You are free to go to pit of your own choice.
Rejoin race are NOT allowed after reset or spectate (shift-R/shift-S).

Would you like to participate?
Despite TR being a league, you are not required to partake every week. Simply join the races that sound fun to you! Every week a new sticky thread will be created here in TR's forum.

Tonights password is: guldbukten

Torsdagsrace S38 Race 4 2015-02-12 UF1 @ Fern Bay Gold
(3 posts, started )