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DoP 24h Race
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Congratulations to all finishers!

Great comeback by my team mates Smile Awesome job by Timo, jueweb, n3ox and troy to win this race.
#27 - okre
Thanks to the staff!!

Congratulations to those who have completed the race ... and Bonsai for win the race!!!

the night still dream that chicane/bug....
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Thanks to all and especially to the Burnoutcrew for hosting this awesome event! Smile Fantastic race, next year I will definitely drive again in the DoP. Congratulations to the GRT and HoR for the podium and everybody who finished!
@ okre - it's not a bug. The curb lifts the left side of the car as it is unloaded and the right rear tire is overwhelmed => slide Big grin

Same happens with XFR - with lower suspension this was not an issue.
#30 - n3ox
Puh, what a race. Big grin

Thanks to my Teammates for the brilliant drive Big grin. Thanks Jürgen, for your reliable and steady pace on saturday. Your last stint started the chase on GRT :P. Thanks to Timo for driving with me through the night Big grin, without your presence i wouldnt had those three nearly perfect stints Wink. And a big thanks to Troy for his amazing performance, especially early sunday Big grin.
Great race. Smile
Especially the final hours racing against Westhillers, the two WCL Teams and BC Minnicrew.

Fascinating to see how after so many hours it can come down to minutes or even seconds!

A few time we really "messed it up" with puncture, rollover and some spins but overall got lucky.
I think all our bad things happend at end of a stint so no pitstop needed to been too early.
Other teams had bad luck with disconnects & crashes which of course sucked for them Frown but it made for some crazy up&downs at the end. Tilt
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DoP News

Many Thx to all and hopefully in 2016. Bye
Maybe 2 or more races per year?
In November 2015 there should be a 12h race and then in January 2016 the final 24h race. But it is still a long time and we haven't any more concrete plans for the next DoP.

DoP 24h Race
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