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Baltic Cup 2012 - Information
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The right name for the layout is AS2X_A21, I don't know how you got both of them as 2 different tracks. But it should be the track you posted as AS21.
League organizer update: From now on there will be a new representer and league organizer from Lithuanian side. It will be Laurynas Matonis who will be replacing Modestas Runas. M.Runas is not a representer from now on.
This was decided due to the fact that M.Runas is busy nowadays and has no time to help in organizing etc. Everything was talked through with all the organizers and M.Runas agreed to give his place to L.Matonis.

So, if you have any questions, you can also ask Laurynas now.
And Laurynas will also be broadcasting the rest of the season in case Tommy can not come to the race.
Merry Christmas guys
thanks, merry xmas to our neighbours, cheers!
Merry X-mas!
In the name of all administration team, we would like to wish you all Merry Christmas and best of luck in 2012 - all the best in real life and, of course, on track, fighting for the victory at Baltic Cup and various other leagues.
Updated Round 11 and Round 12 dates.
Any info on the 2013 Baltic Cup?
I was thinking about that. It won't start until spring anyway, but I think I'll talk to other organisers and we'll have a poll if there will be interest in having another season. So yea, just follow this forum and some news will come in summer I guess.
How about 2014 season? I would realy enjoy that, but It seems like here are problems with organisers, and how about racers are they still alive?
There are problems with everyting, BC will (most probably) never come back again.
why not? we should get all together, and do it one more time
#40 - Muc
That's very, very sad...
Looks like our neighbors is bit scared to lose. :Kick_Can_
It would be great to see this cup again!
Any info on the 2014 Baltic Cup? :monkey::bump::bounce8::uglyhamme:13:
It would be great if do..
I think that no one will not do "Baltic Cup 2014"
when will be the info
Maybe soon.
No new info to be told. We have discussed it already with other admins and there is no interest at all to this. And the "5-grid-per-country" is not because of organisation stuff - it's because obvious things - LFS is dead. I can start a poll here if you want a new season, but we wouldn't start soon - it needs preparation and at best, it would start in autumn (would be stupid to do it in summer). The basic rules and standarts would have to change too.
Obviously, it would be awesome to have another season, but the golden times are over..The veteran drivers (most of them) are inactive and it simply wouldn't be the same. The competitive scene is somewhat gone at this moment and it wouldn't motivate people to push themselves to the uttermost limit.
Back at 2009, when I really wanted to drive this league, I didn't get the chance, just because I was the slowest possible Latvian driver out there! But, hey, at least I had the chance to do the qualifying..

When you look back at 2009, 2010, 2011, you can just see the amount of great drivers from the Baltic states. But now?..Some of them don't play LFS anymore, because they might have rl relationships or some other stuff. Some of them have gone to other racing simulators!..or simply because LFS is an outdated simulator.

For the sake of nostalgia, you can find some pictures by andRo and other people from previous seasons. Those pictures surely hold some great memories back then.
In my eyes, it was not just about the competition, but also about being a bunch of friendly guys united in one large community!

..if LFS doesn't get updated any time soon, in my honest opinion, we should leave it and move on..

Baltic Cup 2012 season promotional video

Baltic Cup Promotional Video 2011

I've never had the chance to drive in this Cup, but just watching some videos produced by Skirmantas and truly shows what an awesome event it has been in the past seasons...surely a thing to remember! Proud to be a member of the Baltic states

Baltic Cup 2012 - Information
(49 posts, started )