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200km of Kyoto Grand Touring (Canceled)
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200km of Kyoto Grand Touring (Canceled)
Worldwide Racing presents the 200 Kilometers of Kyoto Grand Touring (K32, but in the reverse direction). This race will be contested in the FZ5 and will require a four (4) tire (tyre) pit stop at some point through the event. Traction control will be permitted. Race Control will open pit lane once the field has spread out to avoid pit lane being overly busy on the opening laps. Pitlane will remain open in the event of a safety car unless the incident makes entry or exit dangerous. Cockpit view will be forced. Server is now open for practice

Server: [WR] WTBOCS
no password at this time

Registered competitors will be PM'ed password and information the day before the event.

This event will take place on Monday, 5 August 2013 starting at 17:00 or 16:00 GMT (need feed back on that, I'm not familiar with scheduling weekday events) with qualifying. Qualifying will be 25 min. in duration. The top 31 competitors will be permitted to take the green flag. Race will be 26 laps + 1 pace lap and should take around 78 min. to complete. Race will begin after a 10 min. break following qualifying. Track is 7.706 km in duration. 26 race laps make a total race distance of 200.356 km

Start will be rolling and double file as by the Worldwide Racing Rulebook. Odd positioned competitors will be on the right hand side on the start. Evens will start on the left. Restarts will be single file. No passing before the start/finish on starts or restarts. Leader may begin accelerating in the area just prior to the start/finish line marked by chalk. The Green Flag will be issued upon the leader's mark.

Driver's names will need to look as follows: ## F.Last (:razz

Entry number will be your license plate number in black. A number other than your entry number may not be displayed upon your skin in any session.

To register, please post here answering the following prompt:

Entry Number:
Driver Name:
LFSWorld Name:
Full Team Name:
Desired Time:
Will race regardless of time (Y/N):

Entry numbers will be 00 to 99. Make sure yours is not already taken before posting. Driver name will be your first and last name.
PM's have been set out to all of those who are registered...

Event has been canceled due to lack of interest.
For me there were 2 reasons - monday,as I can't race on so long events due need to get up early,and forced cockpit view.
I guess most people just want to rest for a day after GTM race.

200km of Kyoto Grand Touring (Canceled)
(4 posts, started )