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Flight Simulator X
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do you need to pay to get the entire globe?
Probably will eventually, reckon they'll release different areas as DLC, no doubt they'll make a ton of money that way.

I'd rather have AeroFly FS, it's only set in Switzerland, but the physics and the graphics blow MS Flight/FSX out of the water.
got myself a joystick today...and its much better
might spend some time on this
Quote from KiRmelius :Sim looks good, i like that small plane, it's so neat, but i doubt physics are close to reality

from what I read the base physics could be as old as 2002. FS2004 and FSX used them (they are quiet ok from my experience), and I'd be surprised if they made new ones for a Free2Play game.

If you set the airplane to 100000 feet and it starts spinning like mad without losing altitude, its the same physics
i tried it last night,but i dont think i tried the right wasnt my day lets say. i give it a go tonight again with joystick !
its more fun with joystick, and the graphics are decent too.

but multiplayer is a bit meh.
Ha, even with 1,8 GHz single core processor I can play without any lag and on custom graphics (a bit better than low)!
Quote from ColeusRattus :Me talking through the menues and playing the second mission...

Hide gear +100, Low yacht pass +200, water landing +500, over 9000 checkpoints in the process.

Is it me or the whole thing give out strong arcade vibe...
Well for newcomers maybe its just easing them into the gameplay and controls.
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The truth is that Microsoft Flight is dedicated just for arcade people. It doesn't offer anything new or interesting for hardcore flight simulator users as I used to have over 1000 flight hours on IVAO network with Flight Simulator 2004. Just according the feedback received from Finnish aviation forum, I'm not gonna even try or want to waste my time with Flight. Really enjoyed and still going to be enjoying in such an community with IVAO thousands pilots online in daily basis.
Yeah, it's an arcadized and simplified FSX. Quite a pity, I was really looking forward to a new proper FS title, this clearly isn't it.
didn't Microsoft close its Flightsim studio some time ago? Remember reading something about that.

Did anyone here try "Tileproxy"? It gets the ground texture from Google Earth, looks absolutely stunning (but works only when you fly slow enough)
I installed Flight after being excited by someone posting a link somewhere. My wheel was still plugged in so as the game jumped me into a 3rd person view of a plane (first impression: yikes!) I had about 5 seconds to figure out the controls by slamming my wheel from left to right and manipulating the pedals. In those 5 seconds (I did crash in the end) I saw enough erratic and arcadey swooping to convince me never to play this again.

Makes me want to play Crimson Skies.
Quote from ACCAkut :
Did anyone here try "Tileproxy"

I read the description but since it have no compatibility with google earth (Really lame move from google side) It wont give hi res tiles for the area I usually fly over.
Kinda sad but then there is always third party scenery with VFR, carefully aligned coastlines, rivers and bridges, real buildings standing where they suppose to so, not all is lost .
Even FS9 with HI Res scenery, REX, Active Sky and good plane still can make you go 'awwww'

Of course everything cost and I dont encourage piracy, but I dont condemn either
you know, it's funny... i thought about installing fsx on my prescott today, but didn't because i figured it would take all day to get it working right... and now ms flight is out. i might download it to try it, but if it only has a couple planes and a small parcel of unfamiliar land, i'll stick to fsx.
I have never flown an Icon A5, but I have flown a Piper Warrior and a Cessna 152, and the game seems to be too responsive to the controls.
Quote from NSX_FReeDoM :I have never flown an Icon A5, but I have flown a Piper Warrior and a Cessna 152, and the game seems to be too responsive to the controls.

I've flown a Cessna 152, a Bulldog, and a Grob Vigilant (aircraft experience e-peen FTW ) In a real light aircraft there's a LOT more resistance to the controls, due to the airflow. You'd have a job ramming the stick to either side like you can with a game joystick, in a plane without powered control surfaces.

Because there's not enough resistance to stop you, the game lets you perform those huge input changes and the plane responds accordingly. I think if you had a FFB stick with enough force, it'd be much more lifelike.

Think of trying to reproduce the handling of a car with no power-steering in LFS, with just a cheap racing wheel to provide the FFB.
i wonder if they are gonna add more free planes or if it will just stay with these 2...since u cant do any missions (well, except for 1) with those
Messed around for a bit last night with a friend but damn its boring.

Now Im psyched to play some FSX, and maybe get some addons.

::We should do some LFS FSX Multiplayer. Some pylon racing (although thats freeking difficult), or some F-16s escorting a 747.
Heck, i deleted fsx, when i needed space on my hard drive. Now I highly regret it.
FSX is not FTP tho right?

Flight Simulator X
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