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Spin Tires - Vehicle/Track physics sim
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Spin Tires - Vehicle/Track physics sim
Has anybody heard of this?

  • Deformable terrain
  • Interactive foilage
  • Interactive water simulation.
  • A collection of heavy-duty vehicles with life-like physics and dynamic chassis parts that wil react to any situation.
  • Toggle head lights
I hope the devs will make this into a full-grown game. I see myself spending hours (and money) on this.
#2 - Fuse5
Quote :December beta demo is now available to download. Feel free to try it for yourself and provide any feedback you made have to spintires[at]

looks nice : OO
gotta test dat beta demo
Fun game.
tried it...not bad but needs work.
cant even reach 10 mph
also, when "offroading" the truck seems to move at a limited speed (in reality it would differ) so not quite realistic yet, but has potential.
Deformable tyres too, if you look closely.
I'm addicted.
Love it, needs some work though.
The ground is too soft. It's almost imposible to move your truck after doing some grooves.
The truck with 6x6 traction steers ugly.
The truck floats in the water.
You go in 4th gear at 10mph and thats all it can do.

So in conclussion:
so much fun hahaha
Hope they improve those things and make a map with step slopes

PS: this is like Tricky Truck but with realistic terrain behaviour...just perfect
Oh great! Last time when I played this was 2 years ago at some Intel contest. Back then it was like you were driving on rocks. I'll try this to see if hit has improved.
Cool concept, I wish LFS had that kind of terrain
Ground is way too soft and the steering sucks IMO.

The early version controlled better and had more trucks (and a trailer!). But It has come a long way and has improved on many things.
Like it but...

Camera is awkward, Whould be cool a cockpit view, aslo not all the "Dirt" terrains are deformable, anyway, was fun

If this keep going can make a good challenger for Motorm4X

P.D : The demo is really open source practicaly, you can edit a toon of things...
Quote from Whiskey :It's almost imposible to move your truck after doing some grooves.
The truck with 6x6 traction steers ugly.

Same in reality.

Quote from Whiskey :You go in 4th gear at 10mph and thats all it can do.

permanently engaged low range maybe?

Looks interesting, going to try it out !
they're actually making this into a game? i remember seeing this a few years ago... it was supposed to be the havok engine test. something smells fishy here...

edit: ... istic-and-very-difficult/

the reason i remember that video, is because we talked about it a bit on here in the past.
Looks amazing. Ive tried several offroading games in the past - none of them were good.. MotorM4X is fun to play, but doesnt feel right.

Edit: Tried the beta demo of it. I am truly amazed. The landscape deformation is epic. Saw that in some other game wich name i cant remember at this moment.
I played this game like a year or two ago... There were more trucks if I remember correctly and there was a part of the map where like 5 trailers were piled and if you were lucky enough, you could attach one to your track, if you weren't a bug would happen and the trailer would start floating like 1m off the ground. There were also many other bugs, but I think the trucks went a bit faster then they do now...
I remember playing the very early Intel demo of this some years ago.. doesn't seem all that different today though. It's strangely satisfying watching the deformable terrain change shape while driving over it.
#19 - 5haz
This is quite fun, its like a good version of Big Rigs.

just re-downloaded the version.
u now have to pick up packages and deliver it to the warehouse to unlock new addons for ur truck, and unlock new trucks.

whoever had interest in this "game" should try it again, as it has certainly improved a lot (the delivering stuff, manually selectable gears thus diff lock ect).

i like it a lot more...
Downloading, tried the previous version, but it was too...early, it had nothing interesting to do

Lets see if this is fun to play.
They made it playable now... But, it's kinda hard to shift gears with mouse and you've got only 1st and 3rd gear in manual mode (or am I missing something?). Also, there's no cockpit view, but the rest seems to be fine... Actually, one more thing... Try not to get stuck anywhere, 'cos the only way to get unstuck is to start new game (or am I missing something again?).
Looks fun, going to try it in abit
I'm an idiot lol... If you get stuck, press F1 and then "evacuate truck"...
Quote from matijapkc :I'm an idiot lol... If you get stuck, press F1 and then "evacuate truck"...

didnt know about that one...did get stuck yesterday...but after fiddling for 5 min i got myself unstuck

Spin Tires - Vehicle/Track physics sim
(60 posts, started )