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Techie Question - Possibly for TAA
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Techie Question - Possibly for TAA
Hi Guys and Gals,

Have a techy question. We have a top level domain,
Under this we have a server, called finns.local with AD and Exchange, within the We didn't build this, we aquired it.

I need to put in another server at this level, called greendale.loca with its own exchange, but when I do, I get a permissions error, as no Enterprise Schema has installed in the AD.

Can you have multiple Exchange Server's with in a Forest?

What am I doing wrong, its driving me insane, please for the love of my sanity, can somebody point me in the right direction.

Cheers all

Is the second server replicating the first or are you adding a second domain ?
i haven't done this in a while, but don't you have to add it to the domain first, before choosing where it resides in AD?

edit: actually, i should ask, where do you see that error, exchange or AD?
Hi Guys,

I added the new server to the domain, and called the server greendale.local. I am getting the error when I try to install Exchange 2010, when it is doing its pre install checks.

They don't need to replicate across AD, as they don't need to talk to each other, as they are seperate Labs.

Cheers all

Are you installing it as a domain controller or only as an exchange server.?
What version is your current domain server running.?
Id think you'd need to identify exchange with a domain, if it's the same as your dc and current exchange that may give that result.
I assume you've bound it to your current domain.

Edit: Doh, yes you have !

I think it may be due to the dc needing to know what domains your running.
i was looking on the internet and it seems exchange needs active directory to run, so if the machine isn't on the domain, or is itself a domain controller, chances are you won't be able to install exchange.

edit: you also might need to give it a proper FQDN. "machinename.local" doesn't count.

Techie Question - Possibly for TAA
(6 posts, started )