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Colin McRae Dirt 2 !
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Colin McRae DiRT2, Ken Block's car on cover. wat?
Well they weren't going to have any pics of Colin driving the new Subaru, were they?
Quote from Dajmin :Well they weren't going to have any pics of Colin driving the new Subaru, were they? I a little sick to have thought about doing a quick photoshop?
Why new?
What do you mean "why new"? The same reason they put new cars in any game - because that's the current model and manufacturers pay big bucks to focus attention on their new cars.
Putting the old model on the cover would immediately give the impression (to the public) that the new cars weren't in it so the game was just old content, and (to Subaru) that they weren't interested in making a feature of the new car.

Not sure if Photoshopping Colin in would be poor taste or just pointless. Maybe have him in the background as some kind of godlike overseer
Sorry for the bump, but does this game have an "ending"/credits movie?

In DIRT and GRID when you complete the final championship, you get a "well done" and the credits movie to show you've completed the main gameplay arc. In DIRT 2, I did the X Games, Colin challenge, then the World Tours and was expecting a "right thats the main story done with, have some credits". All I got was a trophy and "heres some more cars"...

Do you have to complete the game 100% to "complete" it?
It has credits that you can roll by going into your trailer and looking at the Extras section. But I didn't get any credits when I won X Games America. That was what I'd consider a traditional big ending, but it does stick you back in the game right after. I don't think it'll suddenly give you a reward when you reach 100% though, that wouldn't flow very well if it was just some stupid little event that got you there.

I guess when it's a hub for events you can repeat as often as you like, and the only access to multiplayer, sticking random staff lists in is a waste of time and keeps people from playing for no good reason
I was expecting a reward after doing the World Tour though, because that's where the story leads throughout the game. Ah well, at least now I've completed it I can go back to SHIFT. Which better have a proper ending instead of 3 small ones
Got my copy, WOW, much better than the demo!!!!
Yes it is, way better. Glad to see you on board, hope that my prize-win copy description helped convince you

Also now hoping that I'll see you online at some point, since that's almost all I have left to do now.
It was the Shopto weekly offer of £24.99 that did it!, I'll try and get online sometime.
Bah, clearly I overestimate my influence on the forums, even after nearly 4500 posts
Course it's another racer that I expect I suck at, but I was pretty competitive in the demo - and even won a couple of races! Haven't taken the full game online yet though.
Im about to have myself a rant, so bare with me.

Ok so tis Colin McRae Dirt 2 as already pointed out it has Ken Block on the cover, last time i checked though i may be wrong, Colin McRae didnt compete in these rally raiding events with trucks and what not.

I really think the next game should be based on Ken Block so they can ameranize it more so, add the gyma whatever mode and what not, id rather play the old Colin McRae modes, where you drove the rally stages from point to point rather then it being barely part of it.

Rant over now im happy dont take it to seriously i just felt like venting.
Colin did compete in Dakar and X-Games a couple of times, as well as things like Race of Champions. But I agree that it wasn't a bit enough part of his racing career to make such a big game feature.

But then you diversify to reach a bigger audience, don't you? American kids will know Ken Block and Dave Mirra while they likely won't know Colin that well. It's a shame, but form a business perspective I can understand it. Would still be nice if they offered DLC so you could customise your own experience - more point-to-point for the rally fans and more cross events for those meddling kids
I was expecting much less P to P stuff, but I think it makes up a decent enough percentage of the game.
There are many point-to-point tracks in general but only very little part of them may be driven like rally stages with pacenotes. They could at least add pacenotes to all the trailblazer tracks, maybe also to the raid tracks (although there could be problems because of optional routes). With little additional work CM could give rally fans so much more.
I actually enjoy the trailblazer events more than the p 2 p events!!!
I got this game with my ps3 bundle. I'm loving it! Utah track is my fav so far..
I will. Especially since without paying to upgrade my OS and my graphics card I'll be stuck at 2005 graphics on my PC

So PC owners, enjoy forking out yet another £300 for a card to run Dx11 stuff
Tried the leaked PC demo, seems pretty good to me, FPS didn't dropped below 25 even while frapsing.

Will upload video of gameplay footage soon.
DiRT 2 still hasn't come out for PC users.

I like DiRT 2. One of the most fun rally games to come out for a while. I'll even say it is more fun than Motorstorm (1 that is. I didn't get PR.)

Colin McRae Dirt 2 !
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