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Could you explain how I do so that X user can use all vehicles while others can only use those that are active in the host?

Thanks in advance
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Is there a way to put the name of the avenues by zones? Since I want to use it to put them in tracks in X and the names of the avenues are by nodes ...
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Quote from bmw318ise30 :this insim is best!

Would you use the source code? please
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Quote from Bass-Driver :Few examples with explanation:

Create a button:
openPrivButton( "lang_en",30,30,4,4,5,-1,32, "^3EN" ,SetLanguage);

When the player click on the button it calls a sub named 'SetLanguage'.

Sub SetLanguage
$KeyFlags,$ButtonID  )
#Cut the first 5 chars of the buttonID , result = 'en'
$language trimsubStr$ButtonID,) );

#When the value/string of $language is equal to 'en'
IF($language == "en")THEN
("IdLang","en"); #Set player language to English

Create a button for the LFSLapperlanguage_engine
openPrivButton( "example",75,111,50,10,5,-1,ISB_DARK, langEngine("%{example}%"));

To define "example" in english.

Lang "EN"
example = "This text is an exampletext";

It has not worked for me: /

Could you make me a script that changes the language? Please use it as base ....
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Quote from Bass-Driver :Reason why i made this change was to create 1 Sub Callback for multiple Zone/Node actions. Which makes your code easier to read. I know that players who uses an older version of lapper, Must change theire code. I deal with the same situation. But at the end i'm happy with this code change.

The only i have changed is: Adding a 2nd value in the sub callbacks , so every Lapperuser who will change theire lapper version to and higher need to add an 2nd Value in sub callbacks.

Thank you already learned how to use the new function!
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Quote from sinanju :Think of RegisterNodeAction and/or RegisterZoneAction as a way to make your own Event.

At an Event, you can code something within lapper to happen, as in
Event OnSplit1( $userName ) # Player event

you can have lapper put a button on screen with some text, like

There's an Event for both Split 1 and Split 2, but if you want something to happen in between, you would have to make up your own using RegisterNodeAction / RegisterZoneAction.

So if you knew the node number between Split 1 and Split 2, then you could put that number into the RegisterNodeAction line along with a sub-routine, and the sub-routine could have something like

If you watch a video I made while ago and put on YouTube ...

... you can see messages pop up on my Pace Notes section on right hand side of screen.

Because I was not driving on a track, where I could use nodes, I had to use zones, but if the off-track roads did have nodes, then my code would have looked like ...

RegisterNodeAction( "WE2X",100,PN3,"" );

The above line would have been in the Event OnLapperStart() section.

The following sub, would be somewhere under EndEvent ...

Sub PN3( $userName )
openPrivButton( "pn_note",180,60,34,6,7,-1,0,langEngine( "%{pn_3}%" ));

And the following would appear in my EN language file

pn_3 = "Start 1st sector from Yellow gate"
. "%nl%Large hairpin right
. "%nl%leads to narrow gate"
. "%nl%3 left"
. "%nl%
. "%nl%^3150 right into tunnel ^1HAZARD";

The 1st 4 lines have uncoloured (grey) text, while last line has yellow text to highlight what's next, and red HAZARD letters.

In my code, I had over 60 zones, and on entering a zone, a message for only that zone appeared on screen.

Like I said, if I could have used nodes, then everytime I crossed a node, the message for that particular node would have appeared.

LFS uses Nodes for setting it's own events, such as sectors/splits/finish lines, as a node goes from one side of the track to the other, but LFS in Autocross mode, allows you to place zones. An LFS zone is usually either a restricted (visible or invisible marshall) circle, or a checkpoint circle.

Zones can be placed almost anywhere, including on the track, off-track, and in the pits.

In a recent upgrade, LFS allows the placing of InSim circles in Autocross mode. These are zones. Great thing about using these, is you don't have to know the X,Y co-ordinates; only the InSim Circle number - but you then have to use slightly different coding (NOT RegisterNodeAction and/or RegisterZoneAction).

If you need to find Node or Zone co-ordinates in lapper, you type !node or !zone when you drive to that section of the layout, and record the exact details.

I've put everything the same, but passing through the node does not show the message it has to display ...

RegisterNodeAction( "BL2" , 55 , ESPERA,"" );

Sub ESPERA( $userName )
privMsg("^3>> ^7SE CORRE DE A ^33 ^7ESPERA TU TURNO !.");

Thanks for the help
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Quote from sinanju :The standard 'welcome' message is in this section, so if you see the message, then the Event works.

This acts like a 'trigger', as does RegisterZoneAction.

In both of these, you have to set track abbreviation, X and Y co-ordinates, along with a sub-routine name. In the Zone action, you also have to set the size (in metres) of the zone (eg 1 would be an area 1m x 1m).

When driving the specified track, and when a car either crosses a node, or enters a zone, then lapper knows to start the sub-routine that is called within the registered action line.

Yes, I understand that, what I do not understand is how to use the new RegisterNodeAction function ....
Where the node number, track name and the name of the event that starts when driving by X node

Thanks for answering my questions!
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A question....

Does the onconnect event work?

And I did not quite understand what RegisterNodeAction
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You're doing a very good job with LFSLapper, I hope you keep getting better!

Regards !
[INSIM] Drag InSim by Ezequiel Gauna [Popughini]
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Buenas, hoy vengo a compartirles mi primer InSim publico, es un semáforo para carreras de Drag simple... lo hice en 3 idiomas los cuales son: Español, Ingles y Portugués.

No entiendo muchos idiomas, pero hice lo que pude, si ven algún fallo, por favor, informarme para que lo corrija...

Espero les sirva y lo disfruten !

Good, today I come to share my first InSim public, is a traffic light for drag racing simple ... I did it in 3 languages which are: Spanish, English and Portuguese.

I do not understand many languages, but I did what I could, if you see a bug, please inform me to correct it ...

I hope you serve them and enjoy it!

Bom, hoje eu venho compartilhar com vocês o meu primeiro InSim público, é uma corrida semáforo simples arrastar ... Eu fiz isso em 3 línguas que são: Espanhol, Inglês e Português.

Eu não entendo muitas línguas, mas eu fiz o que eu poderia, se virem algum erro, por favor me informar para correção ...

Eu espero que você servir e divirta-se!



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Quote from RC-Maus :Then this is only option

I sent the message and I do not receive a reply ...
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Quote from Bass-Driver :Dragaddon updated for LFSLapper version
Check first post and the attachments which version you need.

Good Job !
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Quote from Bass-Driver :This script is easily to create. You have to set the RegisterScheduleAction() function to 1 minute. It will executes the sub callback each minute.

And add a +1 to the playervar each time the sub executes.

Thank you very much ! Big grin
[CODE] Server connectiontime of each player
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Someone would have a script that tells you how long you are connected to the server?

From already thank you very much !
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Quote from RC-Maus :Then this is only option

Thanks, I'll prove it
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Quote from Gutholz :You are posting on forum, so you are using the account? That is suifficent to recover account via that link.
Or is it about a different account?

It's a different account
Account email invalid
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Good, I would like to know how to recover an account ... since the account was registered with an email of mine and now when I try to login to the account it tells me that the password is incorrect and when I try to recover the password through the web it tells me that the E-mail is incorrect ... I would like to know how I can recover the account ...

Thanks in advance !
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I had progress on some Cruise servers and I have to give you so much explanation or be a cop
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I have 4 S3 licenses purchased and an S2 license, I do not need any more licenses, the alpiso10 account has been given to my friend for more than 1 year, do not speak if they do not know about things ...

So I'm going to beg for a license if I already have 4 S3 licenses.

Good way to help demo users "kristofferandersen" Big grin

But do not bother to help the people of Argentina that most are ungrateful!
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Happy Birthday Victor ! Big grin Na-na LFS
LFS Cracked
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Good, browsing the web I found a page similar to LFSPereulok, which I will not show the link so as not to send more users to that page, the system they have as LFSPereulok works with list of servers and as if it were normal Live For Speed....

If Scawen wants to know what the web page can send me a private message and I will give the address of the website.

And that he tries to solve the problem since with those pages Live For Speed loses users and money of the licenses that are sold...

Regards Popughini
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+ 1
Add objects
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Hi, my idea would be to add so that more objects can be added to the track, since the people who make Cruise servers in Big Tracks need more objects, my idea would be that they put a high number like 10,000 objects maximum to power Build good layouts. I do not know if they will be sane but that is my opinion Thumbs up

It would also be nice to add more objects to do layout, something like these objects Smile


Traffic light

Road Signs

It would also be nice to add some signs with road signs...

Here are some of my ideas to improve the game and the Cruise in the game.

Regards !

PD: Sorry for my bad english.

LFS The best Simulator Omg omg omg
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Quote from Yisc[NL] :Registration system - V1.10 (to add an extra layer of protection against unwanted people on your server)


- Added option to check if someone is banned and if so, kick him out
- Added option to ban someone and write that ban to a file

Change the extension of the file to .lpr and add them to addonsused.lpr to be able to use it.

I love you ♥ :v
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Quote from p R o :Hi, this code default in LFSLapper.lpr

CASE "!myconfig":
myConfig( );

try send !myconfig ingame .
if you need show it for player if he connect in the server.
add this code " myConfig( ); " on event onconnect.


CatchEvent OnConnect( $userName ) # Player event
myConfig( );

Look to:
-- Thank you.

Thanks but the post is old

Fri 2 Dec 2016