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Suits Update by Vano Paniashvili
S3 licensed
Hello Racers,

After LFS Mod Support, lots of nice mods were forced to drive with outdated suits which needed an update, so I made one.

Mod Features:

• Updated Suits/Gloves/Helmets in original colors
• Available new colors inspired by OMP
• Multiple types of gloves available in original as well as new colors
• Special suit types for bikes and cars
• Equally functional male and female suits
• Special suit types for animators

The goal was to build suits with simple and clean visuals while staying loyal to the original LFS atmosphere.

You can Download it here.

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S3 licensed
Vehicle mod: XF GARIS
Details page:

Quote :GR Yaris Inspired XFG. Early Access.

Quote :Early access version GR Yaris inspired XFG with re-built and edited parts of exterior as well as interior, using new 3D parts where possible.

This is my first vehicle mod done using LFS Editor, trying to learn the software.

Vehicle mod is NOT FINISHED. Vehicle mod still under development.
Check glove box tag for further information about upcoming updates.

Important Note: Wide fenders will be added as final update.

Vehicle offers Track Mode, Sport Mode and Normal Mode. Setups modes are tuned with OEM specifications. If you change settings, you void your warranty!

Track Mode: All-wheel drive style, balanced all-rounder.
Sport Mode: Rear-biased drive style, playful on limits.
Normal Mode: Front-biased drive style, stable character.

Setups balanced by zxz, under supervision of OEM specifications.

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Dramatic Four Lap Race with Unexpected Finish Against Very Fast Driver
S3 licensed
As some of you may know, GD Bad is one of the fastest drivers still around in LFS Demo.
Decided to share experience with you from the player perspective.
It was very exciting and intense race... hope you'll enjoy!

Disclaimer: YouTube has have reduced the video quality after upload slightly.
Working Pop-Up Headlights for XR - Suggestion with live demonstration
S3 licensed
Hello Everyone,

Here's the suggestion, which consists of LFS Editor supporting a custom animation slot to animate certain parts of the car, which has a great effort-to-profit ratio when evaluating the results it can produce.

Potential benefits are: Pop-Up headlights, Active-Aero and etc. Also useful Flatbed Recovery Truck Mod (WIP) to deploy tracks for a car to walk up to the bed. It will add more flavour to the TC cruise server atmosphere, delivering race cars to a track, or recovering broken cars to repair area.

Animating rotation value of the Sub-Object is the easiest way around this issue. Positioning the pivot point of a headlight assembly to the Sub-Object's center is all it demands from the modder.

The video demonstration of a test mule:

Edit: Pop-Up headlights are now available, they added it!
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Touge Traffic Layout by Vano Paniashvili
S3 licensed
Hello Racers,

Since devs are working on amazing upcoming update for LFS i tried to cheer up community a little bit from my side.

Here is the new layout i made, It is touge based on Dousojin Touge but every corner has been edited and optimised for Multiplayer usage to suit players of all type of skill levels. However there is one thing that sets this layout apart from normal touge style layouts:

It allows traffic flow on both sides in a safe manner! You can't cross the yellow line because it is restricted.

To complete one lap you need to drive on both sides of road, which is average of 2.1km combined!
Layout does not support start positions, It must be always used in practice mode to function properly.

You can Download it here.

If you want to support Vano's Workshop, you can donate on PayPal.
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Westhill Rally Layout by Vano Paniashvili
S3 licensed
I wanted to create simple and enjoyable rally layout for Westhill without uncomfortable or ugly slippery turns such as with concrete.

This is the result i came up with, a rally layout around whole track which takes 6 minutes and 30 seconds on average to finish!

You can Download it here.

If you want to support Vano's Workshop, you can donate on PayPal.
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