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Great news! I will test it during next weekend. Again big thanks for your effort.
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Thanks for the update.

I still have problems with the file open/save function. If I make a setup and save it using "save as", it looks fine on my harddisk (filname.set). But if I try to open it again later with File menu -> Open, I always get the error message "Run-time error '9': Subscript out of range". And then the program close.
I can read setups saved by LFS though.
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Quote from Venus :
Another suggestion. In spring settings/analysis, would it be possible to add some info on spring frequencies?

It has the info already (at least on my screen). Look for "natural frequency" in the Analysis -> springs screen. Or maybe you meant some other info?

As for names, a not so serious idea:
Clockwork lemon analyzer - How to rape your own car in 10 minutes.
A little bit more serious:
Race engineering analyzer
Mechanics dream (or nightmare?)
Blackbox viewer
Car constructor

Anyway, I am very happy for this tool. It makes it more fun to experiment because I know better what I'm doing with the setup. Interesting read in the doc as well.
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Quote from Bob Smith :Edit: I suspect it might be some regional setting.

Guess what, your spot on right!
I just tried to change the regional settings to "England, UK" and suddenly, like magic, I can see all the graphs!
Norway and England has different symbols for decimals, list separation etc., like "." instead of ","
Mystery solved!
Hopefully it is not too difficult to solve it in the software, but I know nothing about that. Except I remember having some trouble with excel-sheets many years ago for a similar reason.

Anyway, thank you for this interesting and useful tool!

(Edit): This is the setting I changed to make it work:
->Control Panel->Regional and language options:
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Quote from Bob Smith :
Weird. Works fine for me. What value is saved in the options.ini file next to "Acceleration:" (it's the very last line of the ini file)?

I just tried this calculator, and it is very good, but I also cannot view the acceleration graphs. And when I change some of the gears, the data in the "Acceleration" field (0-50, 0-100, 0-150 etc..) doesn't change.

In the options.ini it is written "Acceleration = True". Changing this to False with Windows notepad doesn't change anything. In the options menu in the program, if I uncheck the mark for "Enable Acceleration Calculations (Slow!)", the program crashes and I get an error message "Run-time error '383': 'Text' property is read-only".

I uploaded a screenshot plus the error message here:

I have checked all dll's and ocx's etc. and even tried to replace them with the same copies found in the zip-file on the download page. I also tried to reinstall Visual basic 6.0, but nothing helped. I run Windows XP, and I tried it on another XP machine at my office, but the same result...

A possible clue to what may be wrong is that the save/load options function doesn't seem to work correctly. If I do some changes in the options menu and choose "save options", then close the program and start again, some of the option changes is gone and I have to do them again every time I use the program... Maybe I have to place the program in some default directory like C:\lfsgrc or something, otherwise the program gets confused?? I don't know, but I think this should be examined for possible bugs.

As for suggestions, I think I have one: In the Torque graph, there is an option for plotting the engine torque. But more useful would be to plot the aerodynamic drag. This is possible if you change the X-axis from wheel rpm to car speed (multiply rpm with wheel circumference?). Next is to change "torque at wheels" to "wheel thrust" by dividing torque with wheel radius. You then have a graph with Newton as unit on the Y-axis, and can draw the aerodynamic drag (also in Newton) in the same graph. Then you can see better how much force is available for acceleration as drag increase with speed. Maybe it is even possible to make an option for instead plotting the difference between the two as "net acceleration force"?

Just an idea from me, feel free to use it or scrap it.