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S2 licensed
Quote from lvlo :Perhaps somebody from limited admins had a bad day - sorry for that. I've unbanned you.

Have fun

Very thanks.
I'm not a champion (my best lap is 1'14"16...) and just for this my car is pink with Hello Kitty decals, made by me. :-)
When my BL will be 1'13"... Hello Kitty will leave my car :-)
I'm everything but a crasher

See you soon at Blackwood ;-)
S2 licensed
Quote from Gelin SWE :Hello. Who was the admin online at the moment? I'm sure this is just a small mistake from admin side.

I was quite busy to improve my driving and can't remember the names.
The last race before the fact was so made: pecasos, Paoleos, japi77, Intrerx, tuukka9292 (from the lfs desktop site).

I think many people get too seriously this simulator so don't forgive any mistake, and this happen in many server. I saw people ready to ban driver after just one mistake. I can assure i drive very seriously because i want to drive better than some friends of mine and i have not any wish to lose my time to be a crasher. :-)

Thanks for your answer :-)

P.S.: i hope to drive again in that server because i found good driver and only with good driver i can improve myself :-)
About Server rules (banning...)
S2 licensed
Hi :-)
I've banned (today) from [AA]Formel BMW server, i think for a unic unintended incidents. Now every time i try to connect my request is refused.

I'm italian and forgive my english :-)

How could i understand the real reason of this?
I drive seriously trying to do my best. Sometimes i make a mistake, but not for this i think it's right to ban one person.
Could someone help me to understand this my problem?