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Car Setup Details for we1r_nikopdr_r

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RAC - we1r_nikopdr_r -
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, by nikopdr :
Decent set for a 20 lap race, i used this setup for 219th Rony's Tuesday Fun Race (event details here

Be careful not to lock the brakes under braking because that will cause issues with the front tires. After 10 laps it's ok to push a bit more as the temperatures start to settle down, but pushing too much will still cause tires to get hot. For some corners it's ok to tap the handbrake to tighten your line, for example the tight 180 turn after split 1 and the chicane at split 2, as the car is set up to be quite understeery to minimize the normal RAC's twitchy behaviour. Gearing isn't exactly spot on, and overall the set is a bit sluggish on sector 2, but it's compensated more than enough in sectors 1 and 3. Could be the way i drive this car, too.

I havent tried any longer stints but this set should atleast have potential for endurance stints if there will ever be an endurance race happening with RAC in WE1R. :D

Setup Details

Maximum Per Wheel 740 Nm
Brake Balance (front) 62%
Rear Front
Stiffness 67 N/mm Stiffness 52 N/mm
Damping 4.2 Ns/mm Damping 6 Ns/mm
Anti Roll 0 N/mm Anti Roll 25 N/mm
Rear Front
Toe In 0.4° Maximum Lock 36°
Parallel Steer 100%
Toe In 0.2°
Front None
Front Left None
Front Right None
Final Drive
Rear Gear Ratios
Type Clutch Pack LSD First 2.801
Locking (power / coast) 40% / 50% Second 2.095
Preload 180 Nm Third 1.614
Fourth 1.253
Fifth 0.993
Final Drive Ratio 3.480
Manufacturer : Bridgestone
Rear Road Super Front Road Super
Pressure (L / R) 218 kPa
214 kPa
Pressure (L / R) 177 kPa
177 kPa
Camber Adjust (L / R) -1.5° / -1.4° Camber Adjust (L / R) -2.5° / -2.4°