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added Mon, Dec 15th, 2008 17:30
>VW Scirocco postponed
Hello Racers.

We are sorry to have to announce that the VW Scirocco will not be released this week as planned. Unfortunately we are unable to continue working into the following week, and it has turned out impossible to reach the required standard in the time available.

This is for two reasons :

1) The compatible test patches had more bugs than expected. Although the recent graphical improvements had worked very well in private testing, when released to the public and tested by hundreds of people, it turned out that there were problems on some graphics cards. One of these has been solved completely and another has been partially fixed. There is also an issue where LFS sometimes causes a crash - this has not yet been resolved and there are some other minor bugs to sort out before we can release an official version.

2) Refining and finalising the Scirocco is taking longer than expected. Although we have made good improvements recently, up to the date of the previous announcement, there were still outstanding issues that proved harder to fix than expected. This is on the mechanical side and the electronic side. We are trying to make a good simulation of the traction control systems and the stability control systems, well known to be a very good feature of VW cars.

Our aim is to make the Scirocco our first car with very limited setup options. The plan is to make it have only the setup options that are readily available on a real road going Scirocco, for example tyre pressures and toe settings. This will mean that the racing should be closer than usual and rely on driver skill, without the need to search for the best setups. Of course this means we need to get the setup as good as possible so it is comparable with the real car.

We are confident that we can fix all the issues and make the car a really good one to drive in the near future, but as various things that need to be done will take an unknown amount of time, we had to make the decision to postpone the release until next year, rather than release something in a rush that is really not as good as it can be.

We know this will disappoint many of you who have waited a long time for the Scirocco, and we are sorry about that. We plan to fix the bugs and continue developing the Scirocco suspension and electronic control systems, to give you a good patch early in 2009.

added Thu, Dec 11th, 2008 19:10
>Announcing VW Scirocco
Hello LFS Racers.

We are pleased to announce that we plan to release the new VW Scirocco in Live for Speed during the week ending Friday 19th December.

If you'd like to have a look at the car in 3D or start working on a skin, you can :
- download the CMX Viewer (26 MB)

For a preview of the car inside LFS you can watch a presentation video made by Victor van Vlaardingen.

- Watch instantly on YouTube
- Low resolution AVI (19 MB)
- High resolution AVI (47 MB)
- Best resolution MKV (51 MB - does not play in Windows Media Player)

You will need an S1 or S2 license in order to drive the Scirocco when it is released.

More information next week!

- LFS Developers

added Sun, Nov 23rd, 2008 18:00
>Dedicated host update, version Z3
This update fixes an autocross layout related Out Of Sync (OOS) bug. If your layout had a start position, clients could get kicked from your host.

Click here to download LFS dedicated host Z3

added Mon, Nov 10th, 2008 15:00
>Dedicated host update, version Z2
A new LFS dedicated host is now available, fixing several security issues where it was possible for non-administrators to take control over a host.

We therefore advise everyone who runs a dedicated host to upgrade to version Z2 as soon as possible.

Click here to download LFS dedicated host Z2

added Mon, Aug 18th, 2008 23:45
>LFS @ GC with the new Volkswagen Scirocco
Going to the Games Convention in Leipzig this year?

Make sure you visit the Volkswagen booth where you can drive the new Volkswagen Scirocco in LFS and take part in a competition : The person with the fastest laptime around one of LFS's tracks gets to take home a real Scirocco!

For more information about visiting the Games Convention, please see the GC website.

The Scirocco will be released in Live for Speed at a later date which is not yet decided.

added Wed, July 2nd, 2008 16:20
>Patch Z
Hello LFS Racers. Announcing... Patch Z!

The patch contains a lot of updates including :

- New interiors in XF and XR cars (road and GTR)
- Updated interiors in Formula XR and Formula V8
- General improvements to interface and graphics
- Improved weight distribution of GTR racing cars
- XR Turbo and RB4 suspension improvements
- Replay controls (click any point on time line)
- Demo racers must now register to go online
- Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Bulgarian

To read all about the new patch, go to the Patch Z information page

We hope you enjoy the new version!

- LFS Developers

added Wed, June 4th, 2008 9:05
>NEW : Instant Hotlap Analyser at LFS World
More Hotlapping news!

This time about a new feature that should help improve your racing skills :

The LFS World Hotlap Analyser.

At LFS World there is a section dedicated to hotlaps. There you can upload your best laps driven in hotlap mode and compare yourself to other racers. To help you improve your driving skills, there are the so called Telemetry programs that can provide you with a lot of (technical) data about your lap. This however requires that you first download the analyser software, then start LFS and output a special file, made from the hotlap. Only then you can open this special file in your analyser.

To make things easier, we have now added an instant Hotlap Analyser at LFS World that allows you to just select two hotlaps uploaded at LFS World and instantly analyse them without the need to convert anything. You do not even have to download the analyser, because it is made in Flash, so it will simply run in your browser.

For more information about the analyser, please visit the Hotlap Analyser wiki page

Click here to start the Hotlap Analyser

Enjoy learning the finer arts of hotlapping :)

added Wed, June 4th, 2008 9:00
>Hotlaps section cleaned
Hello hotlappers,

We have cleaned the LFS World hotlaps section a bit. We came to this due to :

1) an improved HLVC check that for example better detects wall hits.
2) a new background hotlap validator, that checks all hotlaps for HLVC and OOS errors. If any errors are detected, the hotlap will be removed. You will receive an email notification if that happens.

With this update we aim to keep our hotlap charts cheat free and fair for all!

added Fri, Dec 21st, 2007 17:00
>LFS S2 Alpha, version Y
Merry Christmas!

We are pleased to announce... Patch Y!

The patch contains many updates including :

- New car - Formula BMW FB02
- Updated South City track
- Updated Blackwood track
- Improved AI drivers
- Improved Physics
- Interface updates
- New training lessons

To read all about the new patch, go to the Patch Y information page

Enjoy the updates!

added Mon, Dec 24th, 2007 01:00
>Online PB's have been reset
Hello licensed racers,

This is a short message notifying you that your online PB's have been reset.
This was done due to the changes brought along with patch Y. Cars are slower than in the previous versions of LFS, making it hard to improve your best laptimes.
This decision was made after a 2 day poll on our forum, where more than 75% of the voters agreed a reset was the best way to go forward.

To ease the transition though, your old PB's are still displayed on your online stats page at lfsworld. This page has been improved as well, to show more information about your laps.

LFS Team

added Wed, Dec 5th, 2007 18:00
>CMX Viewer update : Added FBM
We've updated the CMX Viewer with the new Formula BMW FB02 car which will be available in the coming patch Y. Skinners, you can start your drawing software :) Or you can just download the new CMX viewer to have a close-up look at the new car.

Download the S2 CMX Viewer version Y

added Sun, Dec 2nd, 2007 16:30
>Soon available : Formula BMW FB02
Hello Racers!

We are pleased to announce that there will be a new patch before Christmas. This patch will contain AI and physics improvements, updated Blackwood and South City tracks and... a new real car - The Formula BMW FB02!

The story behind the new car is that there is a new UK based company called V1 Championship whose aim is to discover a new racing driver through a series of tests resulting in a place in a team for the winning driver. V1 will be launched in 2008 and shown on TV in the UK. Live for Speed will be used as part of the selection process, before testing in real cars. V1 asked us to create a Formula BMW to make this test as realistic as possible. BMW Motorsport gave us permission to build the car in LFS, so we went ahead and built it.

The V1 car is owned by Fortec Motorsport where V1 is based. Thanks to V1 and Fortec, our programmer Scawen Roberts was able to get a test day driving the Formula BMW and that helped a lot with the realism of the LFS version of the car.

We can't give an exact date for the release yet but it will be before Christmas. Right now you can watch a video of Scawen's test day and footage of the car in LFS. Thanks to DoN for making the video. Click one of the links below to download or stream it. If the download doesn't play on your computer, just visit www.divx.com and install the free DivX player.

Movie download  : Formula BMW video LO-RES (30 MB)
Movie download  : Formula BMW video HI-RES (69 MB)
YouTube  : Watch Now

We hope you enjoy the video and we look forward to releasing the patch, which is currently being thoroughly tested!

LFS Team

added mon, Nov 5th, 2007 4:30
>Periodical account details reminder
Hello Racers!

This is a short message to remind you that you should never give your account details to anyone who asks for it, even if the person asking for it _appears_ to be an LFS developer.
We will never ask for your account password, so if you meet someone who does, you can be 100% sure that person is not who he says he is.

The latest fashion is to contact people on MSN and pose as an LFS developer, saying there's a problem with your account and we need your password. Obviously this is fake and you should ignore that person.
There are no problems at all with any LFS account.

Take care!

LFS Team

added wed, Aug 29th, 2007 15:00
>LX Month skinning competitions results
Hello Racers!

The final results of the LFS skinning competition are in. The following 6 winners will receive a nice prize and get their skin included in LFS :

by JJ72

by teaz-R

by Schuppor
by Vilante 11

by Hz-Lab

by justinziarko

Congratulations to you all! We think the results are very satisfying and these skins will make nice additions to the standard LFS skin collection.
If you want to see all the skin contributions for this competition, you can still look them up at the the competition pages

added mon, Jul 30th, 2007 14:30
>LX Month autocross competitions results
Hello Racers!

The LX Month autocross competitions are over and we would like to present to you the top 10 of each competition week :
Week 1
1. Bawbag
2. Racin Jason
3. Sracer
4. Hummer
5. UnLiMiTeD
6. ReppohC
7. Jonesy_
8. Chaz
9. RudiTurbo
10. hannu
Week 2
1. Racin Jason
2. ReppohC
3. csimpok
4. hannu
5. UnLiMiTeD
6. Misko
7. GrantR
8. BlackMan
9. asman
10. FM67
Week 3
1. Bawbag
2. Misko
3. Racin Jason
4. Chaz
5. FM67
6. csimpok
7. hannu
8. GrantR
9. Ten Ten
10. ReppohC

Congratulations to all of you. Well done for such good driving!
For the full result listings, you can still visit the competition pages

added fri, Jul 6th, 2007 16:48
>LX Month & competitions
Hello Racers!

Announcing... LX Month!

This month we are running 3 autocross and 2 skinning competitions, and we have some great prizes to give to the winners!

Autocross competitions : http://competition.lfs.net/lx_autox/

Starting on Sunday 8 July, three separate competition weeks, open to S1 or S2 Licensed Racers, the 1st prizes will be :

- Week 1 : A TrackIR 4:PRO and accessories, thanks to NaturalPoint
- Week 2 : A TripleHead2Go, kindly provided by Matrox
- Week 3 : A G25 Force Feedback Wheel from Logitech

2nd prizes : A shirt of your choice from www.lfsshop.com
3rd prizes : A £12 LFS voucher (can upgrade S1 to S2)
4th - 10th prize : 2000 free high resolution skin downloads

Entry is simple, just join one of our special autocross hosts and get some lap times up on the table!

Skinning competitions : http://competition.lfs.net/lx_skinning/

Two competitions running at the same time, open to Licensed and Demo Racers. One for LX4 and one for LX6.

- The top three skins of each will be included in Live for Speed S2 final
- You will receive 20 Euros credit at www.lfsshop.com (or a £12 LFS voucher)

To enter, just visit the website and upload your skins and preview pictures.
The skinning competitions are already open for your entries and will close on 30 July 2007, 12:00 UTC.

Thanks to NaturalPoint, Matrox and Logitech who kindly agreed to give these prizes to the winners.

We think it will be an exciting month! Now get yourself set up and ready to race or start skinning! :)

Good luck, have fun, and don't forget to spread the word to your friends!

added fri, Jun 8th, 2007 23:00
>LFS S2 Alpha, version X
Hello Racers!

We are pleased to announce... a new update : Patch X

Here are some of the important features in the new version.

- The number of cars that can join a race has been increased to 32
- False starts are now possible (LFS does not hold you at the start line)
- Physics : preload added to clutch pack differentials improving car handling
- Skin improvements including high resolution premium skin download service
- Global class balancing system (currently applied to GTR and TBO classes)
- A new version of InSim including many improvements and a button interface

To update to version X, just run your V or W version and click List of Games in the Multiplayer screen. You will be given the option to automatically install the update.

For more detailed information about the skin download system and all the other updates,
click here to see the S2X info page.

Have fun! :)

added mon, May 28th, 2007 22:00
>LFS Merchandise @ www.lfsshop.com
Hello Racers!

It has taken a while, but there it is : www.lfsshop.com , providing official LFS Merchandise to those who want it :)

Currently we have available a range of shirts, from simple tees to a very high quality polo. A set of LFS postcards is in the lineup too.
All shirts have only basic prints so far though - more variety will be added in time, when we've got a better feel of how things go and what you would like.

The shop is not run by LFS itself though. It's run by a new business Victor (an LFS developer) has started in the Netherlands. It is therefore that all prices are in Euro, rather than Pounds, which you might be used to from LFS.

To learn more about the merchandise shop, please visit the shop's website.
Also, if you have any questions or remarks about the shop, please contact the shop via its support page on the shop website, rather than the regular LFS contact page.

For discussions, you can visit our forum which has a thread running on the shop topic.

Have fun shopping!

added sat, Mar. 31st, 2007 18:00
>LFS S2 Alpha, version W
Hello Racers!

There is a new, fully compatible Patch W for S2!

Fully compatible means it connects with old U30 and V versions, and can play the same replays. The multiplayer protocol and physics have not changed.

The most important changes are :

1) The new car sounds, created by DaveWS who worked very well within the limits of the LFS sound system to create much nicer and more immersive car sounds than the ones we provided with version V. Thanks again for that, Dave!

2) Various graphical updates, including improvements to the level of detail system, improved 2D displays and mirrors, some useful changes to the car triangles on the small map, and some improvements to the efficiency of 2D and 3D drawing.

For a complete list of updates, see the Patch W thread on our forum.

To obtain this update, all you have to do is start LFS and click on "List of Games" and you will be given the option to download the update from various mirrors.

If you are new to LFS, you can get the full download from this website.

- LFS Devs

added mon, Jan. 29th, 2007 16:45
>MASTER SERVER has been moved - IP changed
This morning, the LFS master server (that allows you to obtain a list of games for example) has moved to another location. This means that its IP address has changed.

LFS versions U30 and above will automatically deal with this IP change, so you need not worry. If you are running an older version, please upgrade to version V.

You can find more information on this update thread on our forum.

added fri, Dec. 22nd, 2006 18:30
>LFS S2 Alpha, version V
Hello Racers!

We are pleased to announce a new, fully compatible version of Live for Speed S2 Alpha! It's now smoother than ever online, has improved sounds, an automatic updater, many other improvements and is compatible with more computers, including those running Windows Vista.

The automatic updater means this should be the last time you will need to manually install a Patch! :)

Click here for more information and the download links.

We hope you enjoy the new version, and we wish you a Happy Christmas!

- LFS Devs

added sat, Apr. 29th, 2006 18:15
>LFS S2 Alpha, version U
Hello LFS Racers!

We are very pleased with the reaction to the S and T patches. The improved physics and BMW Sauber car have proved to be very popular. :)

Community testing showed up a few issues to resolve. One week later, we now present version U, which has a lot of improvements and fixes, which you can read about here : Patch U forum thread

Click here to download the update or full version : Downloads page

Thanks to the LFS community for testing and comments. Have fun! :)

added fri, Apr. 21st, 2006 16:00
>LFS S2 Alpha, version T
Hello Racers!

We are pleased to announce the release of S2 ALPHA Version T :)

- the BMW Sauber F1.06
- tyre and aero physics improvements
- many other updates

There's not much more to say... download it... have fun! :)

added fri, Apr. 21st, 2006 13:40
>New dedicated host version T
Hello Hosters,

Here is the dedicated host for LFS version T, which we will release later today.

Download : Dedicated Host for LFS S2T

update tue, Apr. 18th, 2006 16:00
>Updated CMX Viewer
We've updated the CMX Viewer with the BMW Sauber car and an updated helmet, soon to be included in LFS S2 ALPHA. S2 licensed racers can start making their BF1 skins!
Read the included readme.txt for installation instructions.

Download the S2 CMX Viewer version S

update sat, Apr. 15th, 2006 18:30
>The April Update - meanwhile ...
Hello LFS Racers!

We are pleased to announce that there will be an important S2 update this month!

While we finish the patch, we will post some info and a picture or two about a new feature or update, each day.

The April Update page

added mon, Apr. 3rd, 2006 22:00
>New LFS World feature : SMS Alerts & Messages
>Small progress report
Hello Racers. We would like to announce a new feature at LFS World : SMS Alerts and SMS Messages!

You can now send text messages to other LFS racers, from LFS world or from inside LFS! You can also set SMS Alerts, to be informed of new hotlap world records or receive a message when one of your buddies goes online. We have given all S2 racers two free messages, for test purposes... so we recommend you go and enter your mobile phone number and try out an Alert or a Message. If you like it then you may wish to pre-pay for more messages (can be done on LFS World). They are all charged at £0.12 - both national and international.

See what it's all about in the LFS Alerts window and the LFS Messages window, at www.lfsworld.net

On the simulation side, things have been coming along well. Eric has recently worked some more on the Aston track, including graphical improvements, texture changes and a new configuration (or two). Scawen has worked on some aerodynamic improvements, most notably, the drag and downforce from wings work correctly depending on their real angle of motion, not just the user setting. A recent push on tyre physics has resulted in much better tyres which have improved the car handling and driving experience a lot. We have also been experimenting with another interesting feature as well... :)

updated mon, Feb. 13th, 2006 0:00
>Sim racing awards - 2005 was a good year for LFS
At the start of every year, AutoSimSport and Blackhole Motorsports ask the sim racing community to vote for their favorite (aspects of) sims and results are coming in.

We are proud to have been rewarded with so many awards this year:

-The AutoSimSport "Best simulation" award,
-The AutoSimSport "Sim racing personality of the year" went to Victor van Vlaardingen.
BHM Awards
The BH Motorsports awards are now over as well and we have been blessed with the following 3 awards :

-The BHM "Game of the year" award,
-The BHM "Best multiplayer" award,
-The BHM "Best physics" award.

Thank you all for your confidence and enthusiasm!

added sun, Nov. 27th, 2005 17:00
>Patch Q for Live for Speed S2 released
Hello Racers!

We've released a new compatible Patch Q - the first official patch for S2 Alpha.

New international keyboard support allows many more people to type correctly in their own language, and 5 new translations have been added. The new character sets include Cyrillic, Greek and Japanese Katakana! These can be typed naturally using the Windows keyboard support, and when online, can be seen correctly on other players' computers. There are also several other fixes and improvements, which are listed in the Patch Q thread on the LFS forum. It's a compatible patch, so it connects to old versions and all the hotlaps are still valid - there are no changes to the physics. Now that we have a solid, improved version, physics is next on the list for development.

Have fun! :)

Download now : Patch Q (upgrades version P to version Q)
To Install : download to LFS folder, right click, "extract to here"

added sun, Aug. 7th, 2005 20:00
>Patch P2 for Live for Speed S2 released
Hello Racers!

Here are a few updates for you in the first TEST patch of the S2 era.

It's fully compatible and we've been kind of on holiday so there are no huge changes.

The most important changes, for most people, are the new car filters to help you find the race you want, and a fix so that a tiny amount of suspension damage doesn't delay your pit stop. Click the link below to see the full list of updates.

NOTE : Fully compatible means that P2 guests can join a P host and vice versa. Also there are no physics changes, so existing hotlaps are still valid.

-Click here to read more about patch P2

-Click here to download Patch P2 (must have S2 installed)

added sat, Jun. 25th, 2005 20:00
>Live for Speed S2 has been released
Hello Racers!

The first full public version of S2 has now been released! :)

Live for Speed S2 0.5P ALPHA was released yesterday (Friday 24th June) and it has been going very well since then! We are very happy with the reactions from those people who were already waiting, quickly downloaded it and got straight in there online, around 900 racers were online at the same time at one point in the evening - a new record! And we were happy that the day went so smoothly, thanks to enough careful preparation and greatly helped by the many nice people who were able to lend us a lot of high speed download links. :) S2 ALPHA download page

The LFS World statistics site has a completely new look and has been very well received. Constructed in a familiar "desktop" style, including icons and pop-up windows, it looks great and is extremely easy and intuitive to use, just one or two clicks to find any information you want to look up. :)

Why we decided to release S2 in its "alpha" stage... recently we started to hold, more and more frequently, medium length races of 1 to 2 hours, with our beta testers, in a variety of racing classes. After sorting out various issues over several weeks, we began to really enjoy the races, and soon it became clear that the standard was high enough that the wider community would be able to get the benefit of all the new improvements.

In these longer races, it's very interesting planning your strategy, including your fuel load, choice of tyres and number of pit stops. Sometimes a racing incident involving damage, excessive tyre wear or a puncture forces you to think fast and quickly open up the F12 screen to change your strategy or settings before you turn into the pit lane. In every race we had, each beta tester arrived at the end of the race with his own unique story to tell. :)

Some more information about the new S2 ALPHA :

By "alpha", we mean that everything is in place but not necessarily 100% refined or complete. So nearly all features that will be in the future Final version of S2 are there already, but there will be updates to physics, car models, track scenery, and refinement of features, between the Alpha and Final releases.

You need an S2 license to unlock all the content, or an S1 license to unlock the updated S1 content. S2 users can benefit from the automatic in-game skin downloading. To help you make car skins, you should download the CMX Viewer which contains a small, fast car viewer program and a high-resolution blank template of the skin for every car. S2 users are now able to upload 20 personal car skins and helmet skins here: http://www.lfsworld.net/?win=skins (LFS World). Skin makers, please note that the RB4, LX4, LX6 and UFR models will be updated again before the Final version and this is likely to affect your skins.

S2 is not only about fuel usage and tyre changes on racing cars! :) The road cars are also a lot better than they were in S1, mainly due to the more complex tyre, differential and suspension simulations, and of course there are some new sports cars as well.

Thanks for reading. We are sure you will enjoy the S2 Public Alpha!

Gentlemen, start your engines! :)

Some S2 features :

Further developed physics and multiplayer systems
2 new single seater racing cars (not for the faint hearted)
3 GTR racing cars of around 500 bhp (keep your hair on)
2 front wheel drive racing saloon cars
2 sports cars, one rear and one mid engine
1 1000cc front wheel drive road car (where's that corner)
Kyoto Ring, Japan - with an Oval configuration
Westhill, England - a high speed track
Aston, England - long and short configurations
8 S1 cars with graphical and physical developments
3 updated S1 tracks (Blackwood, Fern Bay, South City)
New objects added to the S1 Autocross arena
Various types of suspension with realistic motion
Support for symmetric and asymmetric setups
Tyre wear, surface and and air temperatures
48 sampling spots per tyre allowing flat spots
Simulated and visible tyre deformation
Fuel usage, pit stops, speed limits and penalties
F12 Pit instructions system to change strategy
F11 Live settings : anti roll bar and brake balance
Yellow Flag and Blue Flag warning systems
Driver changing for time-based races e.g. 24 hour
And more...

added fri, Jun. 24th, 2005 15:00
>LFS S2 ALPHA 0.5P released

Hello racers!

I don't think today's topic requires further explanation. The first public S2 is there for you to download!

This S2 download will act like the S2 demo, for which no license is required. But if you want to be able to access the entire content of S2, you will need an S2 license. For more information see the 'Read before you buy' and 'Buy a license' pages.

You can download the S2 ALPHA 0.5P version from the special S2 download page which you've probably already met :)

Have fun!

added thu, Jun. 23rd, 2005 19:00
>Dedicated Host For S2 ALPHA 0.5P

Hello Hosts!

The dedicated host (DEDI) for tomorrow's version S2 ALPHA 0.5P, is ready for you to download, so you can get your host set up and running in advance of the release.

For anyone who isn't familiar with the DEDI - it's a small download specifically created to act as a host which does not run physics or graphics, so saving CPU power and is the best choice for running a permanent host. It is not the _only_ way to run a host though - you can still click "Start New Game" in S2, the normal way.

-Download the Dedicated Host For S2 ALPHA 0.5P

added fri, Jun. 17th, 2005 14:00
>Announcing Public S2 Release
>Updated CMX Viewer
>South City visited by Eric Bailey
>New screenshots

Hello racers, yes you read that correctly - we are announcing the release date for the first PUBLIC S2 RELEASE! Want to know when? Read the S2 Announcement page for all the details.

Additionally we have updated the S2 CMX viewer, which you can download from the Additional Downloads page.

Also we have posted 35 new screenshots of mostly an updated South City. We like this track a lot (again) and South City is prepared for the future.

All in all a lot of news for you there this time :) We are looking forward to the 24th and we hope you are too :)

added thu, Jun. 2nd, 2005 17:00
>Progress report
>The LX8 traded for the UF GTR
>New screenshots

Hi everyone,

Here's a bit of news from us, informing you that we have had a small change of plans, trading the LX8 for the UF GTR. For the reason why and for more information on the progress of S2, you can read the June progress report.

Additionally we have uploaded several new screenshots of the updated track Kyoto Ring. You can find them in the screenshots section.

added sat, Apr. 30th, 2005 14:45
>Updated DEMO ALPHA - New Patch and Full Demo : 0.5L

Hello Racers! We have a new update for you, with various fixes and improvements including a new kind of differential which helps you to get the power down to the ground more effectively.

Read more about it on the LFS forum : Patch 0.5L information

The patch and a new full version can be found on the S2 demo download page.

added tue, Apr. 5th, 2005 22:30
>S2 Demo ALPHA released

Hello everyone. A nice surprise is waiting for you - we have uploaded an S2 Demo ALPHA for you to try out and test and give feedback about :)
You can find all the details about the S2 Demo on the S2 demo download page.

Have fun and report back to us on the forum!

added wed, Mar. 2nd, 2005 22:00
>S2 development continues
>An additional Blackwood movie

S2 development continues... in the last few days, Scawen has implemented the compressed textures system and worked on increasing the frame rate when 20 players are online. Eric has been finishing the Blackwood track and done some work on the drivers and animations. Victor has been preparing LFS World bit by bit to accomodate the S2 release. The hotlappers will be specially pleased with the new hotlap pages, which contain all new hotlap ranks and much more detailed charts and hotlap statistics.

For your entertainment in the meantime we've uploaded an additional Blackwood movie which shows some racing with the new GTR cars.

Enjoy :)

added thu, Feb. 3rd, 2005 3:00
>Screenshots of the rebuilt Blackwood racetrack
>UPDATE - movie of the XF GTR doing two laps on Blackwood

As you may have heard already, Eric has been rebuilding the famous Blackwood racetrack, to bring it up to scratch with the other tracks. The result, if I may be so bold to say myself, was definitely worth it. You're going to love this track (again) :)

You can have a first peek at the rebuilt Blackwood racetrack in the screenshots section. Enjoy!

You can now also download a movie of the XF GTR doing two laps on Blackwood.

added sun, Jan. 23rd, 2005 13:00
>Another S2 CMX Viewer update (Version D3)

More improvements to the S2 car meshes. The most important change is the rear wing mappings of the XF cars. The top and bottom surfaces can now be coloured separately. Most XF skins will need to be updated. The Formula and GTR cars have some very small adjustments to the wing mappings so they are more accurate, but most skins will not need updating. One new feature - the roll cages of the GTR cars are now mapped to the skin so you can set their colour. More details can be found in the readme file included in the patch.

-S2 CMX Viewer D3 (22 MB)
-OR upgrade from Version D to D3 (4 MB)

The full version now includes some new mapping information files which show clearly how the skin is mapped to the 3d model.

-Mapping Information Files Only (1 MB)

added sat, Jan. 15th, 2005 20:00
>CMX Viewer update
>Progress report

S2 CMX Viewer update

First, here's an update for the S2 CMX Viewer. The missing cars have not yet been added, as Eric has been working full-time on rebuilding the Blackwood track. The Viewer now shows darkened windows and lighting much closer to the way they appear in the game. The XF rear wings were incorrectly mapped, so it's a good idea to give you the update now, for those who are working on S2 skins. There are various other small detail fixes and improvements in the car models, not related to the actual skins.

-Download the CMX Viewer update

S2 progress report

We have also posted a progress report here, giving you a little insight in what's been going on in LFS development the past month. Click the link below to read the report.

-Read the progress report

added fri, Dec. 24th, 2004 23:45
>Happy holidays with a S2 video clip and new screenshots

Hello everyone,

We have a tiny xmas gift for you in the shape of a video of S2 and a bunch of new screenshots.
We hope you like them and spend the holidays with a smile on your face ;)

-Download the S2 video clip
-New screenshots

Merry christmas and a happy new year!

added fri, Dec. 17th, 2004 18:45
>Goodies @ Driver's Emporium

Driver's Emporium, the place where you can buy LFS goodies, is now open again. After a long break after some initial problems, dE is now up an running again, with new business associates for sales and production.
Visit Driver's Emporium
RSC has set up a temporary forum where you can discuss Driver's Emporium.
Visit the temporary dE forums

added sat, Dec. 4th, 2004 12:00
>S2 Progress
>S2 CMX Viewer
S2 Progress

First the news... S2 has reached Alpha stage! This means that all the main features are in place but a lot of things still need improvements, tweaking, balancing and so on. Our testers are on the case finding and reporting all the bugs and issues for us to fix and improve.

S2 is a very big step up from S1 and we feel there is still quite a lot of work to be done to get it up to standard. So we're still not able to give a release date, but it has gradually become clear that S2 final won't be ready this year.

S2 CMX Viewer

Most of the cars are finished on the outside (though some cars will get more internal changes). That means we can now give you a new CMX Viewer with the new cars. A lot of people will want to start making skins.

We have improved the way the mappings work, so the side mappings have exactly the same length as the top mappings, and the front mappings have exactly the same width as the top mappings. This makes it easy to make the side and top mappings connect nicely.

The RB4 and the LX cars are still to be updated so they have been excluded from this version.

We think you will like the look of the new cars! :)

CMX Viewer Download

Download the S2 CMX Viewer

added sat, Nov. 24th, 2004 21:00
>Important note for ALL registered users
It is VERY important that you do not lose your LFS login details, so write them down on a piece of paper (indeed, not on your computer, because it can break) and put it with your other important documents. You can now also make use of the special 'print important details' page which will send all most important information to your printer, for you to never lose your login details again :)
There are increasingly more people who lose their login details, with the result that they have to prove who they are, because there is simply no way for me to check if someone really is who he says he is, just by an email. This can lead to unnecessary waste of time or even aggravation when an identity can not be proven, thus losing access to the account.

It would make me (and you as well in the end) a happy man if you wrote it down for future reference and save yourself and us unnecessary work.

added tue, nov. 2nd, 2004 21:00
>liveforspeed.net gets a new look
>New FXO brothers revealed
Hello everyone and welcome to our revamped website. It's designed to be a lot easier to browse and suit your needs. And it just looks better than the previous site as well :)

Also, and that wasn't hard to miss, we have created some screenshots of the new FXO Turbo and FXO GTR. See the screenshots section and contents section for all pictures.

We currently also have a special $30 discount offer on the TrackIR 3 Pro for all s1 and s2 licensed racers. If you are interested in buying one with the discount, you should go to your license status page where you'll find a link leading to a special trackIR discount page.

Have fun and have a look around :)

added fri, oct. 8th, 2004 20:00
>Patch H for S1
>Small progress report
>New screenshots
- A new cheat protection system
- Improved online stability
- Skid marks! :)

For more information about the patch, you can read about the updates in the readme file or visit our forum at racesimcentral.

Also there is a small progress report available, along with a bunch of new screenshots of 3 new cars which you can find in the screenshots section.

Patch downloads:
Download : Patch H (1MB for most people - version G must be already installed)

Download : Patch H (3MB for people who didn't already have the old version G)

Download : Dedicated Host H (for hosts only)

added mon, 23rd August 2004 3.00
>S2 showcase at Games Convention 2004
Last weekend at the annual Games Convention, held in Leipzig - Germany, S2 was being showcased at the ATI stand. Many people got to see and feel how LFS S2 is taking shape and discovered a nice new feature: LFS S2 will include physical damage!

If you want to see pictures and movies from the showcase or want to give comments, visit either one of these pages on our forum:

All movies and screenshots of S2 @ GC

Comments thread on our forum


added mon, 9th August 2004 5.00
>New LADDER competition on LFS World!
Hello everyone,

You may have seen the ladder test hosts online lately and well, the system we've been working on is now finished and ready to be completely introduced to you!

The ladder in a nutshell can be explained as:
The ladder is an easy to use and effective competition.
To take part, you just race on one of the ladder hosts to get (or lose) points, from which we make up the chart you can see at LFS World.

The way the ladder works is explained in detail on the ladder page at LFS World here and here.

We hope you will like this form of competition and hope you'll make good use of it :)

added sat, 17th July 2004 18.00
>LFS S1 Anniversary Progress Report
It's one year since S1 was released and it's been a great year for us. We want to thank the LFS community for making it happen - LFS wouldn't be what it is today without your great support!

Read more   -   See more

added mon, 28th June 2004 23:30
>Boomtown Reviews S2 Pre-Alpha
boomtowniconWe visited Boomtown in Denmark two weeks ago and brought a pre alpha version of S2 along with us. A meeting at a Boomtown netcafé was a good opportunity to get some first impressions from the community.
Read the whole story at Boomtown.

added sun, 27th June 2004 23:15
>Important note for ALL registered users
It is VERY important that you do not lose your LFS login details, so write them down on a piece of paper (indeed, not on your computer, because it can break) and put it with your other important documents.
There are increasingly more people who lose their login details, with the result that they have to prove who they are, because there is simply no way for me to check if someone really is who he says he is, just by an email. This can lead to unnecessary waste of time or even aggravation when an identity can not be proven, thus losing access to the account.

It would make me (and you as well in the end) a happy man if you wrote it down for future reference and save yourself and us unnecessary work.

added mon, april 5th, 2004 21:45
>New LFS World
Hello everyone,

Because LFS World on this website was getting a bit cramped due to lack of space, we've decided to make a whole new website for it.
Either click the 'LFS World' link bottom left of this website or add www.lfsworld.net to your bookmarks :)

Enjoy the new site!

added wed, mar. 17th, 2004 19:10
>Progress screenshots

Hi racers,

We haven't got a full progress report at this time, but there are 15 new screenshots available in the screenshots section, that basically say all :)

added fri, mar. 4th, 2004 14:30
>LFS on tv!
Last thursday night, GIGA games, a German department of NBC broadcasting, interviewed the known LFS racer Vykos69. He demonstrated Live for Speed, showing off the possibilities, explained more about the community and did some live online racing.
(LFS outtakes of the show are now available at the Ocrana website)

added tue, mar. 2nd, 2004 01:00
>Patch F is ready!
After a series of test patches during a long period of community testing, patch F is finally here. Higher frame rates, changes to keyboard steering, personal best lap notification while racing, and more. Here is a special page which lists and explains all the changes. :)

PATCH F Information Page and Download Links

added fri, feb. 27th, 2004 17:00
>Test patch E12 and E12 dedicated host
Intended as a really final test before patch F is released, here is a special page all about the new E12 version! :)

PATCH E12 Information Page and Download Links

added sat, feb. 21st, 2004 01:20
>New Keyboard Steering Explanation
Some keyboard drivers have been asking why the keyboard steering has been made less easy in recent versions of LFS S1. Click here to read the full explanation

added fri, feb. 20th, 2004 01:00
>Test patch E10 and E10 dedicated host
Intended as a final test before patch F is released, here are the links for the E10 version. For more information, you can read about the updates in the readme file or visit our forum at racesimcentral.

Download : Patch E10

Download : Special Dedicated Host E10 (for hosts only)

added sat, jan. 31st, 2004 19:00
>S2 Progress Report
Last day of january, as promised, here is the S2 progress report. A separate page this time, so click here to read the report.

added tue, jan. 27th, 2004 22:30
>CMX Viewer available
A small viewer program which can help with skinning.

Read the included readme.txt for installation instructions.

You can download the viewer from the Addons page

added sun, dec. 21st, 2003 20:45
>MRT5 benchmarks have been set
The MRT5 benchmarks have been set, as those of you with mrt5 hotlaps will be able to notice by the improved handicaps all of a sudden :)

added fri, dec. 19th, 2003 11:45
>Interview with Eric Bailey
This time Eric Bailey, our graphical artist and track and car designer, has been asked a few questions by the people at Boomtown. Eric explains more about Live for Speed from his point of view and has made some new screenshots of a forthcoming S2 track.

You can read the interview here.

Happy reading!

added mon, dec. 15th, 2003 01:30
>Patch E (For S1 and Demo)
After extensive testing by the community, official patch E is now ready, including the new (very popular) MRT5 single seater racing car. You can read a little more about it just below, in the previous news update, and there's a lot of information and discussions about it at our official forum (click the link on the left of this screen).

Download : Patch S1E
(not compatible online with previous versions)

Download : Special Dedicated Host S1E
(special hosting program)

added thu, dec. 11th, 2003 01:30
>Test patch D15 (Now D16)
We have added a new car to a special Christmas version of S1!
It's called the MRT5 and is our first real car in LFS - thanks to McGill Racing Team!
S1 racers can try it out in Test Patch D15 (Now D16) and soon we will release official patch E.

Download : Test Patch D16
(not compatible online with previous versions)

Download : Special Dedicated Host D15
(special hosting program)

added sat, nov. 22nd, 2003 00:30
>Added security
The site has been made more secure for your protection. This requires you to login again though, but after that, you won't notice anything different if everything works as planned. Please report any problems to the known address.

If you have forgotten or lost your password somehow, you can retrieve it using the link on the login page called 'Forgot your password?'

Have a nice day.

added sat, nov. 22nd, 2003 00:30
>Interview with one of the developers
BigBen, one of the RaceSimCentral writers, has interviewed Victor van Vlaardingen -one of the LFS developers- and dug deeper into the roots and thoughts of Live for Speed, accompanied by several unique screenshots of a very early development stage.

If you are interested in reading more about what makes LFS tick, you should definitely read this interview at www.racesimcentral.com.

added fri, oct. 31st, 2003 16:20
>Patch D released!
After a series of test patches which were very well tested by the community, official patch D for S1 is now available. It contains a lot of fixes and improvements and you can see information about that on the patch D thread in our forum at racesimcentral, or by having a look at the README.txt file included in the download. Most notably, 16 player racing online is now possible.

Download : Patch D (compatible with all S1 versions)

Download : Special Dedicated Host D (for hosts only)

added wed, oct. 15th, 2003 22:00
>Vouchers for sale
From now on LFS S1 vouchers can be purchased here on the website. Would you like to give S1 as a gift to someone? Send a gift voucher! Or maybe you buy LFS for others often? You can buy several vouchers at once so you can easily mail these when the next person comes along.

For more information, or to buy a voucher, see the Buy Online pages.

added fri, oct. 10th, 2003 20:00
>Test patch B8 - 16 players!
You can now download a new test patch which can have up to 16 players online in S1. Hosts need to have a very good upload capability, 512 kbit is the minimum. After some good initial tests, we are now putting a link here to the test patch.

Download : Test Patch B8 (compatible with all S1 versions)

Download : Special Dedicated Host B7 (for hosts only)

added mon, oct. 6th, 2003 20.15
>Registration emails working again
There was a problem with verification emails being sent when registering on our site during the last week and a half. This has finally been solved and registration is open for everyone again.

added mon, sep. 29th, 2003 0.00
>Change in unlock key system
Hi (future) S1 licensees.

From now on we will automatically reduce everyone's key count every first of the month, down to a minimum of 1 key used. This way you can change anything about your computer each month, and still have keys available. Emailing us for additional keys should no longer be necessary.
We've upgraded the license agreement, where the new key system is included now.

LFS Team

added thu, sep. 25th, 2003 15.00
>Patch B for S1

Hello Racers - A new patch B has been released!
It's fully compatible with S1A and has several fixes and improvements.

Direct download

The most important changes are :
- The glitch when another racer leaves the pits has been very much reduced.
- LFS is now translatable! Patch B comes with German, French and Portuguese.

Here's the full list of changes :

cars joining race - delay texture load to avoid glitch
faster track generation after first load of each track
list of games shows allowed cars and host settings
translation system - see readme.txt for more info
simple car draw headlights improved by removing glass
right-click now moves race laps or qualify mins by 10
version and copyright message now shown on entry screen
small improvements to dynamic lod system improving fps
qualifying : restart uses default system after a race
show names (N keypress) setting is stored on exit
game control keys now not affected by caps lock
quick key to skip current tune : SHIFT+K
font : updated and added some characters
misc option : dynamic LOD reduction switch
misc option : skip intro and exit screen
FIX : South City walls lacking HLVC check
FIX : hotlapping error (early start + limited laps)
FIX : MPR - races appearing as qualifying or practice
FIX : exhaust going to wrong side on left-drive car
FIX : non-ded host had to select at least one demo car
FIX : locked demo crashed loading replay with S1 track
FIX : editor buttons vanishing with too many objects
FIX : could not connect to a demo host with password
FIX : shifter could select higher gear than allowed
FIX : "host is loading track" bug - host repairs itself
FIX : special dedicated host can now support autocross

Enjoy! :)

added tue, sept. 23rd, 2003 15.00
>Live for Speed on ESL TV!
ESL TV is a 500 k/bit Internet tv show that presents you the best entertainment in the eSport scene. Tonight we will show you one of the games played in the ESL Pro Series, the supreme discipline in the Electronic Sports League the biggest online-league in europe. The best drivers in germany are going to start on South City 4 and will try to get a step closer to the with 80.000 € endowed Finals on the 12th of decembre.

The show will start at 20:15 pm (CET). with an interview with the head of the grid, Limiter.
The race is going to start at 20:10 pm with a sprintrace and a main race over 15 laps.

To watch the show you have to be a Premium Member of the Electronic Sports League. Have fun with the show.

added mon, aug. 18th, 2003 1.00
>Hotlap Benchmarks
Hi hotlappers!

The South City benchmarks have now been set, so check out your new handicaps. Fern Bay benchmarks will most likely be set next sunday night as many people already uploaded their replays for it.

Have fun!

added fri, aug. 15th, 2003 4.15
>Website updates
Hello everyone!

Some new features have been added to the site lately. You can now view yours and other racers online racing history in LFS World and as of today a private message system is available.
This system allows you to send and receive messages via this site. You'll receive a notification of it in your normal mailbox.
If you rather have noone sending you messages, you can turn it off in Your Profile (Racercheckpoint, this is where the Message Center is as well).


added tue, jul. 29th, 2003 22.20
>LFS World!
Hello Racers!

LFS World for S1 is up and running, continually gathering race statistics while you are online

Click the LFS World button on the left, to :

  • View your best online lap times
  • Compare with other racers
  • See the hosts that are running
  • Search for other racers online

  • added sun, jul. 20th, 2003 2.45
    >New hotlap charts!
    Hi hotlappers!

    The new S1 version hotlap charts are now open!

    Please note : Only S1 and S1 demo hotlaps are now accepted, and this meant that the old tables had to be cleared. If you had already uploaded S1 hotlaps between Friday and Sunday, please re-upload them.

    Also new benchmarks have to be set. And yes, for 168 laps!

    There will be 3 stages for setting benches. First stage will be South City, then Fern Bay and last Blackwood. Each stage will last for two weeks. After every period, the benchmarks for a track will be set.

    So in two weeks from now, South City benchmarks will be set. Two weeks later Fern Bay and last Blackwood, again two weeks later.

    Have fun lapping!

    added thur, jul. 17th, 2003 23.45
    >S1 is out!

    Hello racers!

    LFS S1 is out!

    LFS S1 download page
    (get your key at racercheckpoint->status)

    Have fun!

    Scawen Roberts
    Eric Bailey
    Victor van Vlaardingen

    added wed, jun. 25th, 2003 23.45
    >Release date and new car announcement!
    Hello Racers!

    This time we have a very nice update for you - we are now able to give you a release date with reasonable accuracy! And on top of that, we will also announce the long awaited "6th car", the LX6!
    Concerning the release, we have decided on a three week plan :
    This week - finalising to a first full version
    ---> Alpha
    Next week - testing / bug fixing / minor improvements
    ---> Beta
    Final week - thorough testing - no development allowed
    ---> Release
    Live for Speed S1 should then be released during the week starting Mon 14 July.
    The LX6 : We've added some new screenshots on our site, including some of the new LX6 - the quickest car in the S1 release. Being a lightweight car with a powerful engine, the LX6 has great acceleration and quick steering, resulting in having superior laptimes compared with all the other cars available. We must point out that although we originally said that a more powerful rwd car would be included, at that time we weren't exactly sure which kind of car it would be. When we had decided on the LX6, we changed that text to "a quicker rwd car", because in fact the LX6 has less absolute power than the turbo car, but is faster in all situations on the the track.

    It's really fun to drive, and takes some concentration to handle! :)

    Make sure you visit the screenshots section for many new screenshots! We look forward to getting S1 finished very soon! :)

    LFS Devs.

    added wed, jun. 25th, 2003 14.30
    >Patch F
    Hello racers - our master server's ISP has confirmed that the new IP address is now FIXED. Here's a new patch with the primary master server IP correctly entered.

    Direct download

    There's one new feature :
    Last checkpoint time differences are displayed on the position list.

    added fri, jun. 13th, 2003 18.30
    >LFS Progress Report
    Hello Racers, it's again time to let you know how we're doing!

    The success and lack of major bugs in the E4 patch has allowed me to avoid bug-fixing and so I've been working with Victor all week on the new unlocking system. It's going well and I'm now onto the parts which are inside LFS and will store the cars and tracks in a secure way. It's quite hard to design but I'm making progress, and now the methods to use and how it fits together are quite clear.

    Here is a screen shot of five of the cars from the S1 release including the demo test cars. There's one car model we aren't showing just yet although it is in final testing stage.

    Eric has been updating the South City track and found some areas that he decided needed more or better scenery and he's added a new pit lane as well. He's nearly finished with that so it's looking better and more polished, which allows him to move onto finishing the Drag Strip, which is his biggest task left.

    So... all in all we are getting closer! We're still not able to give a release date - polishing and finishing is a strange thing where there's always a bit more to do than you expected. Anyway, it's not long until we enter a final testing stage, which will be very thorough, because S1 must go out as a high quality product.

    Some new screenshots can be seen in the screenshots section.

    Thanks for your support and being patient with us as you wait for S1!

    added fri, jun. 6th, 2003 21.30
    >Test Patch E4
    Hello again Racers!

    Here's a new test patch E4.

    Direct download

    A new "game option" allows 4 ways to restart races - (fixed / race finishing order / reverse finishing order / random). Default is "race finishing order". "Fixed" is just like the old versions.

    Importantly compared with E1 there is one guest crash fix (joining a host with wrong map selected) and one host crash fix (crashing usually after a few days).

    This patch is not compatible with E1 on multiplayer, but replays are compatible.

    Here is the full list of changes :

  • restart option : fixed / finish order / reverse / random
  • disabled joining race with same name as another driver
  • default number of laps in a race changed from 3 to 5
  • command line startup - host name truncated to 31 chars
  • motion simulator support with UDP packet - see readme.txt
  • non-HLVC SPR now includes real driver's best lap time
  • FIX : host crash that usually appeared after a few days
  • FIX : crash when entering host with different track
  • FIX : brake objects vanishing when selecting a colour
  • FIX : now impossible to change brake help during a replay
  • FIX : illegal characters now excluded from filenames
  • FIX : MPR file spec error [total / best times swapped]
  • FIX : SHIFT+U mode now disabled during intro replay
  • FIX : RAF output - config name includes REV if reversed

  • Have fun! Good luck!

    added sun, jun. 1st, 2003 22.00
    >Test Patch E1
    Hello Racers!

    Announcing patch E1. (was test version, has become official patch)

    There are various improvements including a new single player replay file known as SPR. Check the list below for fixes and improvements. The new automated hotlap tables are now open and you can submit your hotlaps on the website www.liveforspeed.net in the Top Performances section! Victor has already set up a handicap and rank system. This has been excluded from the site at this moment, because we would like YOU to set the benchmark times for that system. In seven days from now, the fastest lap from each table will be taken and used as the benchmark.

    Direct Patch E1 download link

    List of changes in patch E1 :
    • Z buffer improvement
    • improved smoothness of user camera
    • new long single player replay 'SPR'
    • file header changes to SPR and MPR replays
    • show overall times [relative / absolute]
    • guest.txt file added see readme file
    • suspension : added wheel bumpstops
    • chat disabled during replays and F2 / F3 don't need SHIFT
    • engine rotation directions set to normal for a road car
    • view option : central view Y and Z offset [forward / down]
    • pits / garage : suspension motion range is displayed
    • pits / garage : user can set individual gear ratios
    • FIX : join at same time - one racer getting another's car
    • FIX : untextured surfaces too dark when using 2X textures
    • FIX : text vanishing when backspace key is pressed
    • FIX : SHIFT / CTRL / ALT keys lift when window loses focus
    • FIX : controller inputs hold value when window loses focus
    • FIX : list of games now displays correct "can join" number
    • FIX : widescreen effect extra pixels at top of screen
    • FIX : faster host reconnect after unusual master error

    Have fun!

    LFS Devs.

    added fri, may. 30th, 2003 6:30
    >Progress Report
    Hello Racers!

    Just a little info about how things are going - patch 0.2E is very nearly ready with the new replay files and some fixes and improvements. We plan to release a test patch E1 in the next couple of days. With this patch, the new automated Blackwood hotlap tables will be opened!

    As usual, things have taken a little longer than we hoped, but the results are good. :) We are arranging the new fixed ip connection for the master server which will hopefully be installed very soon. Eric has finished all cars except some texturing on the last car. Then he has a few holes to fill on South City, because Fern Bay is finished now. With the release of this patch I am free to do the final code needed for S1 - the authentication and unlocking systems.

    We have put up some more screenshots of the new RB4 which is of course part of the S1 release - see them in the screenshots section on our site.

    Thanks for being patient with us with the S1 release, it's getting closer! :)

    added mon, may. 19th, 2003 3:30
    >Thanks to the community + announcing group payments
    The LFS team would like to say thank you very much to the community for all your support ever since the start, all the testing, feedback, spreading the word and more.

    And special thanks right now to those people who have already pre-ordered the S1 release and some who have even donated more than that! :) We received a good lot of pre-order payments in the first weekend and week, considering there is nothing to get for your money just yet. It has been a really great test for the payment system and has kept Victor busy!

    He has now completed a group payment system which allows people to form payment groups, so that one person can pay for a number of people in his or her country, with a single payment. This may be helpful for some people who don't have a credit card but can arrange to pay via a person ("initiator") in their own country. If you want to start or join a group payment, please visit the buy online section at www.liveforspeed.net where there is more information.

    We are sure you will like the S1 release a lot. We want to say a little more about it to satisfy some curiosity. The South City track contains 4 reversible road configurations and the Fern Bay track contains 4 reversible road configurations and 2 reversible rallycross configurations, so a total of 20 new courses in all. There's a new faster front wheel drive car and a new 4 wheel drive car and a quicker rear wheel drive as well to raise your pulse a little... :)
    We'll keep you informed on what we're doing but as you know we can't give actual time estimates!

    Monday 19th May : I'm nearly finished with some needed improvements to the single player replays so that they are of unlimited length and now allow me to improve the AI drivers at any time without invalidating old videos, they are a new replay type called SPR and replace the old GST replays, extra-important now for the two long track configurations that will be in the S1 release. There are some minor improvements to make to the car files as well then this week I'll be doing the licensed racer authentication system. This will be followed by the coding of the track and car unlocking system. Eric is finishing a car interior and has some texturing left to do on another car, some other car adjustments and filling a few remaining holes in the tracks. Finally we will give it some thorough testing and making sure the default setups are quite driveable and fixing some final bugs before release. We ask you to be patient with us on that as we mustn't rush anything, remember we probably want it out even more than you do!! :) We will let you know what's left to do as we get closer to the release. Allow extra time for difficulties that emerge on the way and our inevitable temptation to add a few new features. There will be an E patch released during these final stages.

    Thanks again for all your support.

    LFS Team

    added sat, may. 10th, 2003 6:30
    >LFS Release Plan - S1 / PRE ordering
    Hello Live for Speed Racers!
    We now have a new and updated release plan for the first release called: Live for Speed S1 which is coming soon.

    It is now possible to pay for S1 in advance of its release (PRE order)
    Information is available on Buy Online section and read all about it!

    LFS Team

    added sat, may. 10th, 2003 6:30
    >Patch 0.2D4 TEST Patch
    An improved D4 patch is available. It has been tested quite thoroughly today by forum members and has proven to be much better than the original D1/2/3 patches.
    However, this patch may still contain certain bugs. It is therefore still not an official one, but a test-patch.

    Direct download link

    The official patch C is still on the download page.

    added thu, may. 8th, 2003 8:30
    >Added GST and MPR header formats
    You can find them in 'Tools and add-ons -> For coders'. Useful for leagues and charts to obtain all information and results from replays.

    added wed, may. 7th, 2003 0:00
    >Patch 0.2D3 TEST Patch
    An improved D3 patch is available. It has been tested quite thoroughly today by forum members and has proven to be much better than the original D and D2 patches.
    However, this patch may still contain certain bugs. It is therefore still not an official one, but a test-patch.

    Direct download link

    The official patch C is still on the download page.

    added wed, Apr. 2nd, 2003 16:10
    >Patch 0.2C
    Hello racers!

    Patch C is now available. It uses UDP packets for the car position updates which should hopefully reduce the lag due to less uploading and hopefully reduces in-game ping as well.

    For hosts, on the Start New Game screen there is an upload bandwidth calculation system which should help avoid lag as well. Hosts must also open the UDP port as well as TCP. Dedicated hosts will need to update their command lines.

    Changes in patch C :
    • UDP instead of TCP for multiplayer car position update packets
    • Lag and host overload reduced by UDP and packet rate limitation
    • More host options, number of guests separate from number of cars in race
    • Upload bandwidth calculation system - warns if host settings too high
    • Command line parameters for new host options + maxconns is now maxguests
    • Small change to renamed host output file, now has "guests" not "conns"
    • List of Games : stays in memory until refreshed
    • List of Games : shows track, e.g. BW-2R is Blackwood Rallycross reversed
    • List of Games : Host improvement to reduce "no reply" results
    • FIX : Simple car reflected mesh for left hand side drivers
    • FIX : wheelspin smoke increased
    • FIX : dedicated host crash when guests changed weather
    • FIX : "vote" command line parameter + added "select" parameter
    • FIX : for host crash when using Network Debug

    Direct download

    Good luck, have fun!

    (0.2B has had a very short lifespan as a bug was encountered which required a quick fix)

    added sat, Mar. 22nd, 2003 02:30
    > Live for Speed v0.2 is now available
    Announcing the long awaited Demo Test 0.2 !!!

    Download page at www.liveforspeed.net

    We hope you like it! :)

    It has a lot of changes since 0.1, including:

    improved tyre physics
    car skin support
    clutch and shifter support
    skid pad
    multiple hosts on one pc (specify port)
    more... see inside :)

    We didn't finish everything that we hoped to get in for this version but we think we did most of it and more things that came up along the way...

    Thank you for your patience with our inability to meet release date estimates!

    Have fun!

    LFS Team

    added tue, Mar. 11th, 2003 01:30
    > Logo competition winner!
    Nicolas Grignon
    This logo by Nicolas Grignon was chosen by us to be the future logo for Live for Speed. It's got speed, fun, is easily adaptable and was just what we needed. Thanks Nicolas! You'll be receiving all the releases up to full version 1 for free!
    The logo will appear soon on the website and in v0.2.

    There were many great logo's sent in by you all and we really appreciated the amount of logo's that came in. We feel like we have a great community going - many thanks to you all!
    We hope you will soon enjoy the updated demo, v0.2. It might take another 10 days unfortunately, but we promise, it will be worth the wait! Another fortunate thought is that our first full release will not be greatly delayed. Many things done for v0.2 now were also planned for the first release and it remains planned for around the end of march.

    Keep up the spirit!

    added thu, Mar. 6th, 2003 19:30
    > Leagues
    Did you know there are some leagues being run? Returning events for racing and drifting are being organised in which you can take part and compete or show off your driving capabilities.

    The Original LFS League: Weekly racing to battle your way up the ranks
    Initial-D Xtreme / LFS Drifting Battles: A new event for those who prefer to take turns sideways.

    If you feel like you need a challenge you should certainly check these out.

    added tue, Mar. 4th, 2003 04:00
    > Patch 0.1W
    Hello racers, a new compatible patch 0.1W is available.

    I saw a master server error on Sunday and in fact all LFS versions since the beginning have not been able to view a list of games if there were more than 32 hosts. So this patch was needed. I put in some improvements from the dev version as well. Here's the list of changes, most notably the multiplayer distant cars fps speedup option (on by default) and exact remote player lap times.

    FIX : Guest could not receive more than 32 games from master
    FIX : Crash when using settings with long names
    FIX : Warning if music file name is too long
    View Option : Multiplayer FPS improvement (no update distant cars)
    View Option : Multiplayer car draw distance
    Remote player lap times are now exact (all need new version)
    Lagged cars vanish instead of going off madly
    SHIFT + M : Mirror on / off
    Single player input update rate improved
    Mirror FOV fixed at 60 degrees

    (0.2 is still coming along - progress is good with new features still being added but i must estimate it's still at least a week away).


    added tue, Feb. 25th, 2003 18:00
    > Voting is over
    added mon, Feb. 24th, 2003 10:00
    > Last logo voting day!
    Today, Monday 24th, is the last day you can vote for your favourite logo's. Check out your voting card one last time to see if you are satisfied with your top5.

    After today, the voting pages will be closed. The 20 best logo's will be published on this site on Tuesday 25th.

    added wed, Feb. 19th, 2003 7:00
    > New patch T
    Here's another fully compatible patch for 0.1.

    This was quick patch made to support mouse look or look devices that can work as a mouse (right mouse button sets to center), and also to fix the bug where a wrecker using a corrupted setup could cause a crash on non-dedicated hosts or guests.
    • View Option : Mouse look support (alternative to view with steer)
    • Minor sound improvement
    • Minor keyboard steer improvement at low speed
    • Avoid crash when remote player uses corrupted setup

    added tue, Feb. 18th, 2003 0:00
    > Logo competition: Submitting ends - Start the voting
    EDIT - As of today, Tuesday 18th February, we shall no longer accept any logo's.

    Furthermore, many people already have submitted their designs and the list of logo's on the site has grown rapidly and quite big too. Thanks for all of them!
    Now it's your turn once again - Choose the logo's you think are the best.

    added mon, Feb. 10th, 2003 03:00
    > New movie: City, a preview
    Screenshots can tell you some things, but a movie tells you more. We have recorded a one lap race on a short config of the city track for you. Download it from our moviepage located in the screenshots area.

    added wed, Feb. 5th, 2003 08:00
    > New Master server IP (2) / Patch Q
    Scawen: "Here's another fully compatible patch for 0.1.

    The master server IP change (which we had no control over) meant i needed to make a new full version with the new ip addresses, to make it easy for new players downloading the full version. So i took this opportunity to fix the mirror LOD bug and while i was at it i copied over a few more minor improvements from the dev version
    • Can select primary or secondary master server
    • Small fps improvements
    • Smaller in-game text and map
    • Misc Option : Drop shadows on text
    • FIX : Mirror LOD bug
    • FIX : Player leaving cancels system votes
    You can directly download the patch here.
    See the download page for the full-demo version if you don't have it yet.

    There are no physics or multiplayer changes, as usual for a 0.1 patch.

    Have fun!

    added tue, Feb. 4th, 2003 16:05
    Unfortunately the IP address of our main master server had to change.
    It is currently Please enter this IP address in the appropriate box in the multiplayer connection screen.
    The old one does not exist anymore!

    added tue, Feb. 4th, 2003 3:15
    > Voting card
    Registered users can now make use of their voting card on the competitions->logo entries page once logged in. Easily select your personal top5 and start preselecting for the final voting.

    added Sun, Feb. 2nd, 2003 8:45
    > New screenshots added
    See the screenshots link!

    added thur, Jan. 30th, 2003 19:00
    > New Patch 0.1P
    Patch v0.1P now available.

    Words from Scawen:
    "As you know i've been working on the 0.2 version for the last 2 months but during that time, i came across these minor improvements that can have quite a noticeable effect on the frame rate so today i just quickly worked these fixes into my special patch backup of the 0.1 version."

    - Misc Option : Vertical Sync (good way to repair controller lag - much better than Screen Lock)
    - FIX : Sound bug - caused small hangs each time a car got close (was bad at first hairpin BW)
    - FIX : Unnecessary access to all objects every frame reduced FPS (permanent small FPS improvement)


    added thur, Jan. 30th, 2003 19:00
    > Release Date Adjustments / Logo Competition Info
    Hello LFS Racers. Things are going well and we have now been able to do some driving on the new city track which is very close to finished and is a lot of fun to drive. The other new track is mainly done as well and the cars are in various stages of completion between 50% and 100%.
    As for the programming side, a long list of improvements has been done already but there's still a good lot to be done on the tyre physics and the multiplayer side as well (at least a week's work on each of those), plus some smaller important features that will take some time between a few hours and one or two days each.

    Time Estimates

    Again we need to adjust the estimated release dates to a bit later than previously announced. We've tried to work out the time more accurately now and it does appear that the main bulk of the programming and artwork will be done in about four weeks, which means that Demo Test 0.2 should be released at the end of February with the physics and internet improvements. At that point there will be a few more features to be done and more final improvements and testing for that proper release version 0.25 - which is really going to be a lot more fun again with the new tracks, cars and features. This is expected 2 or 3 weeks into March.
    We are sorry about having to extend the development time estimate again, but then, it does seem that software development is very troublesome for everyone when it comes to time estimates! And we must not release a half-baked product and charge for it really, although as you know there will still be many things to be improved in graphics, sound and physics along the way to full version 1.0.

    Logo Competition

    About the logo competition, thank you very much for your entries so far! With the latest time estimates we are now able to extend the deadline for logo entries by two weeks which we think is a good idea as entries are still coming in, and still more people are finding out about the game and the new website. You will be pleased to hear that the winner will receive a full copy of Live for Speed up to Release 1.0 which we forgot to mention before (meaning they get the first 4 parts free according to current plans).

    Thanks again to everyone in the LFS community for your great support.

    added wed, Jan. 15th, 2003 1:00
    > Logo Competition guidelines and details updated!
    Please read the Logo compo page if you are going to or have submitted a logo.

    added wed, Jan. 8th, 2003 15:00
    > Logo Competition!
    Be sure to check out the competitions link, because now is your chance to create the new Live for Speed logo!

    added wed, Jan. 8th, 2003 15:05
    > New Website
    Welcome to our renewed website! It has been totally revamped to serve your needs better. It should be faster to load, easier to navigate and inform you better about Live for Speed matters. Some sections have been added like screenshots and competitions. Some existing sections have been extended like the faq, which is a bit more detailed now (and will become better over time).

    added fri, Dec. 13th, 2002 16:00
    > Patch N
    Hello Racers.

    After receiving a lot of good reports that MPR replays were now reliable in the test patch M2, an official patch N was the result. It has very few changes because currently the focus is on the new LFS versions, but the MPR replay fixes make this 0.1 patch quite important.


    Allow up to 32x replay speedup if possible (shift-F3/F4)
    Misc Option : Analogue controller smoothing
    Misc Option : Screen clear type / simple sky
    FIX : MPR Replay time limit
    FIX : MPR Replay wrong player leaving
    FIX : GST Replay FPS limitation
    FIX : On screen lap time often out by 0.01s

    added fri, Nov. 29th, 2002 06:00 AM
    >We have release plans!

    Hello Racers!

    The LFS development team has come up with a plan for Release 1.

    Firstly, note that Release 1 is intended to be a complete product and will contain a range from road cars, through modified rallycross cars and up to GT cars. Karting, single seaters and buggies are to be left out of Release 1 and will come out in later releases. That was decided a while ago but please read on to find out about the new Release 1 plan.

    Note : all dates given in this announcement are only estimates - not promises.

    The next proper update is Demo Test 0.2 - this will be very like the current Demo Test and of course free of charge but will contain mainly improvements to the tyre physics and multiplayer system including qualifying, better reliability and reduced lag. In addition there will be minor improvements to the track and the car models including working dials and so on, non-uk keyboard support, clutch and shifter support with associated engine damage and some other things that have been mentioned on the Suggestions for Improvement forum. We may include a skid pad as well. This is expected in early January 2003.

    Our new plan for Release 1 is to release it in 4 downloadable stages, we will charge a price for these - each one at 25% of the total price of Release 1.

    The first 25% release will come out a few weeks after Demo Test 0.2 after sorting out any bugs or problems that come up. So - we estimate early February 2003. It will contain the 3 cars from the Demo Test and 3 more road-style cars including one or two four wheel drives. Two extra tracks will be included - a city track and a country track with a few configs in each. More music will be included as well. At that stage neither the full damage system nor all the planned improvements to graphics and sound will have been done - the idea is that while Eric is continuing to add or finish more tracks and cars for subsequent releases, I will be continuing to develop the program all the time as well on the way to Release 1.

    The next three 25% releases will contain in the region of 4 cars and 3 tracks each and will come out at intervals of 2 or 3 months. The 4 stages are downloadable and a CD will become available when the full Release 1 is completed (i.e. the 4th stage is finished).

    We like this plan a lot because we avoid any need for the services of a publisher, the community will no longer be bored with the same cars and tracks, we start to earn a living, we continue learning and improving our methods with each 25% release, and the whole thing builds up in a way that we can handle.

    added Sun, Nov. 9th, 2002 18:00 PM
    >Patch version 0.1J available.
    Changes in patch J :
    Drive after replay bug fixed
    Gearshift indicator fixed on XR GT and XR GT Turbo
    Command line startup options and non-directx host
    Gamelist shows X for new version or V voting enabled
    Send Setup button in list of connections (N)
    Some multiplayer joining and timing bugs fixed
    Out of bounds wheel / brake settings not allowed
    Host option : Vote kick/ban
    Misc option : AI drivers use player setup
    Multiplayer replay improved
    More setup slots in garage

    added Sun, Oct. 27th, 2002 19:50 PM
    >Patch version 0.1H2 available.
    Changes in patch H2 :
    Once again, there is a new patch available at www.liveforspeed.net/download.htm! This time we're up to version 0.1H2. Multiplayer replays are now available and some crashes that appeared in previous G versions should now be fixed, by using the new options in the misc menu. A full list of new features can be found below.

    Have fun!

    Multiplayer replays
    Longer length sound buffer
    Complete text message with F keys
    Misc Option : FPS limit (default 66 fps, max 100 fps)
    Misc Option : Minimum Sleep (alternative lag bug repair)
    Misc Option : Lag Bug Repair renamed to Screen Lock
    FIX : Crash when clicking on a host
    FIX : G3 hang / crash bugs
    FIX : Player list showing in pits
    FIX : Position of green text over cars
    FIX : Green start light OFF colour

    FIX : Long multiplayer replay send buffer overflow
    Misc Option : Connection Timeout
    SHIFT-F - turns off all screen info in game
    N key now 3 states (Off / Names + Connections / Names Only)

    added Mon, Oct. 14th, 2002 8:50 PM
    >Patch version 0.1F2 available.
    Changes in patch F2 :
    ATI compatibility patch

    added Fri, Oct. 11th, 2002 8:50 PM
    >Patch version 0.1F available.
    Changes in patch F :
    POV Hat support (multiple controllers may need to reprogram buttons)
    Race position indicator
    N key displays race position list
    Host automatically reconnects to master server after disconnection
    SHIFT + F2 : Replay time slow down
    SHIFT + F3 : Replay time speed up
    Game Option : Single player hot lap validity check
    View Option : Draw driver / steering wheel
    View Option : Show checkpoint text / driver names
    View Option : Manual shift indicator (up / down)
    Host Option : Disconnect / Reconnect master server
    Audio Option : Skid volume boost
    Controls Option : Remove deadzones

    added Sun, Sept. 15th, 2002 9:07 AM
    >Patch version 0.1E available. Way better controller support. All wheels and joys should work now (clutch and shifter not yet supported)

    added Wed, Sept. 11th, 2002 17:07 PM
    >Patch version 0.1C available.
    Scrutineering added for hosts.

    added Fri, Sept. 6th, 2002 3:23 PM
    >There is a new full version 0.1B!
    No patch from version 0.04, you have to get the full version. But there's a nice surprise or two in there... To keep your settings from 0.04 versions you will need to copy over the following files : cfg.txt
    Please report any problems you come across, in theory it should be more reliable and has worked well under testing. Hopefully no more ghost players and wierd bugs...
    Have fun!
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