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added Sat, 21st June, 2014 16:00
New Version 0.6F and Progress Report

Dear LFS Racers,

Oculus Rift Render Today we release an new update of Live for Speed with 3D support and announce another version that is coming soon with a much improved Westhill track.

Version 0.6F:

Available today and well tested by forum visitors, this new update supports 3D devices including TVs, projectors, headsets and the Oculus Rift. While developing it, we also moved onto DirectX 9 which allows for better graphical effects in future while still allowing LFS to run on older versions of Windows and on Linux (using the Wine compatibility software). This version remains fully compatible with 0.6E with many improvements and fixes.

Read more about the patch and how to get it on the 0.6F information page.

Westhill Update:

Westhill New Start Finish Available soon... as the development for S3 has been taking some time, we thought it would be good to update something for our existing license holders. The best thing to update was the Westhill track which was always sparse and underdeveloped. The International configuration has been improved in many places, particularly in the twisty sequence of bends in the far corner which is now more challenging. There is a new National configuration, bearing off from the International track after the first right and left bends, involving some interesting gradient changes and technical bends. The scenery has been developed to a higher level of detail and you can drive around the access roads in the open configurations.

You can see more images of the new track on our screenshots page.

Westhill Track Update The configurations are complete and good to drive. At this point Eric is still finishing some buildings and filling some holes in the scenery. Scawen is making some improvements and optimisations to deal with the higher level of detail. We expect to release this version for testing in a few weeks, but remember that sometimes interesting things can come up that make things take a little longer than planned.

Further Progress:

After the Westhill update, Eric will continue with the S3 tracks he has been working on. Scawen will continue with the new tyre model. The new tyres currently feel good to drive but some work needs to be done on heat, pressure, friction, tyre load sensitivity and wear which are all closely linked.

- LFS Developers

added Thu, 11th July, 2013 19:00
Console based dedicated server

Hello LFS Racers,

For anyone who runs a multiplayer server, we have released a new version of the dedicated host program in the form of a console application.

- Faster text updates when messages appear on screen, reducing packet delays
- Easier to run LFS hosts on Linux computers
- Improved protection against hackers

You can download DCon from our additional downloads page and you will find more information in the README.txt file that accompanies the dedicated host, or on the 'Console based dedicated server' thread in our forum.

- LFS Developers

added Fri, Nov 30th, 2012 19:00
Version 0.6E : new multiplayer system

Hello LFS Racers,

We have released a new version of LFS with a much improved multiplayer system. While using the same physics as 0.6B, it provides a much smoother, more reliable and interactive online experience. In previous versions there were often delays and lags on busy servers, but the new one works in a completely different way. We are still working on the new tyre physics and additional content, but had to take some time out from that because some hackers found a way to go online with no user name.

Some new things in 0.6E :

- New "instant" join system for fast and reliable connection
- No delays to others caused by players with slow connections
- New packet buffering and storage system reduces server load
- New hacking protection and cheat detection systems
- Two new translations : Indonesian and Romanian
- Various other fixes and improvements

Read all about the new version and how to get it on the 0.6E information page.

We hope you enjoy the new updates!

- LFS Developers

added Wed, Oct 3rd, 2012 17:41
Successful server move

Hello LFS Racers,

The server move went well and only took around 6 hours. All our services are back up and running.

Thank you for your patience during that time.

- LFS Developers

added Thu, Sep 27th, 2012 15:30
Server relocation

Dear LFS Racers,

On Wednesday 3rd October our servers will be relocated.
Like the last time it cannot be done transparently, which means that from 10:00 up to around 16:00 UTC our sites and master server will be unavailable. During this time you will not be able to go online with LFS, or visit our websites.
We hope this downtime will not be too much of an inconvenience for anyone.

- LFS Developers

added Wed, Dec 28th, 2011 17:00
Progress report

Dear LFS Racers,

We hope you had a good year in 2011. In June we released 0.6B, the best version of LFS so far. Since then we have been continuing to work towards the new tyre model and the S3 upgrade which we plan to release after the physics update.

Scawen has been further developing the virtual tyre test rig, a detailed model of a tyre's structure, to work out various values for the in-game tyre model. For example, what is the contact patch length, width and pressure for a given vertical deflection and how does the tyre's shape change with forces, torques and camber. These depend on the dimensions and structure of a tyre. By making the in-game tyres behave in a similar way, the driving experience will be as realistic as possible.

In the left part of the image, the yellow lines show the radial cords of the carcass. The orange and green lines show the steel belts and the cap ply. The right side of the image illustrates the carcass thickness which gives some rigidity even without air pressure.

Eric has been working on the S3 content. After the physics update and the VW Scirocco are released as a free update for all S1 and S2 license holders, we will work towards the S3 version which will provide more tracks and cars to S3 license holders. As usual for an upgrade, the cost of your existing license will be deducted from the full price.

We wish you a happy 2012, and we'll release the updates as soon as we can!

- LFS Developers

added Fri, Jun 17th, 2011 17:00
New version : 0.6B

Dear LFS Racers,

We are pleased to announce a new version of Live for Speed with many updates and improvements. The new tyre physics model is still in development, so this version uses the old tyres but with an improved collision system, open track configurations, free view mode, and much more. It provides some interesting new features for LFS racers, while we continue our development. Thanks to our forum members for testing over the last eight weeks!

Some new things in 0.6B :

- New free view mode and layout editor - not bounded by the path
- Improved collisions with objects, barriers, cars, pit garage exit
- Open track configurations allowing you to drive anywhere
- You can now place up to 800 objects to create circuits
- Blue flags, qualifying, race positions list are supported
- New objects added - all objects available at all tracks
- Collision detection and reporting system (via InSim)
- Graphical optimisations improving frame rates
- Adjustable tyre warmers for hot lapping
- Many other fixes and improvements

Read all about the new version and how to get it on the 0.6B information page.

We hope you enjoy the new updates!

- LFS Developers

added Wed, Jan 26th, 2011 13:00
A blast from the past

Hello LFS Racers,

Inspired by some community members trying to get an old S1 version working, with some success, we decided to see if we could help. After digging up the source code for a reliable old test patch S1H6, released in March 2005, in a few hours it was up and running again. Three small changes were needed so that :

- it works with the new master server
- it can be unlocked on the latest Windows versions
- there is no need to earn credits to unlock cars

This update has now been released as S1H7. So if you are interested in a bit of nostalgic racing, go ahead and try out S1H7 from our downloads archive page. There is a forum thread to talk about the version which some people have been enjoying.

- LFS Developers

added Thu, Dec 24th, 2010 14:00
Progress report

Dear LFS Racers,

We hope you have had a good year.

The stable Z28 has been the latest version for a long time now, while we have been working on things for the long term future of LFS. As many of you know, the tyre physics system is being updated so all the cars will behave that bit closer to reality. It has proved to be a challenging and unpredictable project, involving a lot of studying, mathematics, testing and rewriting.

Sometimes, we had a version that felt good to drive and it seemed that soon we would be able to release it to the community. But then we found situations where the simulation produced incorrect results, leading to further investigations into the way tyres perform in various circumstances and why they do so. One thing tends to lead to another and for a while it seems that the more you learn about tyres, the more you realise that there is so much more to find out!

Scawen has written a little more about tyre design and simulation in case you would like to get a bit more technical.

The VW Scirocco and Rockingham have seemed quite close to release for some time now, but we decided to wait for the updated tyres because these things from the real world will be best experienced with the most realistic physics system. Eric has been working on some more S3 content but he would like to get nearer to finishing before we show any new pictures.

Victor has recently produced a special program "LFS Record" which can help you to produce smooth movies from Live for Speed, using advanced camera control. It is still in a beta stage at the moment. The program has a lot of features - too much to describe here, so if you do make movies or would like to have a go, take a look at the LFS Record thread on our forum.

- LFS Developers

added Wed, Feb 17th, 2010 13:00
Successful server move

Hello LFS Racers.

The server move went well and only took around 7 hours. All our services are back up and running.

Thank you for your patience during that time.

- LFS Developers

added Sat, Feb 13th, 2010 17:00
Server downtime scheduled

Hello LFS Racers.

In the night between Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th of February our servers will go offline for several hours. This is because they are being relocated to another data center. Unfortunately this time we cannot do the move transparently.

The expected schedule is the following :
- At 0:00AM UTC the LFS websites and master server will go down.
- Around 9:00AM UTC Wednesday morning services will be resumed.

Because the master server will be unavailable, no multiplayer racing will be possible during this time as well as unlocking LFS.

We hope this will not inconvenience too many people as the move will be done during the (european) night, but want to extend our apologies in advance nevertheless.

- LFS Developers

added Wed, Nov 25th, 2009 18:55
Patch Z28

Hello LFS Racers.

We have released a new, full version with an installer and some improvements : Z28

It is compatible with version Z, so does not contain the new tyre physics or the VW Scirocco.

The main reason for this new version is that LFS really needed an installer - this will make it a lot easier for people who are trying LFS for the first time, and there are also benefits for people who already have LFS.

To read all about the new version, have a look at the Patch Z28 information page.

We would also like to give you some information about the ongoing development of the new tyre model. The new physics and plans for the VW Scirocco have inspired some other developments that are now important to get the best experience from the updates.

To find out about what has been is going on and some of our plans, please read the Tyre Physics Progress Report.

- LFS Developers

added Thu, Nov 5th, 2009 0:15
Two new LFS t-shirts

Hello LFS Racers.

We are pleased to announce two new t-shirts have been added to the LFS merchandise shop.
Not long ago we held a competition on our forum for 'the next design' and the two with the most votes had theirs come to life. The 'Serious Simracer Kit' by ElvisArg and creative LFS design by JJ72 will make great additions to the shop!

If you're interested, the catalogue page will be a good start for detailed information about the new shirts.

We hope you like them!

added Wed, Oct 28th, 2009 21:00
Patch Z25

Hello LFS Racers.

We have released a new, full version with many improvements : Z25

It is compatible with version Z, so does not contain the new tyre physics or the VW Scirocco. We are working to get those things to you as soon as possible, but in the meantime we wanted you to get the benefit of all the new compatible features and updates that have been tested a lot recently on our forum, including :

- Improved car shadows
- New wheel drawing system
- Improved road car dashboards
- ABS brakes on some road cars
- Improved and much faster List of Hosts
- Powerful and flexible multiple screen support

To read all about the Z25 updates, have a look at the Patch Z25 information page.

We hope you enjoy this intermediate update!

- LFS Developers

added Mon, Sep 21st, 2009 17:30
Rockingham coming to LFS

Dear LFS Racers,

The time has come to tell you a bit about something else we have been working on.

It's our first real race track - Rockingham UK

Read more about Rockingham in LFS here

added Fri, Aug 21st, 2009 20:30
New Tyre Physics

Hello LFS Racers,

We are pleased to announce that a new tyre physics model is currently in the testing and refinement stage.

Many community members have been wondering what happened to the release of the new VW Scirocco and why there was no news about it.
Here are the reasons why :

While we were working on the Scirocco in December, we found that we could not make the LFS model handle as well as the real car. One of the reasons for this was that the LFS tyres had too much grip and this was causing the inside wheels to lose too much load while cornering. But simply reducing the grip would not have been a good approach... the result would have been just the same old LFS but at lower speeds.

We decided to look into a completely new core tyre model.

For several weeks it was just research and mathematics on paper, then the implementation started. A lot of old programming needed to be removed and refined in order to allow the new model to slot into its place. Next was the early refinement stage, at first seen only by the developers, while the main issues were sorted out. During this period we did not want to make any announcements about what we were working on, because it was possible that the new tyre model would not really work out. That did seem less likely as time went on, as more of the problems with the old tyre model came to the surface. The new LFS tyre model has a good mathematical basis for the way forces are produced from the physical state of the tyre, resulting in improved handling and feel with greater realism.

After some time we got to a stage where we felt the model was a clear improvement on the old physics. We updated all the default setups to use realistic values that would be found on similar real world cars and finally released it to our beta testers. Their verdict is unanimous : the new tyre physics model makes the cars much better and more realistic to drive.

There is quite a bit of refinement to be done and other aspects of car physics to update. Also the traction control and stability control of the VW Scirocco still need to be updated. So we cannot yet give a release date. This news item is intended as a progress report and to assure you that Live for Speed will be better when you do get the update!

A reminder :
- The new physics will be a free update for all LFS users
- The VW Scirocco will be available to S1 and S2 license holders

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