The cars and tracks of Live for Speed

With the free Demo you can access these cars and tracks :

The free Demo content consists of 3 varied cars and 1 track environment with both road and dirt configurations. This all-round package will cater for many hours of fun and excitement and will give you a good impression of what Live for Speed is about.

If you upgrade your account to S1 licensed or higher, you can use the following :

The S1 content consists of an additional 6 cars and 3 track environments - two race tracks with several configurations and a test area which contains a skidpad, an autocross area and also a drag strip.

If you have an S2 license you will be able to access these cars and tracks in addition to the Demo and S1 content :

S2 brings another 11 cars, in different classes. Also 3 more large racing environments come with S2. These are mostly designed to accomodate the fast cars in S2.

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