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SpeedWerkes™ Online Fantasy Racing League

SpeedWerkes™ Online Fantasy Racing League

Every Saturday 8PM EST June, July, & August. 3 Month Summer Cup!

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GTR League
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League Information

Welcome to the SpeedWerkes™ Summer Cup Racing League -- our first & ever hosted League provided to you by SpeedWerkes & LFS!

Our regulations are very simple and let you enjoy what is the most important in our events: racing and meeting your friends! Remember following:


Starting June 6th at 8PMEST

Every Saturday 8PM EST:
8PM EST Session start
8:30PM EST Qualification (approximate time)
9PM EST Race (1H, approximate time)
Qualification is Necessary!

Points System Per Race:
1st – 20 pts
2nd – 18 pts
3rd – 16 pts
4th – 14 pts
5th – 12 pts
6th – 10 pts
7th – 9 pts
8th – 8 pts
9th – 7 pts
10th – 6 pts
11th – 5 pts
12th – 4 pts
13th – 3 pts
14th – 2 pts
15th – 1 pt
Pole Position – 2 pt
Fastest Lap – 2 pt

General Conditions:

In order to race you must acquire an LFS S2 License, as well as register at www.SpeedWerkes/lfs and pay an entrance via of $10.00 CAD via PayPal or Online Banking.

The vehicle each race thru-out the league will be using a GTR class vehicle. Each race will be a different track, however the track will be posted each Saturday -- so keep in mind and prepare yourself for the track & race.

The server will be password protected before the Qualifications, so come early enough to join us. You can also ask the password on Discord @

Race clean, respect other drivers.

Not following these rules may end up in ban and non-refundable entrance fee.

Every Race length is set to achieve approximately 1 hour race (number of laps depends on track).

Qualifications: Race Director calls every driver to do his (or her) 1 hot lap in Qualifying mode

Points are calculated in a form to reward top racers with points to overall Championship;
Pole Position sitter both earn 2 points.
Fastest Lap maker earns 1 point.

Crossing yellow line when entering or exiting pits causes warning or penalty points to overall standings.

Complaints: You can report anyone who caused crash, misbehaved or disturbed you or somebody in the race - please write a post in our Discord Channel explaining what happened – every claim will be resolved by admins with further actions taken depending on specific type of claim.

You can enter our championship with only one name/LFS S2 license: switching names doesn't affect standings it can end with a ban.

Cheating and using third party programs to achieve advantage ends up with a ban.

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