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, by dekojester

New Dimension Racing are pleased to announce a revival weekend for the iCON Touring Car Championship, to be held at Westhill National (WE1) on Sunday, 11th December 2016.

The iCON Touring Car Championship (iTCC) was created in December 2008 by iCON Racing members Joe Keaveney, Darren Taylor, and Tom Madl. A test race was held on 21 December 2008 with action-packed races, which carried over for all three seasons held. The format follows closely that of the British Touring Car Championship, with three races being held per meeting.

The iTCC Holiday Special will see three races of 14 laps each held on the freshly redone Westhill National circuit. The day's events are scheduled to start at 17:00 UTC, with a Reserve shootout if necessary; qualifying proper at 18:00 UTC.

Please head to the iTCC section of the LFS Forums for more information and to sign up!

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