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MTDZX-: 10 Year Superrrrrr Special Event!

MTDZX-: 10 Year Superrrrrr Special Event!

For ten year celebration

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, by UnknownMaster21

This has been it! The allotment is completed yesterday, and have to say, the result was interesting. After all, it is so interesting that it actually changes the value from actual race to allotment, probably due the amount of racers. Only 16 racers did finish the race, if combining both two races and combining same racers.

You could surely see how allotment is done, so it is actually recorded, for your cause! | Sound is little low, but only turn up a little though.


And now, some bad news... as giving the prizes to racers, after 2 prizes given, there did happen some problem on buying LFS Vouchers via Skrill. It simply does not allow to re-buy again, this is probably due the reason it is same product all the time, and it is not told the reason of issue.

So far, there is really nothing to do than wait. Apologizes to rest who have not received prize in this day...

But stay tuned, in time, there will eventually appear a PM on your messages list, where code is given, it is not possible to tell exact time, but eventually... eventually!

"Your transaction was declined. Please retry your transaction. If the problem persists please contact Skrill Customer Service for assistance."

This is the only thing it is said.

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