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LFSCART is a mixture of road course racing and oval racing, using the FO8. LFSCART is powered by New Dimension Racing Events.

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Latest News Update

, by dekojester

LFS Fans:

New Dimension Racing are pleased to announce that the Developers of Live for Speed (LFS) have offered a total of 6 S2 to S3 vouchers to NDR to give out for a special event! We have decided to run an LFSCART event, one of NDR's most popular franchises.

LFSCART uses the Formula V8, arguably the gnarliest car LFS has to offer with its massive torque, but lack of any driver aids. LFSCART races are contested over 250 kilometres (155 miles) with a two-hour time limit. With the release of Rockingham Motor Speedway, LFS's first real-world circuit, NDR have opted to help provide vouchers to help S2 users move up to S3. While it's the only S3 content available at this time, we do strongly belive that more will come quite soon and be of excellent quality!

The selected circuit for this special LFSCART round is the venue that the last season of LFSCART ended at - Westhill International. Having recently finished a complete overhaul of the circuit to modernise and add new configurations, Westhill International has become a challenging track, while keeping its high-speed and high-risk style!

The event will be held on Saturday, January 2nd, 2016, starting at 18:00 UTC. For more information and to enter, head to the LFSCART section of the LFS Forums, located at

Past, Present and Upcoming Seasons

Season Scheduled Rounds Remaining Rounds First Round Next Round Active
Season 2008 0 0 N/A N/A No
Season 2009 0 0 N/A N/A No
Light Winter Series 2009/2010 0 0 N/A N/A No
Season 2010 0 0 N/A N/A No
Season 2011 0 0 N/A N/A No
Season 2012 0 0 N/A N/A No
Season 2013 0 0 N/A N/A No
Season 2014 0 0 N/A N/A No
Season 2016 1 0 N/A No