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UK LFS Karting 2006 - Results
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UK LFS Karting 2006 - Results
Well done lads! Most of you were quicker than me!!! - 2006 LFS Karting Winners!!!
woooooooooooooooo that was fun, a total blast and glad i wasnt too far off the best lap times.

Real sorry to everyone about the pub, they didnt mention anything about tickets they just said its ok for everyone come to down and if they want to watch the football thats fine.

Hope now you get down to that other place in time for the second half.
Im also very glad everyone was ok after that shunt at the end.
What was T1 like? And did anyone pay attention to blue or yellow flags?
No blues, and not too many yellows. The race was called 5 mins early because of a red.
turn one was flat, the last turn was for the brave ones and the guys who new the track well.
Great day out guys. Thanks to everyone involved
#7 - t1ger
That was great fun! Thanks to Tristan and Will for arranging the day (once you've argued between yourselves who did arrange what )

Thanks to Neil for being a fantastic team mate, and bigger thanks to your son for being our pit crew!!

Thanks to the Whilton Mill Karting track staff for a really well organised and run event!

It was good to meet you all (abeit breifly) but I feel much more a part of the LFS community now.

The little finger on my right hand is still tingling and that whole side of the hand seems to be numb!! However, as this is all that is wrong with me - I think I will take it! In the morning I am going to ache like hell, I just know it.

Me and Neil (The Young Ones) managed to qualify 3rd (thanks to Neil) and then we managed a very steady race pace (with just one spin) and finished 3rd. I can't remember who else came where, and I can not remember any of your real names that people told me (sorry!), but I hope to see you all online sometime.

EDIT: Just noticed there is a patch U11 now also - Scawen has been busy, so I guess I understand now why they did not come today! Long live Scavier!!!

we want pictures!
Very fun event, im really looking forward to the after race analysis and videos n pics n stuff!

REALLY looking forward to the pics especially. and the video too... so im kinda really looking forward to everything.

at the pub afterwards was very fun indeed!
yeh I'm back home now. Like everyone said it was a really great event.

I don't like blowing my own trumpet usually but I got FASTEST LAP 00:46:14

Thanks to all for some good fun, already looking forward to the next
i had a good race. we only qualified 2nd AGAIN, behind scotty. the karts were skipping really badly and oversteering on the exits and everything so it was hard to drive.

on the warm up lap i decided to try and scary scotty a bit by bumping him! needless to say it worked, and when the race started scotty was all ove rthe place and i passed him. then they pitted leaving me with about 20 second lead after lap 1.

i passed a few people in very entertaining ways, there were 2 people almost side by side up the straight, the one on the inside a little far behind, nose to tail like. so i pushed the guy on the inside past the guy on the outside then did the other guy at the end of the straight

then arosamike went out, he drove well fast and well consistent but unfortunatly got caught in traffic a few times, but still we were quick. then alan went out and was very consistent and good through the traffic, then arosamike then alan. then I went out and the track was so much better than before and i had good fun. then mickey went out and he was kinda inconsistent but luckily he extended our lead from about 7 seconds after the pit stop to 19 seconds! then RED FLAG

chris kerry had crashed! we hoped there were no fatalities and luckily there wasnt. so there endeth the race.

afterwards we had a bit of a shakey start to the night because of the world cup so no-one talked alot. then we went to moon on the square and the converstion got flowing, then we went to the malt shovel for some rather random (and drunken from some people!) converstions. and some lovely rasberry beer.

back to the ibis then back home about 1am. really good fun.
might as well jump on the bandwagon and do a quick report.

vMax had two teams one with 3 drivers and one with two, i was in the second one.
we got off to a good start and got up to 4th and were chasing for 3rd while all this was going on Will was pulling away at a huge rate.
Then big problems we got a black flag because they thought our kart was damaged after some contact, the same thing happend to another team a couple of laps before. This cost us about 2:13s!!! and from going from about 17 seconds to 4 laps down and 10th. We then faught back pushing as hard as we could to get back to 6th at the end which we were both very happy with.
Fastest laps went like this

46.14 4SR
46.44 Karting 1
46.50 T7R
46.57 Team tri
46.62 vMax 2
47.00 the young ones
47.23 SRR2
47.27 vMax 1
47.31 dSRC
47.33 SRR
48.39 MRNL

So the top ten within a second (and a bit) which is amazing really as there were professionals out there with us and to do times so close to them is fantastic.
Everyone was really going for it and if we go to wilton again next year i hope the racing will be even closer.
sounded like a bit of a laugh. So wished I could have been there. Mebbe next time.
Sounds like a laugh indeed. When can we see the footage? or have you got some cookies left for me?
Was great fun, thanks guys
By the end of the day I had some of the corners done well (flat in t1, almost flat t2, flat last corner), but slow in others, so laptimes werent great (low 48s at best). Enjoyed it all though, which is the important bit

I'm going to look through my photos now, and upload them. Will group them by kart numbers
me tristan and chris kerry have just been karting again, good fun! but we are really desperate to see some piccys!

we were discussing next years event aswell. to get more talking between 'groups' we will be probably having random teams.


1st -
2nd - 4SR/T7R
3rd - The Young Ones
4th - Sonic Realms Racing 1
5th - Sonic Realms Racing 2
6th - vMax 2
7th - T7R
8th - Team Tripod
9th - dSRC
10th - vMax1
11th - MRNL

EDIT - And thanks to MadManCZ for seeing the rasberry beer
Yo people

Madman_CZ here,

yeah karting was a blast, it was a fun day out with a small social event with a few peeps afterwards. Ok so MRNL team came last and around 16 laps down but that was due to the fact we had more driver changes then other teams and each lap u do through the pits doesnt get counted so basically u loose a lap. We also had 2 drivers in our 3 man team which had never raced a go kart before (myself included) so it was more of an learning experience and as the race went on i managed to do some descent lap times as i got more use to the kart. I was the one that did the 48s lap for our team but for us it wasnt about winning too much just about having fun.

It was also a shame the way the race ended with Alex our other team member go karting newbie spun off and Chris managing to smash into him. With both parties ok, thankfully after the crash with chris he was winded from the steering wheel impact. race was ended under the red flag ( there were only 3-4 mins lef of it anyway)

Chatting to some of the people afterwards was good though not many people hanged about after the race!!... same as ayrton senna 87 at the Shovel decided to try some of the random beers on offer, i went for the Cherry Beer which wasnt bad but wasnt good either.. tasted kinda like cherry ade with alcohol but by that time previous alcohol consumption had taked effect so i didnt care that much... btw Tristan bough me that beer... THANKS AGAIN Tristan......(hmm thats sounds like if i am being sarcastic, but i am not, was much appreciated that he bought me a pint)

an in all i enjoyed the day very much.

1st pic of the event - Mr. Cliffe

EDIT -And more, taken by _rob_

more pics pls people!
Attached images
If anyone needs space to upload pictures, I can provide that, plus FTP access. Pm me

Great event!

I really enjoyed it!

Do I get the prize for travelling the furthest to get there?

I came from Fife in Scotland, and it took me 9.5 hours to get to Bladeys house! (there was a liiiitttle traffic on the way dowm).
Some pics that I took - didn't get a great deal of chance to take any due to 20minutes of racing then 20minutes of recovering followed by more racing ....etc...etc... I was knackered! (and sadly still am )

ps karting5.jpg posted above by Will, is ME!

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mickey in team 1


i wanna say who i met who were really sound!

arosamike - fast guy, great to meet sum1 from track attack! good with a camera too, u will have to come drive my tkm one day m8! and theres not many people i would let drive my JKH lol!

chris kerry - good laugh! totally different to what i expected! good on go karts too!

madmanCZ - madman!

good to kinda speak to cP, but i was tryin to do some sums at the time lol

apart from that i dont think i really met anyone else new.
i already knew quite alot of people from last year/before that.
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Edit: Sorry for the long post; I get carried away sometimes. Sorry Will, I know reading is hard for you. *runs away*

I'm back (just watched the GP first, had some dinner, unloaded the car and checked the forum). I think I might have missed the T7R internal league race too, for which I apologise 3J, but I intended to get back in time...

The event:

Day got off to bad start when I overslept and had to make up time doing 100mph all the way, only to discover the A45 was closed, and the Follow Diversion was useless as the diversion signs appeared to have been nicked. Damn chavs Eventually got there, picked up Chris and headed to the Thomas a Beckett (hereafter known as TaB).

When we arrived I knew a few faces, and was introduced to a few more. Then I discovered the people behind us, who looked like pub regulars, were with us too, so I engaged them in conversation, and tried to bring everyone together a bit more. Once we'd finished our drinks we headed off to the track, and got there about 11:45. I immediately started to sort out the money, which took about 45 minutes, partly because I'm crap at doing stuff involving other peoples money, and partly because few people seemed to know either what they owed or how to describe what they were paying for, but we got there in the end. An extra team was formed, which meant the total bill increased, and I had to cover the extra cost of £90 that we were short. Afterwards, whilst people watched England under perform AGAIN at the kickball, I worked out that the deficit was caused by Clownpaint and me becoming a two man team (we paid extra), and Lippy and Scotty merging to form a two man team after a couple of no shows on the day. Thus Scotty and Lippy owe me £32.50 to change from three men teams to two men teams. We can sort that out soon.

By the time I was done moneying, we had a quick briefing and I went to get changed. By then practice was 7 minutes underway, so I got ready to call Clown in for a swap at 15 minutes. As I called him in the chain fell off (excessive kerbing by him), and I had to wait while they refitted it for me. The kart, at this point, had no brakes, so I was sliding into turns to slow it down, but not actually losing much time to the majority of people. We got 3rd (I think), so quite happy.

On to the race, we had a rolling start. Which was great for the leader (Scotty), and Will (who's done them before). 3rd and below were caught out, and by the 3rd corner 1st and 2nd had half a straight lead
A small accident on the last turn of lap 1 marred the start, but they got going again quickly.

After 24 minutes I called Clown in for the first driver change, and he informed me he still had no brakes. He was right. But I kept up with people, and passed a few (outbraking is hard without brakes), and just got on with my job of going as fast as I could. All was going well (ish), until my 6th lap or so when a loud bang occured on the fastest bit of the track as I hit the brake pedal (out of desire for brakes). I turned around to see my brake disc, in 5 pieces, bounce away from the kart, and I only just slowed down in time, proving that we did have brakes of a kind. The other side effect was the kart leant over, and would pick up the right front wheel in corners, and the chain fell off again. I trundled into the pits with my tail between my legs.

But Mr. Marshall Man gave me a new kart (#12) and this one... had brakes I loved this kart so much more. It was more oversteery, but not too much, and the brakes were perfectly modulatable, allowing me to slide on corner entry without doing much steering. The new brakes caught me out a couple of times, resulting in a small spin, but I was recovering before the spin had finished and only lost a few seconds in each. Then I started passing people (mostly unlapping myself I think, but it was fun nonetheless).

After 30 mins I was called in, although I missed the pit in board for 4 laps due to a big battle with someone (I don't know who) that I eventally won after 4 laps basically side by side. Whoever that was (about 55 minutes in) I thank you for that, it was awesome.

Clown took over, and was immediately quicker with the better balance and brakes, but it was fairly uneventful from trackside, with a couple of overtakes and a few slidey moments. I gave him his time, and called him in again. When he got to the pits he started telling me something, and judging by his eyes it was fairly important, but I couldn't hear him, so I went out anyway. It was fine. At this point I was, for me, flying. I was catching people quite easily and once passed them I was pulling away. I don't think I made a major mistake in that stint once, and was fairly consistent, only bogging down a few times after missing an apex now and again.

Then Clown pulled me in for his final stint, which was ultimately cut short due to Chris Kerry and [mumbles]'s accident. After the long kart inpection and change stop, and a messed up refuelling (they didn't tell us WHERE to refuel, and Mr Fuel Man didn't wave or indicate as he came in) stop we came home 7th but with the 3rd fastest lap, and an average pace to battle for 3rd or 4th I think.

Afterwards we had a prize giving ceremony, which I missed whilst changing, and immediately after that people left to watch the football or go home. Most missed the 30 cookies I brought with me, so tough luck. The evening has been explained above, so I won't bother repeating it, and this morning Will, Chris and I went to GP Karting for half an hour of fun, and a drink at TaB.

The racing, and the standard of driving was very very high, and on that respect I have nothing to complain about. But I am disappointed by the social side of it, particularly afterwards. Maybe it was my fault, and maybe it was compounded by that joke of a sport they call football, but there was no huge gathering afterwards, no group photo, and no sense of direction. But I'm not directing this at anyone or any group in particular, and I hope you all had a good time afterwards, but I think it would have been nicer if we had all spend an hour or two taking over a bar for some proper chit chat. If you blame me then I apologise.

All in all it was a success though, so don't dwell on the negative side of things above.

Next year I think we need to think more carefully about the time of year (I will be a holding a poll in the coming week to gauge peoples opinions on this), as well as having a more definitive plan of campaign for the apres-karting. I've also considered a better system of team making that will encourage people to meet new people - random teams. Rather than having predefined and requested teams (which get broken if someone doesn't turn up) we have our names drawn out of a hat to choose the teams on the day. Obviously this idea could be refined in due course (read: next year), but it would stop people having little private gangs throughout the day.

To all those who came, who saw, conquered and enjoyed themselves however, I think overall you ALL deserve a pat on the back. This event is FOR you lot, and it's YOU that makes it what it is. I enjoyed it, and I think a lot of you did too. Long may the UK LFS Karting meets continue (though we should get Fordie to arrange the next one as he is much much better at it than me).

To Arosamike and Clownpaint: Please upload movies and photos ASAP.

See you all next year, hopefully with more drivers, more devs, more great driving and more fun. Tristan Out.
Well it's 9:30pm (Time of writing) and I'm back!

It's taken 4 hours to get to Derby from Northampton! After being dropped off by Tristan I ended up missing the initial train by about 20 seconds, had to wait an hour for another. Then when catching the next train it was announced that the locomotive which was going to take me to Birmingham station had broken down. So they told me I would have to go to go via Stafford and "Wolves" adding another extra hour. various shanagians ensued and it ended up taking 4:30 to get home on a journey which would take an hour in the car.

Anyway to the karting. What an experience, I enjoyed every minute of it and thanks to everyone who came for adding to the day. It was my first ever time karting and everyone helped me get through it unscathed (Well nearly). My best time of 47:27 seemed competitive. The gloss was taken off a bit with the big crash. Alex was recovering (On the corner exit) and I hit him pretty hard having seen no yellow flags and concentrating on the apex for Zulu 3. I have very bruised ribs at the moment, but I'll be ok. It winded me a bit which I think added to the pain at the time. Our team vMax 1 did great for pretty much novices and just a few little spins cost us a few places in the end. But it was more of a social gathering for us than trying to race the leaders.

On a side note, I'd like to apologise to those who I didn't get to speak too, including may of the dsrc guys...apart from Ed, it wasn't intentional honest! I hope most of you will have be able to recognise me at least and in the future I'm sure I'll see you all again anyway. I personally think the venue itself made it a little difficult to make sure everyone socialised together. I like the idea of mixing the teams up for next year, with a public ballot so everyone can link faces to names. When I turned up in the Thomas Beckett I pretty much knew no-one and thanks to those that spoke initially, I was quite nervous and it settled me down no end.

After the karting, Will decided to be the group navigator after Simon taking us to pub that was ticket only. Thanks to Tristan's Sat Nav, Will ended up not looking too silly when we had ended up in Timbuktu. We ended up watching the end of the England match at the Ibis and then "up" Northampton for a few drinks, some raspberry beer (which Will couldn't stop talking about) amongst other things, ending up camped in our room watching the F1 Highlights. Petrolheads eh! We had some great conversations and some classic quotes which will no doubt come up over time and no doubt I've made some great friends.

This morning the guys that stopped last night (Bob, Alex + Gf, Madman, Tux) headed off early, so Tristan, Will and I decided to go to GP karting for a few laps, which was also a lot of fun, but I felt it a little.

Last but not least I'd like to thank Tristan for his sheer hard work with the event, for ferrying me around all weekend and for sharing a bed with me... We had to share a double!

I'd also like to thank Will for doing a lot of behind the scenes stuff, and for allowing me to punt Tristan off on the last lap of the GP karting by pushing me forward!

I can't wait till next year already!
(ayrton senna 87) DELETED by ayrton senna 87 : ng
Quote from tristancliffe :

On to the race, we had a rolling start. Which was great for the leader (Scotty), and Will (who's done them before). 3rd and below were caught out, and by the 3rd corner 1st and 2nd had half a straight lead

I was 3rd at the start, and it did indeed catch me out substantially!! I knew it was a rolling start, but I didn't think they would start speeding up where they did, and I wasn't paying attention or something!!

Quote from tristancliffe :
All was going well (ish), until my 6th lap or so when a loud bang occured on the fastest bit of the track as I hit the brake pedal (out of desire for brakes). I turned around to see my brake disc, in 5 pieces, bounce away from the kart, and I only just slowed down in time, proving that we did have brakes of a kind.

I just about saw those bits on the track, as they scraped underneath me!!

Quote from tristancliffe :
The racing, and the standard of driving was very very high, and on that respect I have nothing to complain about. But I am disappointed by the social side of it, particularly afterwards. Maybe it was my fault...

All in all it was a success though, so don't dwell on the negative side of things above.

I don't think this was your fault, I think it was ours (or me at least). Socialising is *not* my strong point and I though I did well talking (at length) to the 7 people that I did (yes I counted them!). But I was not able to socialise any more. I would like to have talked to yourself and Will and Ben (to name the ones I know the names of and recognised from the forums) but the opportunity did not arise. "Why did you not come back with us to the pub?" I hear you all cry - and the answer, if I am brutally honest is, I was scared. "Pubs" are also not one of my strong points - and mixed with socialising with people I do not know = /me go home!

I am really sorry if I ruined anybodys day because I did not socialise more - however, I need to start to get to know you all somewhere - so next year, if I am able to make it - I will have a head start and may be able to take myself to the after-karting bit!

As for the random teams bit - as I am the only person I know that loves LFS - I did this already and I think its a great idea.

Thanks for listening (if you still are)


UK LFS Karting 2006 - Results
(123 posts, started )