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Fernbay new roads 2048x2048
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Fernbay new roads 2048x2048
no preview as these are original files you can see on westhill really.(screenie below this post)
its simply just a renaming of some files, to give fernbay a more highres look on the asphalt/tarmac part.

i have for this only created one file .
in the pack you also find a readme in the extras folder.

read that, lol Smile

all explained in the readme.
unpack winrar archieve with winrar or 7zip or a likewise unpacking tool. go to extras folder. open readme.
if any of these files gives you problems. then know its developers who made them and i made only one editted file namely JAgrassbad_t2. for those who thinks these are bad without trying them. its developers files renamed only. credits to devs.
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Fernbaynewroads.rar - 15.7 MB - 61 views
FOV 30.
and yes i have my fernbay slightly modified.(more sunny look).
however this is not in the pack. its only the tarmac to look at here.

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#3 - asyed
hmm idk, seems a little too smooth.

Fernbay new roads 2048x2048
(3 posts, started )