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Replay Error
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Replay Error
Hi. was doing some things in editor.06.U.
but then i decided to take a ride on the layout i made.
after the ride i save the replay and watch my fails.
then it stops after like 300meters driven.
giving me the replay error (i think joos replay).
i then realised i had changed 2 objects on the layout, just before driving it.

in short. i was watching the replay.
starting new race.
changed those 2 objects.
start new race again.
drive the track.
save replay.
watch replay.

(entering from replay mode,not singleplayer mode)

so my question is.

can others reproduce this or is it my game that fails on this ?
is it a bug maybe? im using a vanilla 06.U(no test patch) for this.

i also have a replay from 11/07-16 that plays in 06.U.
but i have another one from 2017 which tells me its outdated ?
how is that possible ?
i mean. i can play the one from 2016 but not those from 2017 ?

just seems a little bit odd to me somehow.

Replay Error
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