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Wiz Rally stages
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Wiz Rally stages
Made a rally stage as i was bored a bit.

its not entirely finished yet.

but i like to know what people think of the route on it.

so if you dare to get scratches on your paint job and perhaps get a little punctured tires.

check out my BLWX Rally Layout.

its a tarmac/gravel/grass track.

its a semi long track (i think the fastest might be able to 13min times or less even maybe).
its made for partially, technicality and also some good speed areas.

if you go for a ride on it. could you please take a moment to upload your replay in this thread ?

maybe i can learn something from your driving ,towards how to make more layouts in the future.

i think this is my first full trackmap layout actually.

hope you like it and enjoy it.

added a replay to show the track
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BL1X_^6WizRallyStage 1^9.lyt - 12.5 KB - 53 views
THE WIZARD DK^S¥Å_BL1X_RB4_FÆRDIG_10.spr - 1.5 MB - 15 views
BL1X_^6WizRallyStage 1^9v2.lyt - 16.8 KB - 26 views
Because you built the layout, you probably know which way to go. For others, its far too easy to get lost.

I got into the first part of the factory units, and had to go into helicoper view to work out route. I turned in, and because of hedges, didn't see where to go. See attached.

And I don't have a co-pilot to tell me route from their pace notes. I've done simple layouts like figures of 8 where people have get lost!

There are places where you've put arrows and pointing marshalls, but there's too little direction.

You haven't used all the autox objects, so I would have used arrow marker boards (plenty lamp-posts and buildings to fit them on) to show which way to turn in advance (arrows on road are bit late), and - a personal preference of mine - use distance markers where there's space and time to get up decent speed so drivers know they'll have a big braking area coming up.

There's lots of autox objects that can be used, so some variety would have been nice. Whether that be double stacked armco, or coloured concrete walls behind armco. My memory gives up when I have to remember something like armco left, armco left, armco right, armco left, armco right, armco ???

Sorry it all sounds bit negative, but I got fed up getting lost, hitting barriers, crashing over barriers, etc, that I just gave up.

I'm willing to try again if I know which way to go in advance Smile
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Wiz Rally stages
(2 posts, started )