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Night / Desert / Snow / Autumn Mods 2019(Work in Progress)
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Night / Desert / Snow / Autumn Mods 2019(Work in Progress)

as we seem to be getting night into LFS.

heres a practice mod unfinished for night racing/driving.

Tunnel in the making:

many things has been changed since the upload of this video. the entire mod is darker now.

this is the 0.6R version from 2017.

but you can check it out if you like. ... SNightEditio0.6R.rar?dl=0

Install instructions:
download LFS and install a secondary version.
alternately you can copy the one you already have so you got 2 of the same .
if on same harddrive you should not even worry about unlocking the second LFS.
Download the mod and unpack it to LFS/DATA.
over write everything(thats why a second version is the best way).
if you got normal settings on your monitor you will see lines and whatnot in this versions textures.
i got my monitor setup as follows:
LED lights turned almost down to minimum.
dynamic contrast is rather high or full.
Brigthness on zero or extremely low.(so low you cant tell contoures apart in the image.Forex, road surface on some areas is 2 black colors. those you would need to see as one black file/road.
contrast is for the lightning and reflections ingame. where as brigthness is light you dont want .

fiddle around with it untill you feel its dark enough for you.
in my own version it feels like a creepy night at the cemetary ingulfed in darkness.
thats kinda the feel you like to get with this. if you get contrast edges on cars by doing so. that might be because you got sharpness turned full up on your settings. in my monitor that is set to 35 out of 100, as you wouldnt be able to see clearly at night anyways. this also darkens the image a tiny little bit more.
my normal color settings would be 50 out of 100. (standard coloring). in this mod that setting is now at 85.

to give you an idea about what you need to do with this in order to get THAT night feel.
best suggestion is to try some different settings than you normally would on your monitor.

this is because the night mod is using reversed or inverted thought process,apart from any other mod.
this is the only mod that would need these setting changes.

im not pro. but atleast i try.
this version was started by Trakah123 years ago and most files in this version is the actual original files from those days.
others are simply just darkned,and why this is not finished.
if people want it. i am motivated for making it finished. however im not going to waste my time on it if people dont want it,as it seems we might get some night in LFS.
so honestly im not sure if i want to use time to finish this as i dont know how well LFS night cycles will be and what files will be changed in the updated graphics.

this works with LFS 0.6T / 0.6R .

got ideas? let me know about them below.

added a few screenshots and a video to let you get an idea of how this mod works.
i can add the ambience files if someone wants to have rain while driving at night.(huge thunderstorm too).

Layout from one of the screenies. this is only a test lyt.
but it does give you the feel of something coming towards you while driving. thats sort of what im trying to show you with this lyt.

added a still work in progress sound pack for night driving.
these engine sounds are not made from anything real. they are quite low as sound would travel further during night but also have a sort of damper on the sound itself,somewhat. these sounds was made from tv cam , with a touch of in cockpit help on some sounds. these sounds was mostly made for replays to be watched in a not engine noise enviroment (a cozy night replay watch on the couch)."was the idea".
my sound setting in night edition in main menu:

this is still a work in progress as to my other sounds which im constantly tweaking on.
V.1 can be unpacked and all content goes to LFS/DATA/Engine.
choose the engines ingame by using CTRL+A .
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Night Edition engine sounds v.1.rar - 3.9 MB - 14 views
LFS Desert Edition 2019
LFS Desert Edition 2019. (Filesize 683.2Mb) make sure you have enough space for this.

Full mod can be downloaded from Nexusmods here:
README inside the pack. and description on nexus should pretty much show you how to install the mod.
you MAY NOT upload the mod to any other place.

This is a legal mod to use and it works with LFS 06.U (2019) .

The mod is simply a change of look, making the entire live for speed simulator into a desert.
some things might change as this mod is made for a unfinished ,work in progress live for speed.
the mod can be used by anyone,and can be shared with anyone as long as credits are mentioned.
somethings are still unfinished. mostly on older tracks which also can contain some borrowed materials from other users mods.
this is because of the current state of live for speed where we are waiting for a new graphical update and
as such the older non updated tracks is not so important to update at the moment.
but it does give you an idea of how it may look in the future.
you are completely free to use this mod.
THE WIZARD DK can NOT be held responsible to any damage to your system this mod may cause.
you install this mod strictly at your own risk.

Install instructions:
1. unpack the mod by using winrar or 7zip or likewise unpacking program.
2. install a second vanilla LFS (or copy your current to avoid having to re-unlock to the same HDD)
3. copy the folders you see and all content to your second LFS/DATA and overwrite everything.
4. fire up lfs and you should now be in the desert mod.

the mod works with any LFS license
which you can purchase here if you do not have any:

**TEXT updated above here**
im going to keep updating desert mod instead. its almost done except some buildings around tracks. in this mod i have changed the "borrowed" files and made new ones. just waiting for graphic updates so i can finish it completely.

its desert out there...

test of new tarmac texture. this is test 1 which i think is too big and blurry. but i think if i double it it could be a very nice texture . the coloring on this, is very good with the new ground textures im also testing.looking promising. this is westhill btw.

added my sound pack v.1 for desert edition.goes to LFS/DATA/ENGINE

these sounds are not made from anything real.
these sounds was made to get engines as deep sounding as possible without letting it sound too akward in a unrealistic way. in other words. tried to make non-natural engine sounds sound deep but in a more natural way . they are also made for replays so you get that "wooooosch" feel when a car passes by the camera. not all sounds are done yet. but i made for all cars (in case i forgot to pack some).

pack contains 41 engine sounds ,some is the ones i currently use for this mod.(highest numbers)
and some i thought sounded great as a race engine sound but also made the same sounding sound as a cruise, but with minor changes. so if a engine has C in the name. thats for cruise. R for race .
these are usually colorcoded.
these sounds may clip on some of them. (working on it still).
but i think i got most of them to NOT clip. (some still needs some thoughtful work).
it all goes to LFS/DATA/Engine.
use CTRL+A ingame to choose the sounds.(load button).
if they are too loud for your system. you can turn down engine sound volume in main sound options or in the CTRL+A options = Engine volume (set to one forexample).
these sounds(latest numbers) should be adapted to eachother on ALL cars. meaning you can hear any car next to you no matter what car you are in and what car is next or behind or infront of you.
that was the most annoying about making these make them fit eachothers sound all cars.
but i think i kinda got now. so now im trying to make the actual sounds...thats where these sounds are right now. V.1.

sounds are deep,loud a roarring with these engines. dont have your speakers turned up too much when you try them.(very deep sounds on some). some of these can be used for NASCAR GTR´s i think. i tried to make the GTR´s and also XR cars to sound somewhat like v8´s. not all turned out as planned though. but as its still work in progress,thats what i got so far.

Screenshot shows my sound settings for desert mod in main menu.
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Desert Edition Engine SoundPack v1.rar - 7.4 MB - 9 views
didnt make much in the snow/winter mod but ideas for the upcoming graphics update is high and motivated. found some great snow files to use as textures. kinda looking forward to finish this myself. some day...

added my work in progress engine sound pack for winter Edition.

these sounds are made with lots of gear whines from both out and inside the cars.
to give that feel of being inside a swedish or finnish rally area in snow.
loud pipes that echoes in the dampened sound of snow.
well thats the end goal anyways.
in snow condition sound will change from example summer conditions due to the sound absorbened snow you encounter.
thats what im trying here to make.

My Main menu Sound settings for winter Edition:

all mods will have a different sound feel to them aswell so you never be in doubt which mod youre in.
but thats a all the way in the end results wish,which i am working on behind the curtains aswell.
Attached images
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Winter Edition Engine soundpack v.1.rar - 3.6 MB - 13 views
Autumn mod is being looked at. but only changed 3 files so far.
found some great nasty wet mud for this one to be made later on.

future mod is not a thing i want to do. but its possible to do a psychedelic mod too if people want that.
cleaned up Desert mod.(i had more than 1800 dds files in that)(giving you an idea of how much testing i have done with it) i will be uploading tracks for ROckingham and westhill soon. meaning one of these days. still experimenting with some files on some tracks. but i think the non updated tracks can be uploaded aswell. so during this week, i be uploading the new look for people to check out if they wish. personally i think the files im using for westhill now is by far better than those in the previous version. i am also working on completing the mod to not use any other peoples files at all. i may be using some and those will be listed with credits. some things are not completely high resolution but i am not a pro at this at all. and as such i also could use a little help with some things. if someone is interested. Desert Mod is on its way !
added desert mod to this post :

update changes.
a better westhill ground and road files (i think)
minor changes to some curbs on other tracks and new ambient wind sound added with a much lower recorded file as my initial test was way too loud, which can be heard in the video attached on Nexumods.

and do keep in mind i am not professional at making these things.
if you want to help me make these mods. it very possible.
if you got some more skills than i do.
i do these because i sort of promised trakah123 (aka driftking) who made the original mods and also is the idea holder to them ,to keep them alive in lfs as they have become sort of a part of LFS over the years.
as said, im just not so good at this as many others i know of from LFS,and as such i could defo use some help with them.
write a comment if you like to help out.
theres plenty of stuff to be done still.
why WIP that? They coming update all Remake tracks.. lol

And will night mode feature.

Well, Desert mod is nice look so fun.
Quote from GT4_PL :why WIP that? They coming update all Remake tracks.. lol

And will night mode feature.

Well, Desert mod is nice look so fun.

as said nothings made for old track but updated new westhill as main focus.

old tracks are still waiting for graphic update as written above .lol Smile

as for night mod. as you also can read above that was so people could try it if they like , get a feel of night driving. but perhaps you didnt read that either?

Night / Desert / Snow / Autumn Mods 2019(Work in Progress)
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