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Replay records Traffic lights?
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Replay records Traffic lights?
Hi since the other didnt type it here. then i have a go at this suggestion.

suggestion is simply to let replays record traffic lights that blinks and whatnot.

i seen this from replays from TC amongst others. which pussled me for quite some time as i was sure on server the lights were working . but in replays they all just went green (ID 0).

then i got away from it but am now making something with lights and it rebursted into mind that this issue exists.

i hear its a insim packet that doesnt record it or something.
can that be fixed so its possible to see in replays?

EDIT: i only see it in replays if the program used to make them blink is activated. if not activated then it does not show in replays as ID coded.just 0.

*if suggested before then just nuke this message*
also question for Dev Victor i think. is replays recorded from LFS engine or from screen ? im thinking LFS as it would have recorded the lights if from screen? would be nice with a answer to that one also for future experiments.
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Quote from THE WIZARD DK :Hi since the other didnt type it here. then i have a go at this suggestion.

I've not had much keyboard time recently Wink

So, replays have a bunch of header info about objects, setups, etc., but after that they're basically just a log of the relevant packets sent to the client (if I've understood it correctly from previous discussion). The visuals are generated from the client running the simulation from those recorded packets rather than live received packets, so it's not much different for the client.

Replays don't seem to save (or process) the OCO packets though, so mobile start lights in a reply will always just behave as if they've never received an instruction (ie, they'll just be sync'd to the main start lights).

(The lights do still respond to OCO packets in a replay though, so I at least got to watch replays of racing whilst I was debugging Thumbs up Wink )

If we're lucky it's just a matter of Scawen adding/removing the OCOs ID number to a whitelist/blacklist of packets, so that the OCO is recorded. Fingers crossed it's easy and he thinks it's worth doing Wink
SCAWEEEEEN: its worth doing Big grin

(wet tracks with fog would need some kind of lights too) Wink

Dont do it for Denmark. do it for the Darkness of LFS ^_^

EDIT: hey wait. red light commercial that would fit perfectly into the brake section of the beach on .... Hm..... gotta go now Smile

well anyways. please Scawen :
i actually managed to record not one but 2 replays last night Wink so it seems like theres some kind of bug. the saved replays said ingame : replays is not saved. but when i went to the folder. they were saved even LFS told me they werent. however they saved it with some weird looking symbol in the name. i tried to play them. plays fine. so not sure if a bug or not now really. i can send you those replays if you like. its just AI´s running into eachother really Smile
oh i tried to copy the symbol it saved it with. it looked chinese ingame. but when pasting it here. it turns out as : Æ. is the danish letter Æ not supported in LFS ?

even if i copy the symbol in screenshot and close LFS and restarts it. it also shows it as Æ.

some kind of bug or conflict with these 2 letters?

EDIT. wait a minute. i can check that myself.
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suggestion addition to traffic lights. dont shoot up in the air. fall down to ground... just a thought. even though its kinda funny to watch rockets fly. its kinda like the old barrier thing. it just bounced you back or you flew to oblivion by them. this is just traffic light rockets. would be cool if they simply fell down for more reality feel.

Replay records Traffic lights?
(7 posts, started )