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Replay not recorded
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Replay not recorded
when the message "replay not recorded" appears.
and the replay wont be recorded(ofc) does this mean if AI is racing they wont learn while the replay is not recorded?

just something i been thinking about forawhile..
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AIs don't learn - that feature has been removed long time ago. 0.5X or Y might be the last version with it.
oh i thought it was still in lfs. well thank you for reply , i guess that answers it really.
but still puzzles me a bit as i in translation files can see a option saying... AI´s learned new thing. so naturally it puzzles me. and still does somewhat.
Translation files always had deprecated stuff, even features never available in the actual game.

3a_tt_races RACE_SLICK
3a_tt_raceg RACE_GROOVED
3a_tt_racew RACE_WET
3a_tt_roads ROAD_SUPER
3a_tt_roadn ROAD_NORMAL
yes. and i think thats about to change soon though. just a hunch.

did you see the new lines to translate ? many are same as before.

Replay not recorded
(6 posts, started )