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Danish Christian Lundgaard may turn up in F1
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Danish Christian Lundgaard may turn up in F1
Christian Lundgaard is a good candidate for F1 from denmark.

he is 17 years old and already race for reneault racing team.

this kid is worth to look out for.

grew up with a father and mother who is both racing. rally and track.

this is a interview in danish.

from K-magazine : ... mp;utm_term=episode_title

edit : tried to embed the player. didnt work for me :/ sry bout that
so what makes him so stand out from the rest of the other lower formula drivers? is it just because he is danish or what?
guy is 17 years old... thats pretty huge for a 17 y old kid dont you think?
Quote from THE WIZARD DK :guy is 17 years old... thats pretty huge for a 17 y old kid dont you think?

no, not really comparing to others in low formulas, i mean max verstappen was 17 when he started in F1.
well no matter your oppinion. its not everyday you see a F1 candidate from DK. and being this young. even more rare.
Wow.... 17 years old.... Is that safe? Y'all don't think he'll try and text someone during a race? You know you put a teenager behind the wheel of a car and one of the first things they do is take a selfie of themselves driving and post it on some sort of social media. And who doesn't want a selfie of themselves driving at Monaco?
I'm so glad we didn't have those stupid things back then when I was 17.
It was hard enough passing the mirror and driving. Those phones are flat out dangerous.
let me know when you show a age way above 17...
Gheesh! Oh well you know what they say if you cant take a joke.
Look. A 17yr old kid that's a pro race car drive, much less a formula drive is pretty impressive, ok? And I get the home town pride you got going on with all this.
But damn! lighten up!
WHere I live 17 year olds do one of three things.
1. Shoot each other. Either at school or the convenience store.
2. are out doing some really stupid stunt for a you tube video. Pretty much guaranteeing a knee replacement surgery at 30
3. getting whacked on wax playing video games all day. They'll do this until their parents finally die and they HAVE to do something.

The only 17 year olds that know how to drive are the ones that steal cars.
With my wisecrack I was thinking along the lines of this crap.
It's in english, but I figure you speak it better than I do vato.

Not that it really matters, but when I was 17 I was driving a commercial vehicle. across four states.
Yeah. it was illegal, but it paid the bills.

Danish Christian Lundgaard may turn up in F1
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