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The PACT Driving Assistant
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The PACT Driving Assistant
the PACT Driving Assistant was made to avoid collisions caused by not paying attention while cruising.

Current Version: 3.2
Download, including installation guide:

If you have questions, suggestions or trouble installing, hit me up on discord!
InGame #6244

-Collision Warning: The program will warn you if there is an emerging danger of collision with a car in front. The hazard lights will be activated automatically.

-Blind Spot Warning: The program will display a little "!" on the right or left side of the screen if there is a car in your blindspot or comming fast from behind. When using the indicator the "!" gets bigger and red.

-Hazard Light Assist: While emergency braking from 80kph or higher the program will turn on the hazard lights until you hit the throttle again.

-Rear End Collision Prevention: When a car from behind seems not to see you, your lights (if they arent already on) and your hazard lights will be turned on until you hit the throttle.

-Cross Traffic Warning: When pulling onto another street the program will display ">>" or "<<" on the side of your screen if there is a car comming from that side.

-Cop Mode: The program will not give an audible warning when playing as a cop. It will recongnize your role play status via your name.

V3.1 -> V3.2:
-New Cop Mode, the car will now try to determine wether you are a cop and not give you collision warnings as a cop. All other warnings work as usual.

V2.5 -> V3.1:
-The program is now an .exe, not a .py anymore!

V2.4 -> V2.5:
-Fixed an issue with the indicators, causing them to not turn off after the rear end collsion prevention was triggered.
-Minor changes to the warning distance.

V2.3 -> 2.4:
-Fixed issues with the indicators.
-Fixed issues with false warnings for cars on bridges.
-Improvements to the rear end thing were made.
-Added the cross traffic warning.
-Minor improvements to the blind spot warning were made.

V2 -> V2.3:
-Added the Rear End Collision Prevention
-The program now considers the heading for the collision warning which means you dont get false warnings for oncomming traffic now anymore.
-Many false warnings caused by considering the false car were are fixed now.

V1 -> V2:
-Added the Blind Spot Warning.
-The program now considers more than one car for the warning
-Mayor improvements too the Collision warning were made.
-Several new warning sounds were added.

Something appears to be missing…
Isn't it better to use something like Dropbox?
What do you mean by missing? There is a MediaFire link though? Hmmmm
Umm now the link should work, thanks that u made me aware of that <3 O_O
Hey again.

I can't seem to make it work. I followed the instructions and got as far as where i needed to open the program. I have never used or even gotten close to python, so I'm assuming its that I'm suppose to open?

In the instructions it just says
Now start the Collsion warning program.

Where is that located exactly?


Rob contacted me on discord and sorted out the issue, i was using the wrong python version. He agreed to put a download to the right one in the next update.
After showing me and demonstrating the features, I'm impressed by how well this insim works.
Good job, Rob.

Note: I'm using Python 2.7.15

Edit: Moved to LFS Programming Libs and Tools.
Hello guys!

Since I really try to listen to you when it comes to suggestions here is an update with .exe files... NO difficult installation needed anymore, only thing you still have to do is configure outgauge Smile!

Thanks to Huski for the suggestion. If you have any, let me know!

Download Link:

Have fun with the update!

Spoiler alert:
With the next update there will be an option for cops to turn off the collision warning Smile!


The PACT Driving Assistant
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