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the visor...
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the visor...
hi was trying to make a new helmet for myself (and team).

but encountered it was not possible for me to edit the visor on helmets.

what file is the visors on helmets?

or does it color the visor from the helmet file itself ? or is it a seperat file that does the visor ?

or could someone draw to me the area it is using on the default skin ?
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Visor? You can only color it by editing bottom right part of the skin.
Picture you attached is mirrored.
If you use Photoshop and download this template, you can see there is layer called "Visor tint" - its small part of the picture which modify your visor color.
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HEL_Pro-Kit.psd - 1.7 MB - 40 views

the visor...
(2 posts, started )