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Project MOD LFS
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Project MOD LFS
Night Edition :

Winter Edition :

Desert Edition (Smoke)

Autumn Edition (maybe) 2018.


as you see dark mostly in the night mod edition. i added a little rain to a city feel ambient sound.
works fine with south city

this sound is recorded very low so it is actually at full volume in this video. so if you think it is too loud it can be turned down alot. i actually recorded this at the lowest possible i could . so its really low. but it also seems like its more fitting like this tbh.

get the radio.rad for night edition here :

zibbyshare link will disapear.. but below there is radio rad needed for playing this to replays.

File zise is too big for forums even if packed . so here is a link to the ambience. all goes to lfs/data/ogg folder.

back up original files.
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Project MOD LFS
(5 posts, started )